Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates for 2008

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Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates
Action Due Date Agreement
State Letter
22-Dec-08 FSME-08-088 Comment on proposed agreement between NRC and commonwealth of Virginia rev.
10-Dec-08 FSME-08-083 Comment on draft revision to procedure SA-1101 rev.
14-Nov-08 FSME-08-073 Comment on final draft of NRC enforcement policy rev.
10-Oct-08 FSME-08-067 Request for statistical information on active licenses
25-Sept-08 FSME-08-065 Comment on proposed safety standard draft - radiation safety of gamma, electron and X-ray irradiation facilities
25-June-08 FSME-08-038 Comment on proposed rule on expansion of national source tracking system
24-May-08 FSME-08-039 Comments on timing of an IMPEP review projected for FY 2009
09-May-08 FSME-08-036 Information from AS on status of decommissioning activities at Materials and Uranium Recovery sites
19-Mar-08 FSME-08-021 Comment on draft information notice (IN 90-09, Rev 1) extended interim storage of low-level radioative waste
14-Mar-08 FSME-08-022 Comment on proposed rule for fee recovery - fy2008
05-Mar-08 FSME-08-017 Comment on draft report of the independent external review panal
27-Feb-08 FSME-08-013 Input on forecasting training needs for Agreement States
25-Feb-08 FSME-08-008 Any comments on draft NRR procedure on performance of acceptance reviews
20-Jan-08 FSME-07-113 Comment on national tracking system to include category 3 and 3.5 sources