Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates for 2007

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Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates
Action Due Date Agreement
State Letter
17-Dec-07 FSME-07-096 If comments on alternate fracture toughness requirements for protection of PWR pressure vessels
10-Dec-07 FSME-07-106 Comment on draft revision to FSME procedure SA-600, training for AS personnel
01-Nov-07 FSME-07-082 Comment on draft regulatory guide on minimization of rad waste
29-Oct-07 FSME-07-095 Respond if want to participate in ERDS Modernization training
12-Oct-07 FSME-07-086 Comment on draft rev to SA-116, periodic meetings between IMPEP reviews
10-Sep-07 FSME-07-079 Comment on draft rev to SA-107, non-common performance indicator compatibilty requirements
unknown FSME-07-080 Comment on draft NRC strategic plan, fy 2007-2012
07-Sep-07 FSME-07-081 Request for civil penalty authority information
30-Aug-07 FSME-07-073 Request for statistical information - active material licenses
27-Aug-07 FSME-07-067 Comment on draft NRC guidance on NARM
23-Aug-07 FSME-07-068 Comment on draft inspector and license reviewer handbook
11-Aug-07 FSME-07-063 Comment on draft proposed rule on decommissioning planning
09-Aug-07 FSME-07-062 Status of current complex decommissioning and uranium recovery sites
30-July-07 FSME-07-061 Comment on NRC draft guidance on NARM
13-July-07 FSME-07-056 Comment on draft revision to TI-002
05-July-07 FSME-07-051 Comment on NRC draft guidance on NARM
17-June-07 FSME-07-048 Comment on SA-102: "Reviewing the Common Performance Indicator, Technical Quality of Inspections"
16-June-07 FSME-07-047 Comment on proposed direct final rule: Medical Use of Byproduct
09-May-07 FSME-07-035 Comment on draft schedule for FY 2008 IMPEP reviews
23-Apr-07 FSME-07-017 Comment on proposed rule on nuclear materials management & safeguards system
09-Apr-07 FSME-07-020 Comment on draft revisions to procedures: SA-112, SA-114, SA-115, SA-119, and SA-500
25-Mar-07 FSME-07-011 Discuss transition of SSD certificates for NARM from State to NRC jurisdiction
24-Mar-07 FSME-07-018 Comment on draft rev to SA-104, reviewing the common performance indicator, technical quality of licensing actions
24-Mar-07 FSME-07-016 Comment on final rule to amend 10 CFR 30, 31, 32, 150 on exemptions from licensing
13-Mar-07 FSME-07-021 Comment on final rule, expanded definition of byproduct material
07-Mar-07 FSME-07-009 Suggestions/comments on need for improvements or upgrades to NMED
05-Mar-07 FSME-07-008 Comment on proposed rule to modify 10CFR Parts 170 & 171 on fee recovery for FY2007
25-Feb-07 FSME-07-004 Comment on draft revision to FSME procedure SA-800, Providing NRC Predecisional Documents
25-Feb-07 FSME-07-003 Comment on draft revision to FSME procedure SA-106, The Management Review Board
28-Jan-07 FSME-06-112 Comment on draft revision to FSME procedure SA-105, reviewing technical quality of incident and allegation activities
12-Jan-07 FSME-06-111 States use of escrow accounts or guarantees for decommissioning financial assurance