Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates for 2012

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Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates
Action Due Date Agreement
State Letter
21-Dec-12 FSME-12-088 Comment On Proposed Branch Technical Position on The Import of Non-U.S. Origin Radioactive Sources
30-Nov-12 FSME-12-086 Comment on Draft Revisions to The Office Of Federal And State Materials And Environmental Management Procedures SA-112, "Emergency Suspension Of A Section 274b. Agreement" And SA-115, "Termination of A Section 274b. Agreement"
23-Nov-12 FSME-12-084 Comment on Request for Statistical Information - Active Radioactive Material Licenses
15-Nov-12 RCPD-12-018 Comment On The Draft Direct Final Rule To Amend Title 10 Of The Code Of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) Parts 30, 37, 73, And 150 - Safeguards Information - Modified Handling Categorization Change For Materials Facilities"
18-Oct-12 RCPD-12-016 Comment on Draft Regulatory Issue Summary "Use Of Aftermarket Sealed Sources In Devices Registered Under 10 CFR 32.210"
29-Jun-12 RCPD-12-014 Comment on Item of Information: Proposed Rule To Amend Material Control And Accounting Regulations (RIN 3150-A-I61)
08-Jul-12 FSME-12-051 Comment on draft Draft Revision to Management Directive and Handbook 5.7, "Technical Assistance To Agreements States"
29-Jun-12 FSME-12-045 Comment on draft NUREG-1556, Volume 1,Revision 2,"Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses: Program-Specific Guidance About Portable Gauge Licenses"
18-Jun-12 FSME-12-042 Comment on draft report "Identification And Prioritization Of The Technical Information Needs Affecting Potential Regulation Of Extended Storage And Transportation Of Spent Nuclear Fuel."
01-June-12 RCPD-12-013 Comment on The Draft Code Of Conduct On The Transboundary Movement Of Radioactive Material Inadvertently Incorporated Into Scrap Metal And Semi-Finished Products Of The Metal Recycling Industries
04-May-12 RCPD-12-010 Comment on The Draft Proposed Rule To Amend 10 CFR 71 - Fissile Material Exemptions, Quality Assurance Programs, Harmonization With The International Atomic Energy Agency Transportation Requirements, And Other Transportation Safety Amendments
02-May-12 RCPD-12-008 Comment on The Draft Final Rule To Amend 10 CFR Parts 30, 40, 70, 170, and 171 - Distribution Of Source Material To Exempt Persons and to General Licensees and Revision of General License and Exemptions
30-Apr-12 FSME-12-034 Comment on International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Draft Safety Guide DS401, "IAEA Draft Safety Standard - Application of The Principle of Justification to Practices, Including Nonmedical Human Imaging"
16-Apr-12 FSME-12-029 Comment on Proposed Rule - Fee Recovery For Fiscal Year 2012
16-Apr-12 FSME-12-027 Comment on Draft Revision To Management Directive And Handbook 5.8, "Proposed Section 274b Agreements With States"
05-Apr-12 FSME-12-019 Comment on Projected Integrated Materials Performance Evaluation Program (IMPEP) Schedules For Fiscal Years (FY) 2013-2015
05-Apr-12 RCPD-12-002 Comments On Draft Standard Review Plan For Conventional Uranium Mill And Heap Leach Facilities
04-Apr-12 RCPD-12-005 Comments on Request To Review Occupational Dose Data Obtained From Agreement State Licensees Maintained In The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Radiation Exposure Information And Reporting System
27-Mar-12 RCPD-12-006 Opportunity to comment and provide State Views On Draft Staff Recommendations To Commission For Possible Changes To Radiation Protection Standards In 10 Cfr Part 20
12-Mar-12 RCPD-12-003 Comments on The Draft Final Rule To Amend Title 10 Of The Code Of Federal Regulations Part 40 And 150 Domestic Licensing Of Source Material Amendments/Integrated Safety Analysis
06-Mar-12 RCPD-12-001 Comments On The Draft Revisions To The Policy Statement On Adequacy And Compatibility Of Agreement State Programs And The Statements Of Principles And Policy For The Agreement State Program
01-Mar-12 FSME-12-012 Comment On Draft State-Of-The-Art Reactor Consequences Analysis Research Study Report
17-Feb-12 FSME-12-006 Comment on Draft Revisions to FSME Procedure SA-119
17-Feb-12 FSME-12-003 Comment on Draft Report entitled,"Background and Preliminary Assumptions for an Environmental Impact Statement - Long-Term Waste Confidence Update
13-Jan-12 FSME-11-101 Comment on NUREG-1556, vol 2, rev. 1, industrial radiography licenses
13-Jan-12 FSME-11-100 Comment on effectiveness of reactor oversight process in calendar year 2011

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