Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates for 2012

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Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates
Action Due Date Agreement
State Letter
21-Dec-12 FSME-12-088 Comment On Proposed Branch Technical Position on The Import of Non-U.S. Origin Radioactive Sources
30-Nov-12 FSME-12-086 Comment on Draft Revisions to The Office Of Federal And State Materials And Environmental Management Procedures SA-112, "Emergency Suspension Of A Section 274b. Agreement" And SA-115, "Termination of A Section 274b. Agreement"
23-Nov-12 FSME-12-084 Comment on Request for Statistical Information - Active Radioactive Material Licenses
08-Jul-12 FSME-12-051 Comment on draft Draft Revision to Management Directive and Handbook 5.7, "Technical Assistance To Agreements States"
29-Jun-12 FSME-12-045 Comment on draft NUREG-1556, Volume 1,Revision 2,"Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses: Program-Specific Guidance About Portable Gauge Licenses"
18-Jun-12 FSME-12-042 Comment on draft report "Identification And Prioritization Of The Technical Information Needs Affecting Potential Regulation Of Extended Storage And Transportation Of Spent Nuclear Fuel."
30-Apr-12 FSME-12-034 Comment on International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Draft Safety Guide DS401, "IAEA Draft Safety Standard - Application of The Principle of Justification to Practices, Including Nonmedical Human Imaging"
16-Apr-12 FSME-12-029 Comment on Proposed Rule - Fee Recovery For Fiscal Year 2012
16-Apr-12 FSME-12-027 Comment on Draft Revision To Management Directive And Handbook 5.8, "Proposed Section 274b Agreements With States"
05-Apr-12 FSME-12-019 Comment on Projected Integrated Materials Performance Evaluation Program (IMPEP) Schedules For Fiscal Years (FY) 2013-2015
01-Mar-12 FSME-12-012 Comment On Draft State-Of-The-Art Reactor Consequences Analysis Research Study Report
17-Feb-12 FSME-12-006 Comment on Draft Revisions to FSME Procedure SA-119
17-Feb-12 FSME-12-003 Comment on Draft Report entitled,"Background and Preliminary Assumptions for an Environmental Impact Statement - Long-Term Waste Confidence Update
13-Jan-12 FSME-11-101 Comment on NUREG-1556, vol 2, rev. 1, industrial radiography licenses
13-Jan-12 FSME-11-100 Comment on effectiveness of reactor oversight process in calendar year 2011