Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates for 2002

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Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates
Action Due Date Agreement
State Letter
27-Dec-02 STP-02-080 Draft SA-122, Heightened Oversight
09-Dec-02 STP-02-079 Draft SA-119, Follow-up IMPEP Reviews
25-Nov-02 STP-02-075 Draft SA-200, Compatibility Categories and Health and Safety Identification for NRC Regulations and Other Program Elements
22-Nov-02 STP-02-074 Draft SA-101, Common Performance Indicator #1, Status of Materials Inspection Program
1-Nov-02 STP-02-069 Draft SA-900, Termination of U Milling Licenses in Agreement States
12-Oct-02 STP-02-067 SA-1000, Grant Program for Funding Assistance for Formerly Licensed Sites
30-Aug-02 STP-02-061 Training and experience requirements
30-Aug-02 STP-02-059 accelerator-produced radioactive material, draft legislative bill and section analysis
25-Aug-02 STP-02-056 Extend Commission's regulatory authority to accelerator-produced radioactive material
07-Jul-02 STP-02-046 Part 35 Draft Medical Inspection Procedures
30-Jun-02 STP-02-043 Status of AS's adoption of Licence Termination Rule
29-Jun-02 STP-02-045 Questionnaire from NRC Rulemaking Improvement Task Force
24-Jun-02 STP-02-032 Timetable for promulgating compatible medical regulations
04-Jun-02 STP-02-029 Guidance about medical use licenses
01-May-02 STP-02-021 NMSS decommissioning guidance, NUREG-1757
26-Apr-02 STP-02-027 Fee recovery for fiscal year 2002
22-Apr-02 STP-02-011 Uranium milling operations
06-Apr-02 STP-02-019 Financial assurance requirements for materials licensees
01-Apr-02 STP-02-012 Exemptions from licensing & distribution of byproduct material
14-Mar-02 STP-02-005 Personnel monitoring compliance issue
13-Mar-02 STP-02-013 Timing of FY 2003 IMPEP reviews
08-Feb-02 STP-01-086 Management of AS allegations
04-Feb-02 STP-01-085 Event reporting process

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