Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates for 2003

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Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates
Action Due Date Agreement
State Letter
22-Nov-03 STP-03-082 Comment on 10 CFR Part 35- draft proposed procedures for recognition of professional specialty board certifications
09-Nov-03 STP-03-077 Comment on revised draft procedure SA-116, Periodic Meetings with AS Between IMPEP Reviews
09-Nov-03 STP-03-073 Revision to Management Directive 5.6, Integrated Materials Performance Evaluation Program
03-Nov-03 STP-03-075 Comment on revised draft procedure SA-117, AS Project Officers
31-Oct-03 STP-03-064 Request for comments--SECY-02-0126
23-Oct-03 STP-03-070 Comments on "Assured Isolation Facilities"
02-Sep-03 STP-03-063 Data for FY2003 material events
27-Jul-03 STP-03-044 Revision to IMPEP questionnaire
24-Jul-03 STP-03-050 10 CFR Part 35 Draft Proposed Rule
23-Jul-03 STP-03-048 Draft SA-106, The Management Review Board
03-Jul-03 STP-03-039 10 CFR Part 71, transportation safety standards & amendments
03-Jun-03 STP-03-032 Registration for NMED training
30-Apr-03 STP-03-031 10 CFR Parts 30, 40, and 70- Financial Assurance Amendments for Materials Licensees
31-Mar-03 STP-03-012 IMPEP Qualification Form for AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, KS, ME, MA, NYSDOH, NC, OH, TX
27-Mar-03 STP-03-015 Timing of IMPEP review for FY 2004
03-Mar-03 STP-03-011 Projected need for disposal or storage of low-level waste & disposal capacity
28-Feb-03 STP-03-010 SA-201: review of state regulatory requirements
26-Feb-03 STP-03-009 Attend INES User's Training Seminar
24-Feb-03 STP-03-002 New periodic meeting procedures
14-Feb-03 STP-03-001 Forecast training needs for 4/1/03 to 3/30/04
20-Jan-03 STP-02-084 Part 35 - Direct Final Rule
10-Jan-03 STP-02-085 Data for 2002 material events
10-Jan-03 STP-02-083 Portable Gauge Rule