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Documents added in 2023
V = Volume | N = Number | R = Revision | P = Part | S = Supplement | Ch = Chapter | Add = Addendum | Sec = Section | DFC = Draft For Comment
NUREG-1437, S7a, DFC Site-Specific Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants Supplement 7a, Second Renewal Regarding Subsequent License Renewal for North Anna Power Station Units 1 and 2 - Draft Report for Comment December 2023 ML23339A047
NUREG-0750, V97 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances, January 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023 December 2023 ML23346A148
NUREG/IA-0543 Implementation of droplet breakup mode in TRACE to improve the prediction of reactor core reflood conditions November 2023 ML23331A498
NUREG/IA-0541 Multi-scale Coupling of TRACE and SUBCHANFLOW based on the Exterior Communication Interface (ECI) November 2023 ML23331A450
NUREG-2220, V7 US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Fiscal Year 2023 Agency Financial Report November 2023 ML23318A272
NUREG/CR-7304 Evaluating Flaw Detectability Under Limited-Coverage Conditions  October 2023 ML23284A269
NUREG-1885, R16 Report to Congress on the Security Inspection Program for Operating Commercial Power Reactors and Category I Fuel Cycle Facilities: Results and Status Update - Annual Report for Calendar Year 2022  September 2023 ML23272A203
NUREG/BR-0525, R2 Office of Investigations September 2023 ML23276A642
NUREG/BR-0245, R11 Payment Methods October 2023 ML23269A212
NUREG-2252, V2 Evidence Building Plan: Fiscal Year 2023 September 2023 ML23271A222
NUREG-2251, V2 Capacity Assessment For Statistics, Research, Evaluation, and Other Analysis: Fiscal Year 2023 September 2023 ML23271A210
NUREG/CR-7303 Validating Actinides and Fission Products for Burnup Credit Criticality Safety Analyses - Nuclide Compositions Prediction with Extended Validation Basis September 2023
NUREG/IA-0540 Assessment of TRACE5.0 Code Against ATLAS Test A5.2. Counterpart Test to LSTF  August 2023 ML23248A438
NUREG-1437, S5a, Second Renewal, DFC Site-Specific Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants: Regarding Subsequent License Renewal for Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Unit Nos. 3 and 4 – Draft Report for Comment August 2023 ML23242A216
NUREG-2266, DFC Environmental Evaluation of Accident Tolerant Fuels with Increased Enrichment and Higher Burnup Levels – Draft Report for Comment  August 2023 ML23240A756
NUREG/CR-4644 Geochemical Studies of Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Sites - Topical Report  June 1986 ML20209E298
NUREG-1339 Resolution of Generic Safety Issue 29: Bolting Degradation or Failure in Nuclear Power Plants June 1990 ML031430208
NUREG/CR-7300 Radiation Accident Dose and Simulated Loss-of-Coolant Accident Test of Low Voltage Cables August 2023 ML23237B247
NUREG-2263 Environmental Impact Statement for the Construction Permit for the Kairos Hermes Test Reactor — Final Report August 2023 ML23214A269
NUREG/CR-7305 Metal Fuel Qualification: Fuel Assessment Using NRC NUREG-2246, "Fuel Qualification for Advanced Reactors"  August 2023 ML23214A065
NUREG/CR-7287 Numerical Modeling of Local Intense Precipitation Processes July 2023 ML23207A195
NUREG-2221, S1 Technical Bases for Changes in the Subsequent License Renewal Guidance Documents, NUREG–2191, Revision 1, Draft Report for Comment and NUREG–2192, Revision 1 - Draft Report for Comment July 2023 ML23180A208
NUREG-2192, R1, DFC Standard Review Plan for Review of Subsequent License Renewal Applications for Nuclear Power Plants – Draft Report for Comment July 2023 ML23180A191
NUREG-2191, V2, R1, DFC Generic Aging Lessons Learned for Subsequent License Renewal (GALL-SLR) Report – Draft Report for Comment July 2023 ML23180A188
NUREG-2191, V1, R1, DFC Generic Aging Lessons Learned for Subsequent License Renewal (GALL-SLR) Report – Draft Report for Comment  July 2023 ML23180A182
NUREG/CR-2907 V26 Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants June 2023 ML23164A219
NUREG-0090, V45 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences, Fiscal Year 2022 June 2023 ML23158A228
NUREG-2261 Artificial Intelligence Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2023-2027 May 2023 ML23132A305
NUREG/CR-7302 Updated Recommendations Related to Spent Fuel Transport and Dry Storage Shielding Analyses May 2023 ML23135A870
NUREG/CR-7290 Convection-Permitting Modeling for Intense Precipitation Processes  May 2023 ML23121A188
NUREG-2262 High Energy Arcing Fault Frequency and Consequence Modeling  April 2023 ML23108A113
NUREG/CR-7133 Synthesis of Extreme Storm Rainfall and Probable Maximum Precipitation in the Southeastern U.S. Pilot Region April 2023 ML23104A359
NUREG/IA-0532 MELCOR – DAKOTA Coupling for Uncertainty Analyses, in a SNAP Environment/Architecture April 2023 ML23103A193
NUREG/CR-7277 Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking of High-Chromium Nickel-Base Welds at or Near Interfaces – 2020  April 2023 ML23095A385
NUREG/CR-7276 Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking of High-Chromium Nickel-Base Welds – 2018  April 2023 ML23095A378
NUREG-0750, V96 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances, July 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022 March 2023 ML23087A103
NUREG/CR-7284 SCALE 6.2 Lattice Physics Performance Assessment  March 2023 ML23076A034
NUREG-1555, S1, R2, DRC Standard Review Plans for Environmental Reviews for Nuclear Power Plants - Supplement 1: Operating License Renewal — Draft Report for Comment  February 2023 ML22165A070
NUREG-1437, V2, R2, DFC Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants—Draft Report for Comment  February 2023
NUREG-1437, V1, R2, DFC Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants—Draft Report for Comment  February 2023
NUREG-2250, V2 Annual Evaluation Plan: Fiscal Year 2024  March 2023 ML23073A062
NUREG-1100, V39 US NRC Congressional Budget Justification Fiscal Year 2024 March 2023 ML23069A000
NUREG-2264, V4 Weapons Safety Assessment – Sample Template: Chapters 7 to 9 and Appendix A March 2023 ML23061A080
NUREG-2264, V3 Weapons Safety Assessment – Review Criteria: Chapters 5 and 6 March 2023 ML23061A079
NUREG-2264, V2 Weapons Safety Assessment – Template: Chapters 3 and 4  March 2023 ML23061A078
NUREG-2264, V1 Weapons Safety Assessment – Template Instructions: Chapters 1 and 2 March 2023 ML23061A077
NUREG-1830, V19 Office of Investigations Annual Report Fiscal Year 2022 February 2023 ML23058A404
NUREG/IA-0538 Natural Circulation Assessment of a PWR Loss of Off-site Power with RELAP5/MOD 3.2 February 2023
NUREG/IA-0537 Plant Application with TRACE Code of the PKL III G1 Test Series. Study on Heat Transfer Mechanisms in the SG in Presence of Nitrogen, Steam and Water as a Function of the Primary Coolant Inventory in Single & Double Loop Operation February 2023
NUREG/IA-0536 RELAP5 Simulation of Total Loss of Feedwater in Two-Loop PWR February 2023
NUREG-1350, V34 Information Digest, 2022–2023 February 2023 ML23047A371
NUREG-1307, R19 Report on Waste Burial Charges: Changes in Decommissioning Waste Disposal Costs at Low-Level Waste Burial Facilities — Final Report February 2023 ML23044A207
NUREG-2245 Technical Review of the 2017 Edition of ASME Code, Section III, Division 5, "High Temperature Reactors" January 2023 ML23030B636
NUREG-2183, S1 Environmental Impact Statement Supplement Related to the Operating License for the SHINE Medical Isotope Production Facility – Final Report January 2023 ML23026A312
NUREG/CR-7301 Ultrasonic Modeling and Simulation for Nuclear Nondestructive Evaluation January 2023 ML23005A295
NUREG/BR-0254, R10 Payment Methods April 2022 ML22223A222
NUREG-2243 Environmental Impact Statement for the Disposal of Mine Waste at the United Nuclear Corporation Mill Site in McKinley County, New Mexico – Final Report  January 2023 ML22356A145

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