Publications Available in the Agencywide Documents Access and Management System (ADAMS) – 1980-1996

Documents added in 1980-1996
V = Volume | N = Number | R =Revision | P = Part | S = Supplement | Ch = Chapter | Add = Addendum | Sec = Section | DFC = Draft For Comment
V1 R4
Response Technical Manual 96  (TRM-96) March 1996 ML091980341
NUREG-1200, R3 Standard Review Plan for the review of a license application for a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility April 1994 ML061370484
Residual Radioactive Contamination From Decommissioning October 1992 ML052220317
NUREG/CR-5732 Iodine Chemical Forms in LWR Severe Accidents April 1992 ML003726825
NUREG-1412 Foundation for the Adequacy of the Licensing Bases – A Supplement to the Statement of Considerations for the Rule on Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal (10 CFR Part 54) December 1991 ML080310668
NUREG/CR-5737 Hydrogeologic Performance Assessment of the Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Near West Valley, New York June 1991 ML003726086
NUREG-1302 Offsite Dose Calculation Manual Guidance: Standard Radiological Effluent Controls for Boiling Water Reactors, Generic Letter 89-01, Supplement No. 1 April 1991 ML091050059
NUREG-1301 Offsite Dose Calculation Manual Guidance: Standard Radiological Effluent Controls for Pressurized Water Reactors April 1991 ML091050061
NUREG-1379 NRC Editorial Style Guide October 1989 ML041050307
NUREG/BR-0111 Transporting Spent Fuel: Protection Provided Against Severe Highway and Railroad Accidents March 1987 ML012360032
NUREG-0172 Errata Changes and Corrections for NUREG-0172 August 1983 ML16277A102
Criteria for Preparation & Evaluation of Radiological Emergency Response Plans & Preparedness in Support of Nuclear Power Plants (Final) November 1980 ML040420012
NUREG-0543 Methods for Demonstrating LWR Compliance with the EPA Uranium Fuel Cycle Standard (40 CFR Part 190) February 1980 ML081360410
NUREG-75/038 Environmental Survey of Transportation of Radioactive Materials to and from Nuclear Power Plants, Supplement 1 April 1975 ML14091A176

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