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Documents added in 2021
V = Volume | N = Number | R = Revision | P = Part | S = Supplement | Ch = Chapter | Add = Addendum | Sec = Section | DFC = Draft For Comment
NUREG/KM-0017 Seismic Hazard Evaluations for U.S. Nuclear Power Plants: Near-Term Task Force Recommendation 2.1 Results December 2021 ML21344A126
NUREG/CR-7293 The Price-Anderson Act: 2021 Report to Congress, Public Liability Insurance and Indemnity Requirements for an Evolving Commercial Nuclear Industry Office December 2021 ML21335A064
NUREG-2220, V5 Fiscal Year 2021 – Agency Financial Report December 2021 ML21348A037
NUREG-1415, V35, N2 Office of the Inspector General Semiannual Report to Congress: April 1, 2021 – September 30, 2021 October 2021 ML21332A000
NUREG-1437, S2 Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants: Oconee Nuclear Station, Units 1, 2 & 3 - Final Report December 1999 ML003670518
NUREG-1885, R14 Report to Congress on the Security Inspection Program for Operating Commercial Power Reactors and Category I Fuel Cycle Facilities: Results and Status Update - Annual Report for Calendar Year 2020 November 2021 ML21326A071
NUREG-1437, S23, Second Renewal, DFC Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants: Supplement 23, Second Renewal Regarding Subsequent License Renewal for Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2 - Draft Report for Comment November 2021 ML21306A226
NUREG-1434, V2, R5 Standard Technical Specifications – General Electric BWR/6 Plants: Bases September 2021 ML21271A596
NUREG-1434, V1, R5 Standard Technical Specifications – General Electric BWR/6 Plants: Specifications September 2021 ML21271A582
NUREG/IA-0470, V2 Nuclear Regulatory Authority Experimental Program to Characterize and Understand High Energy Arcing Fault (HEAF) Phenomena: Basic Arc Test Experimental Data October 2021 ML21295A537
NUREG-1350, V33 Information Digest, 2021–2022 October 2021 ML21300A280
NUREG-1433, V1, R5 Standard Technical Specifications — General Electric Plants (BWR/4): Specifications September 2021 ML21272A357
NUREG-1433, V2, R5 Standard Technical Specifications — General Electric Plants (BWR/4): Bases September 2021 ML21272A358
NUREG/CR-2907, V25 Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants: Annual Report 2019 September 2021 ML21266A422
NUREG-1432, V2, R5 Standard Technical Specifications — Combustion Engineering Plants: Bases September 2021 ML21258A424
NUREG-1432, V1, R5 Standard Technical Specifications — Combustion Engineering Plants: Specifications September 2021 ML21258A421
NUREG-1431, V2, R5 Standard Technical Specifications  Westinghouse Plants: Bases September 2021 ML21259A159
NUREG-0750, V92 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances, July 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020 October 2021 ML21280A391
NUREG-1431, V1, R5 Standard Technical Specifications  Westinghouse Plants: Specifications September 2021 ML21259A155
NUREG-1430, R5, V2 Standard Technical Specifications – Babcock and Wilcox Plants: Bases September 2021 ML21272A370
NUREG-1430, R5, V1 Standard Technical Specifications – Babcock and Wilcox Plants: Specifications September 2021 ML21272A363
NUREG/CR-7285 Nonradiological Health Consequences from Evacuation and Relocation September 2021 ML21252A104
NUREG/CR-3021 Regional Tectonics and Seismicity of Southwestern Iowa November 1982 ML20070L725
NUREG-2159, R1, DFC Acceptable Standard Format and Content for the Fundamental Nuclear Material Control Plan Required for Special Nuclear Material of Moderate Strategic Significance: Draft Report for Comment September 2021 ML21263A119
NUREG/CR-7278, DFC Technical Basis for the use of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics in Regulatory Applications: Draft Report for Comment September 2021 ML21257A237
NUREG-1614, V8, DFC Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2022-2026: Draft Report for Comment September 2021 ML21260A054
NUREG/KM-0015 Considerations for Estimating Site-Specific Probable Maximum Precipitation at Nuclear Power Plants in the United States of America: Final Report September 2021 ML21245A418
NUREG-1021, R12 Operator Licensing Examination Standards for Power Reactors September 2021 ML21256A276
NUREG/IA-0527 Analysis of Main Steam Line Break Accident for 3-Loop PWR with RELAP5/MOD3.3 Code August 2021 ML21231A205
NUREG/IA-0526 Simulation of Total Loss of Feedwater LOFT LP-FW-1 Test using RELAP5/MOD3.3 August 2021 ML21225A695
NUREG/IA-0525 TRACE VVER-1000/V-320 Model Cross-Code Validation August 2021 ML21225A613
NUREG-2247 Extremely Low Probability of Rupture Version 2
Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Code
August 2021 ML21225A736
NUREG/CR-7281 Radiation Evaluation Methodology for Concrete Structures July 2021 ML21216A100
NUREG/CR-7283 Phenomena Identification Ranking Tables for Accident Tolerant Fuel Designs Applicable to Severe Accident Conditions July 2021 ML21210A331
NUREG/CR-7282 Review of Accident Tolerant Fuel Concepts with Implications to Severe Accident Progression and Radiological Releases  July 2021 ML21210A321
NUREG/CR-6918, R4 VARSKIN+ 1.0: A Computer Code for Skin Contamination and Dosimetry Assessments  July 2021 ML21208A020
NUREG-1437, Second Renewal, DFC Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants Supplement 7, Second Renewal Regarding Subsequent License Renewal for North Anna Power Station Units 1 and 2: Draft Report for Comment August 2021 ML21228A084
NUREG/CR-7280 Review of Radiation-Induced Concrete Degradation and Potential Implications for Structures Exposed to High Long-Term Radiation Levels in Nuclear Power Plants July 2021 ML21202A265
NUREG-2245, DFC Technical Review of the 2017 Edition of ASME Code, Section III, Division 5, “High Temperature Reactors” August 2021 ML21223A097
NUREG-1933 Containing the Atom: Nuclear Regulation in a Changing Environment, 1963-1971 January 2010 ML21223A335
NUREG-1610 Controlling the Atom: The Beginnings of Nuclear Regulation 1946-1962 April 1997 ML20149F702
NUREG-2248, DFC Environmental Impact Statement for the License Renewal of  the Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility in Richland County,  South Carolina: Draft Report for Comment July 2021 ML21209A213
NUREG-2239 Environmental Impact Statement for Interim Storage Partners LLC's License Application for a Consolidated Interim Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel in Andrews County, Texas: Final Report July 2021 ML21209A955
NUREG-0750, V91 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances, January 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020 July 2021 ML21168A338
NUREG-1100, V37 Congressional Budget Justification: Fiscal Year 2022 June 2021 ML21181A336
NUREG-2246, DFC Fuel Qualification for Advanced Reactors: Draft Report for Comment June 2021 ML21168A063
NUREG-2242 Replacement Energy Cost Estimates for Nuclear Power Plants: 2020-2030 – Final Report June 2021 ML21174A176
NUREG-0090, V43 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences – Fiscal Year 2020 June 2021 ML21152A287
NUREG-1415, V35, N1 Office of the Inspector General Semiannual Report to Congress: October 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021 March 2021 ML21150A003
NUREG-2198 The General Methodology of an Integrated Human Event Analysis System (IDHEAS-G) May 2021 ML21127A272
NUREG-2244 HABIT 2.2 Description of Models and Methods May 2021 ML21120A069
NUREG/CR-7268, V2 User's Manual for RESRAD-OFFSITE Code Version 4 – User's Guide for RESRAD-OFFSITE March 2021 ML21091A189
NUREG/CR-7268, V1 User's Manual for RESRAD-OFFSITE Code Version 4 – Methodology and Models Used in RESRAD-OFFSITE Code March 2021 ML21091A159
NUREG/IA-0524 TRACE VVER-440/V-213 Model Cross-Code Validation March 2021 ML21090A326
NUREG/CR-7273 Developing a Technical Basis for Embedded Digital Devices and Emerging Technologies March 2021 ML21091A019
NUREG/CR-7275 Jet Impingement in High-Energy Piping Systems March 2021 ML21074A091
NUREG/KM-0016 Be riskSMART: Guidance for Integrating Risk Insights into NRC Decisions March 2021 ML21071A238
NUREG/CR-6361 Criticality Benchmark Guide for Light-Water-Reactor Fuel in Transportation and Storage Packages March 1997 ML20138K234
NUREG-1830, V17 Office of Investigations Annual Report - Fiscal Year 2020 February 2021 ML21048A429
NUREG/CR-7271 Application of Point Precipitation Frequency Estimates to Watersheds February 2021 ML21039A503
NUREG/CR-7002, R1 Criteria for Development of Evacuation Time Estimate Studies February 2021 ML21013A504
NUREG/IA-0523 Evaluation for 4-Inch Cold Leg Top-Slot Break LOCA in ATLAS Facility with RELAP5 Mod3.3 Patch5 January 2021 ML21034A635
NUREG/IA-0522 RELAP5 and TRACE Constitutive Relations Comparison January 2021 ML21034A632
NUREG-1164 Information on the Confinement Capability of the Facility Disposal Area at West Valley, New York  December 1985 ML20136F746
NUREG-1307, R18 Report on Waste Burial Charges: Changes in Decommissioning Waste Disposal Costs at Low-Level Waste Burial Facilities, Final Report  January 2021 ML21027A302
NUREG-2103 Knowledge and Abilities Catalog for Nuclear Power Plant Operators: Westinghouse AP1000 Pressurized Water Reactors – Final Report January 2021 ML20357A103
NUREG/BR-0520, R2 State Programs at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission December 2020 ML21005A153

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