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Documents added in 2022
V = Volume | N = Number | R = Revision | P = Part | S = Supplement | Ch = Chapter | Add = Addendum | Sec = Section | DFC = Draft For Comment
NUREG-0090, V44 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences Fiscal Year 2021 August 2022 ML22213A019
NUREG-2183, S1, DFC Environmental Impact Statement Related to the Operating License for the SHINE Medical Isotope Production Facility – Draft Report for Comment June 2022 ML22179A346
NUREG-2248 Environmental Impact Statement for the License Renewal of the Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility in Richland County, South Carolina – Final Report July 2022 ML22201A131
NUREG-1757, V2, R2 Consolidated Decommissioning Guidance, Characterization, Survey, and Determination of Radiological Criteria – Final Report July 2022 ML22194A859
NUREG-2159, R1 Acceptable Standard Format and Content for the Fundamental Nuclear Material Control Plan Required for Special Nuclear Material of Moderate Strategic Significance  – Final Report July 2022 ML22143A963
NUREG-2237 Environmental Impact Statement for the Holtec International's License Application for a Consolidated Interim Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel in Lea County, New Mexico – Final Report  July 2022 ML22181B094
NUREG/KM-0001, S3 Three Mile Island Accident of 1979 Knowledge Management Digest, Cleanup Safety Evaluations 1979–1993 June 2022 ML22173A198
NUREG-2261, DFC Artificial Intelligence Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2023-2027 – Draft Report for Comment June 2022 ML22175A206
NUREG/BR-0525, R1 Office of Investigations June 2022 ML22180A116
NUREG/BR-0058, R5, DFC Regulatory Analysis Guidelines of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Draft Report for Comment, Appendix L June 2022 ML22175A203
NUREG/BR-0058, R5, DFC Regulatory Analysis Guidelines of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Draft Report for Comment, Appendix K June 2022 ML22175A202
NUREG/CR-7132 Application of Radar-Rainfall Estimates to Probable Maximum Precipitation in the Carolinas June 2022 ML22165A285
NUREG/CR-7286 Reactor Pressure Vessel Fluence Evaluation Methodology for Extended Beltline Locations May 2022 ML22131A043
NUREG-1379, R3 NRC Editorial Style Guide April 2022 ML22115A119
NUREG-0313, R2 Technical Report on Material Selection and Processing Guidelines for BWR Coolant Pressure Boundary Piping January 1988 ML031470422
NUREG/CR-6726 Aging Management and Performance of Stainless Steel Bellows in Nuclear Power Plants May 2001 ML011500187
NUREG-0713, V41 Occupational Radiation Exposure at Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors and Other Facilities 2019: Fifty-Second Annual Report April 2022 ML22111A013
NUREG/CR-7288, V2 Evaluation of In-Service Radon Barriers over Uranium Mill Tailings Disposal Facilities - APPENDICES March 2022 ML22089A153
NUREG/CR-7288, V1 Evaluation of In-Service Radon Barriers over Uranium Mill Tailings Disposal Facilities March 2022 ML22089A080
NUREG/IA-0531 RELAP5 and TRACE Simulation of Bethsy 9.1b Test with Accuracy Quantification April 2022 ML22103A034
NUREG/IA-0530 Analysis with TRACE Code of PKL III Tests G1.1 & G1.1a. Study on Heat Transfer Mechanisms in the SG in Presence of Nitrogen, Steam and Water as a Function of the Primary Coolant Inventory in Single Loop Operation April 2022 ML22103A026
NUREG-0750, V93 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances, July 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020 April 2022 ML22095A184
NUREG-2252, V1 Evidence Building Plan: Fiscal Year 2022 April 2022 ML22066B056
NUREG-2251, V1 Capacity Assessment: For Statistics, Research, Evaluation, and Other Analysis: Fiscal Year 2022 April 2022 ML22066B054
NUREG-2250, V1 Annual Evaluation Plan: Fiscal Year 2023 April 2022 ML22066B059
NUREG-1614, V8, S1 Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2022-2026 At-A-Glance April 2022 ML22076A075
NUREG-1614, V8 Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2022-2026 April 2022 ML22067A170
NUREG-1100, V38 Congressional Budget Justification Fiscal Year 2023 April 2022 ML22089A188
NUREG/CR-7295 Human Factors in Nondestructive Examination March 2022 ML22083A071
NUREG-2155, R2 Implementation Guidance for 10 CFR Part 37, Physical Protection of Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material, Final March 2022 ML22083A141
NUREG/CR-7291 Assessments on Eddy Current Detection of Cracking Near Volumetric Indications in Steam Generator Tubes March 2022 ML22075A090
NUREG/CR-7289 Nuclear Data Assessment for Advanced Reactors March 2022 ML22063A060
NUREG-2246 Fuel Qualification for Advanced Reactors, Final March 2022 ML22063A131
NUREG/CR-7279 Research to Develop Flood Barrier Testing Strategies for Nuclear Power Plants February 2022 ML22053A021
NUREG-1830, V18 Office of Investigations - Annual Report FY 2021 February 2022 ML22054A316
NUREG/IA-0528 Uncertainty Analysis of Main Steam Line Break Accident for Maanshan PWR with RELAP5/DAKOTA February 2022 ML22053A190
NUREG-1530, R1 Reassessment of NRC's Dollar Per Person-Rem Conversion Factor Policy, Final Report February 2022 ML22053A025
NUREG/CR-7294 Exploring Advanced Computational Tools and Techniques with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Operating Nuclear Plants  February 2022 ML22042A662
NUREG-2240 Flood Penetration Seal Testing Protocol Research February 2022 ML22042B319
NUREG/BR-0530 The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s International Assistance Program From the Atomic Energy Commission to Today February 2022 ML22034A772
NUREG/CR-7278 Technical Basis for the use of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics in Regulatory Applications, Final January 2022 ML22014A406

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