Staff Requirements Memoranda (SRM) for 2014 Commission Papers

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Document number Description Date
SECY-14-0148 Implementation Plan for "Public Engagement Coordinator" Position in Response to Staff Requirements Memorandum - SECY-14-0078 10/09/2015
SECY-14-0147 Cyber Security For Fuel Cycle Facilities 03/24/2015
SECY-14-0146 Tribal Policy Implementation Plan 03/18/2015
SECY-14-0144 Request by Southern California Edison for Exemptions from Certain Emergency Planning Requirements 03/02/2015
SECY-14-0127 Final Rule:  Petition for Rulemaking Process, Title 10 of the Code Of Federal Regulations Part 2 (RIN 3150-AI30) 08/14/2015
SECY-14-0125 Request by Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., for Exemptions from Certain Emergency Planning Requirements 03/02/2015
SECY-14-0122 Recommendation on Whether to Update the Medical Policy Statement 12/05/2014
SECY-14-0118 Request by Duke Energy Florida, Inc., for Exemptions from Certain Emergency Planning Requirements 12/30/2014
SECY-14-0112 Recommendations for a Path Forward for Chemical Security 04/16/2015
SECY-14-0100 Final Rule:  Revisions to Transportation Safety Requirements and Harmonization with International Atomic Energy Agency Transportation Requirements (RIN 3150-AI11) 04/14/2015
SECY-14-0089 Fresh Assessment of Foreign Ownership, Control, or Domination of Utilization Facilities 05/04/2015
SECY-14-0088 Proposed Options to Address Lessons-Learned Review of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Force-On-Force Inspection Program  in Response to Staff Requirements Memorandum – COMGEA/COMWCO-14-0001 12/19/2014
SECY-14-0087 Qualitative Consideration of Factors in the Development of Regulatory Analysis and Backfit Analyses 03/04/2015
SECY-14-0082 Jurisdiction for Military Radium and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Oversight of U.S. Department of Defense Remediation Of Radioactive Material 12/22/2014
SECY-14-0081 Final Rule:  Economic Simplified Boiling-Water Reactor Design Certification 09/16/2014
SECY-14-0078 Analysis and Recommendation on Consideration of New Agency Position to Direct Public Concerns 09/05/2014
SECY-14-0077 Status Update and Proposed Policy Revision: Tasks related to Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Enforcement Program 01/21/2015
SECY-14-0074 Discontinuance of the Probation Period for the Georgia Agreement State Program  08/25/2014
SECY-14-0072 Final Rule:  Continued Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel (RIN 3150-AJ20) 08/26/2014
SECY-14-0066 Request by Dominion Energy Kewaunee, Inc. for Exemptions from Certain Emergency Planning Requirements 08/07/2014
SECY-14-0061 Direct Final Rule:  Adding Shine Medical Technologies, INC.'s Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Operating Assembly to the Definition of Utilization Facility 08/26/2014
SECY-14-0046 Fifth 6-Month Status Update on Response to Lessons Learned from Japan's March 11, 2011, Great Tōhoku Earthquake And Subsequent Tsunami 07/09/2014
SECY-14-0038 Performance-Based Framework for Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Preparedness Oversight 09/16/2014
SECY-14-0022 Report To Congress On Abnormal Occurrences:  Fiscal Year 2013 04/01/2014
SECY-14-0016 Ongoing Staff Activities to Assess Regulatory Considerations for Power Reactor Subsequent License Renewal 08/29/2014
SECY-14-0006 Tribal Consultation Policy Statement and Protocol 08/27/2014

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