Staff Requirements Memoranda (SRM) for 2018 Commission Papers

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Document Number Description Date
SECY-18-0113 Recommendations for Modifying the Reactor Oversight Process Engineering Inspections 08/05/2021
SECY-18-0112 Petition for Rulemaking and Rulemaking Plan on Individual Monitoring Devices for Industrial Radiographic Personnel 01/04/2019
SECY-18-0104 Draft Final Rule: Amendments to Material Control and Accounting Regulations (RIN 3150-AI61; NRC-2009-0096) 04/03/2019
SECY-18-0103 Proposed Rule - Emergency Preparedness for Small Modular Reactors and Other New Technologies (RIN 3150 AJ68; NRC-2015-0225) 12/17/2019
SECY-18-0102 Denial of Petition for Rulemaking Requiring Licensees to Confirm Seismic Hazards and Flooding Hazards Every 10 Years and Address Any New and Significant Information (PRM-50-99; NRC-2011-0189) 01/09/2019
SECY-18-0097 Proposed Controlled Unclassified Information Policy Statement 01/29/2019
SECY-18-0096 Functional Containment Performance Criteria for Non-Light-Water-Reactors 12/04/2018
SECY-18-0093 Recommended Change to Verification of the Design Reliability Assurance Program 08/07/2019
SECY-18-0091 Recommendations for Modifying the Reactor Oversight Process for New Large Light Water Reactors with Passive Safety Systems such as the AP1000 (Generation III + Reactor Designs) 02/24/2020
SECY-18-0076 Options and Recommendations for Physical Security for Advanced Reactors 11/19/2018
SECY-18-0082 Section 247b. Agreement with the State of Wyoming 09/10/2018
SECY-18-0080 Dominion Energy Virginia Request To Consolidate Emergency Operations Facilities for North Anna and Surry Power Stations 08/27/2018
SECY-18-0062 Request by the Exelon Generation Company, LLC for Exemptions from Certain Emergency Planning Requirements for the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station 07/17/2018
SECY-18-0061 Proposed Agreement Between the State of Wyoming and the Commission Pursuant to Section 274 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, As Amended 06/19/2018
SECY-18-0060 Achieving Modern Risk-Informed Regulation 10/10/2019
SECY-18-0058 Affirmation Session - Final Rule: Enhanced Weapons, Firearms Background Checks, and Security Event Notifications 01/27/2022
SECY-18-0055 Proposed Rule: Regulatory Improvements for Production and Utilization Facilities Transitioning to Decommissioning (RIN 3150-AJ59) 11/03/2021
SECY-18-0049 Management Directive and Handbook 8.4, "Management of Backfitting, Issue Finality, and Information Collection" 05/29/2019
SECY-18-0042 Draft Final NUREG/BR-0058, "Regulatory Analysis Guidelines of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission" 07/26/2019
SECY-18-0036 Denial of Petition for Rulemaking Submitted by the C-10 Research and Education Foundation (PRM-50-109) 10/16/2019
SECY-18-0031 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences: Fiscal Year 2017 06/15/2018
SECY-18-0026 Proposed Rule: Financial Qualifications Requirements for Reactor Licensing (RIN 3150-AJ43) 07/14/2022
SECY-18-0022 Denial of Petitions for Rulemaking on Calculated Maximum Fuel Element Cladding Temperature (PRM-50-93 and PRM-50-95; NRC-2009-0554) 12/21/2020
SECY-18-0013 Southern Nuclear Operating Company Request to Relocate the Existing Commission-Approved Consolidated Emergency Operations Facility 02/08/2018
SECY-18-0005 Policy Statement on Enhancing Participation in U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Public Meetings 02/19/2021
SECY-18-0003 Discontinuation of Rulemaking Activity and Denial of Petition for Rulemaking – Requirement to Submit Complete and Accurate Information (Docket No. PRM-50-107; NRC-2013-0077) 08/06/2019

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