Staff Requirements Memoranda (SRM) for 2016 Commission Papers

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Document Number Description Date
SECY-16-0144 Proposed Resolution of Remaining Tier 2 and 3 Recommendations Resulting from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Accident 05/03/2017

Final Rule: Mitigation of Beyond-Design-Basis Events

SECY-16-0138 Request for Authorization to Issue Renewed Full-Power Facility Operating License for Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant 12/14/2016
SECY-16-0131 Denial of Petition for Rulemaking on Uninterruptible Monitoring of Coolant and Fuel in Reactors and Spent Fuel Pools (PRM-30-113; NRC-2015-0230) 01/12/2017
SECY-16-0122 Status of Yucca Mountain Repository Program Activities 10/19/2016
SECY-16-0121 Staff Recommendations for Rulemaking to Address Remediation of Residual Radioactivity During Operation 12/21/2016
SECY-16-0115 Rulemaking Plan on Financial Assurance for Disposition of Category 1 and 2 Byproduct Material Radioactive Sealed Sources 12/08/2021
SECY-16-0106 Final Rule: Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal (10 CFR Part 61) (RIN 3150-AI92) 09/08/2017
SECY-16-0098 Tribal Consultation Policy Statement and Protocol 12/02/2016
SECY-16-0097 Fee Setting Improvements and Fiscal Year 2017 Proposed Fee Rule 10/19/2016
SECY-16-0093 Rulemaking Plan for Revisions to Transportation Safety Requirements and Harmonization with International Atomic Energy Agency Transportation Requirements 08/19/2016
SECY-16-0084 Wyoming's Proposal for a Limited Agreement to Only Regulate Milling Facilities' Source Material and 11E.(2) Byproduct Material 08/03/2016
SECY-16-0083 Project Aim—Materials Program Evaluation and Recommendation 09/19/2016
SECY-16-0075 Proposed Merger of the Offices of New Reactors and Nuclear Reactor Regulation 09/15/2016
SECY-16-0073 Options and Recommendations for Force-on-Force Inspection Program in Response to SRM-SECY-14-0088 10/05/2016
SECY-16-0070 Integrated Strategy to Modernize the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Digital Instrumentation and Control Regulatory Infrastructure 10/25/2016
SECY-16-0069 Rulemaking Plan on Emergency Preparedness for Small Modular Reactors and Other New Technologies 06/22/2016
SECY-16-0068 Interim Enforcement Policy for Open Phase Conditions in Electric Power Systems for Operating Reactors 03/09/2017
SECY-16-0056 Recommendations for a Process to Make Inimicality Determinations for the Licensing of Utilization Facilities 02/18/2022
SECY-16-0048 Proposed Rulemaking: Non-Power Production or Utilization Facility License Renewal (RIN 3150-AI96) 02/14/2017
SECY-16-0042 Recommended Improvements for Rulemaking Tracking and Reporting 05/10/2016
SECY-16-0040 Closure of Petition for Rulemaking, C-10 Research and Education Foundation, Inc. 05/19/2016
SECY-16-0022 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences: Fiscal Year 2015 04/18/2016
SECY-16-0021 Discontinuation of Rulemaking Activities 05/19/2016
SECY-16-0009 Recommendations Resulting from the Integrated Prioritization and Re-Baselining of Agency Activities 04/13/2016
SECY-16-0007 Proposed Revisions to Policy Statement on Enhancing Public Participation in U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Meetings 06/24/2016
SECY-16-0005 Cornerstone Development for the Revised Fuel Cycle Process 04/11/2016

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