Staff Requirements Memoranda (SRM) for 2010 Commission Papers

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Document number Description Date
SECY-10-0161 Final Rule: Risk-Informed Changes to Loss-of-Coolant Accident Technical Requirements (10 CFR 50.46a) (RIN 3150-AH29) 04/26/2012
SECY-10-0142 Proposed Rule: U.S. Advanced Boiling Water Reactor Aircraft Impact Design Certification Amendment (RIN 3150-AI84) 12/15/2010
SECY-10-0140 Options for Revising the Construction Reactor Oversight Process Assessment Program 03/21/2011
SECY-10-0137 Proposed Rule: Requirement for Access Authorization and Physical Protection During Nuclear Power Plant Construction (RIN 3150-AI65) 03/30/2011
SECY-10-0128 Proposed Rule: Domestic Licensing of Source Material – Amendments/Integrated Safety Analysis (RIN 3150-AI50) 11/30/2010
SECY-10-0121 Modifying the Risk-Informed Regulatory Guidance for New Reactors 03/02/2011
SECY-10-0117 Proposed Rule: Requirements for Maintenance of Inspections, Tests, Analyses, and Acceptance Criteria (RIN 3150 AI77) 02/04/2011
SECY-10-0114 Recommendation to Extend the Proposed Rulemaking on Security Requirements for Facilities Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste 11/16/2010
SECY-10-0113 Closure Options for Generic Safety Issue-191, Assessment of Debris Accumulation on Pressurized Water Reactor Sump Performance 12/23/2010
SECY-10-0112 Report Regarding Encouraging States and Licensees to Complete National Source Tracking System Credentialing and to Use the System Electronically 10/13/2010
SECY-10-0106 Proposed Rule – 10 CFR Parts 2, 51, and 54 "Amendments to Adjudicatory Process Rules and Related Requirements" (RIN-3150- AI43) 01/12/2011
SECY-10-0105 Final Rule: Limiting the Quantity of Byproduct Material in a Generally Licensed Device (RIN 3150-A133) 12/02/2010
SECY-10-0095 Proposed Rule: Advance Notification to Native American Tribes of Transport of Certain Types of Nuclear Waste (RIN 3150-AG41) 10/06/2010
SECY-10-0082 Mandatory Hearing Process for Combined License Application Proceedings Under 10 C.F.R. Part 52 12/23/2010
SECY-10-0078 Centralized Emergency Operations Facilities and Combined License Applications 09/07/2010
SECY-10-0085 Proposed Rule: Enhanced Weapons, Firearms Background Checks and Security Event Notifications (RIN: 3150-AI49) 10/19/2010
SECY-10-0084 Explanation of Changes to Revision 2 to Regulatory Guide 1.159, "Assuring the Availability of Funds for Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors" 10/25/2010
SECY-10-0074 David Geisen, NRC Staff Petition for Review of LBP-09-24 (Aug. 28, 2009) 09/03/2010
SECY-10-0062 Reproposed Rule: Medical Use of Byproduct Material - Amendments/Medical Event Definitions (RIN 3150- AI26) 08/10/2010
SECY-10-0056 Final Rule: 10 CFR Part 72 License and Certificate of Compliance Terms (RIN 3150-AI09) 10/14/2010
SECY-10-0045 Proposed Rule: Requirements for Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Records Checks for Individuals Seeking Unescorted Access to Research or Test Reactors (RIN 3150-AI25) 06/22/2010
SECY-10-0044 Review of Final Rule Package, Export and Import of Nuclear Equipment and Material; Updates and Clarifications (10 CFR Part 110, RIN 3150-AI16) 06/09/2010
SECY-10-0043 Blending of Low-Level Radioactive Waste 10/13/2010
SECY-10-0031 Revising the Fuel Cycle Oversight Process 08/04/2010
SECY-10-0024 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences Fiscal Year 2009 05/06/2010
SECY-10-0022 Proposed Rule: Domestic Licensing of Source Material - Amendments/Integrated Safety Analysis (RIN 3150-AI50) 06/08/2010
SECY-10-0018 Proposed Rulemaking to Revise the Definition of Construction in 10 CFR Parts 30, 36, 39, 40, 51, 70, and 150 06/22/2010
SECY-10-0007 Denial of Petition for Rulemaking Requesting an Expedited Rulemaking to Revise the 10 CFR Section 73.55 Compliance Date (PRM-73-14) 02/18/2010