Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) 2016 Letter Reports

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Date Title Response
12/06/2016 Draft Final Rule 10 CFR 50.155, Mitigation Of Beyond-Design-Basis Events and Associated Regulatory Guidance 12/16/16
11/15/2016 Report on the Safety Aspects of Dominion Virginia Power Combined License Application for North Anna Unit 3 11/15/16
11/15/2016 Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant Licensing Amendment Request for Operation in the Extended Flow Window Domain 11/15/16
11/14/2016 Review of SECY-16-0106, Proposed Final Rule 10 CFR Part 61, Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal 12/19/16
10/17/2016 Review of RG 1.26, Revision 5, Quality Group Classifications And Standards For Water-, Steam-, And Radioactive-Waste Containing Components of Nuclear Power Plants 12/13/16
10/14/2016 Report on the Safety Aspects of the License Renewal Application of the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Unit 1 11/08/16
09/22/2016 Pacific Gas and Electric Diablo Canyon Units One and Two Digital Process Protection System Upgrade License Amendment Request 10/11/16
09/19/2016 Response to the July 5, 2016 Staff Letter Regarding Interim Staff Guidance JLD-ISG-2016-01 for Focused Evaluations and Integrated Assessments of Reevaluated Flooding Hazards 10/21/16
09/16/2016 Report on the Safety Aspects of the License Renewal Application of the Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant 10/19/16
09/16/2016 Report on the Safety Aspects of the Florida Power & Light Company's Combined License Application for Turkey Point Units 6 and 7


07/19/2016 Topical Report WCAP-16996-P, Volumes I, II and III, Revision 1, "Realistic Loss-of-Coolant Accident Evaluation Methodology Applied to the Full Spectrum of Break Sizes" 08/30/16
07/18/2016 Report on the Safety Aspects of the License Renewal Application of the Lasalle County Station, Units 1 and 2 09/14/16
07/18/2016 Draft Final Regulatory Guide 1.230, "Regulatory Guidance on the Alternate Pressurized Thermal Shock Rule," and Draft Final Report NUREG-2163, "Technical Basis for Regulatory Guidance on the Alternate Pressurized Thermal Shock Rule" 08/30/16
05/18/2016 NuScale Power, LLC Licensing Topical Report, "Risk Significance Determination" 07/11/16
05/18/2016 Draft Interim Staff Guidance JLD-ISG-2016-01, "Guidance for Activities Related to Near-Term Task Force Recommendation 2.1, Flooding Hazard Reevaluation; Focused Evaluation and Integrated Assessment" 07/05/16
05/17/2016 NRC Staff Updated Assessment of Fukushima Tier 2 Recommendations Related to Evaluation of Natural Hazards Other Than Seismic and Flooding 06/17/16
04/28/2016 Review and Evaluation of the NRC Safety Research Program 09/08/16
04/20/2016 NUREG-1927, Revision 1, "Standard Review Plan for Renewal Of Specific Licenses and Certificates of Compliance for Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel" 05/27/16
04/19/2016 Regulatory Guide 1.229, "Risk-Informed Approach for Addressing the Effects of Debris on Post-Accident Long-Term Core Cooling" 06/03/16
04/18/2016 Exemptions to the AP1000 Certified Design Included in the Levy Nuclear Plant Units 1 and 2 Combined License Application 05/22/16
03/15/2016 Non-Power Production or Utilization Facilities Proposed License Renewal Rulemaking 04/07/16
03/15/2016 Closure of Fukushima Tier 3 Recommendations Related to Containment Vents, Hydrogen Control, and Enhanced Instrumentation 04/21/16
02/23/2016 Draft Final Rule 10 CFR 50.46C, "Emergency Core Cooling System Performance During Loss-Of-Coolant Accidents (LOCA)" And Associated Regulatory Guides 03/16/16
02/17/2016 Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station Units 2 And 3 Maximum Extended Load Line Limit Analysis Plus (MELLLA+) License Amendment Request 03/14/16