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Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) 2018 Letter Reports

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Date Title Response
07/26/2018 Report on the Safety Aspects of the APR1400 Pressurized Water Reactor  
07/19/2018 Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Units 1 and 2, Maximum Extended Load Line Limit Analysis Plus License Amendment Request  
07/18/2018 Draft Digital Instrumentation & Controls Interim Staff Guidance, Digital I&C-ISG-06, Licensing Process, Revision 2  
06/15/2018 Long-Term Core Cooling for the Apr1400  
06/15/2018 Safety Evaluation Of The Nuscale Power, LLC Topical Report Tr-0616-48793, Revision 0, "Nuclear Analysis Codes And Methods Qualification" And Safety Evaluation Of The Nuscale Power, LLC Topical Report Tr-0116-21012, Revision 1, "Nuscale Power Critical Heat Flux Correlations"  
06/15/2018 Safety Evaluation for Topical Report APR1400-F-A-TR-12004-P, Revision 1, "Realistic Evaluation Methodology for Large-Break Loss of Coolant Accident of the APR1400."  
05/10/2018 Functional Containment Performance Criteria for Non-Light Water Reactor Designs  
04/12/2018 Safety Evaluation for WCAP-17938-P, Revision 2, "AP 1000 In-Containment Cables and Non-Metallic Insulation Debris Integrated Assessment" 06/07/2018
03/26/2018 Safety Evaluation for Topical Report APR1400-F-M-TR-13001, Revision 1, "Plus 7 Fuel Design for the APR1400" 06/11/2018
03/26/2018 Safety Evaluation for ANP-10333P, Revision 0, & Aurora-B: an Evaluation Model for Boiling Water Reactors; Application to Control Rod Drop Accident (CRDA) 04/27/2018
03/26/2018 Regulatory Guide 1.232, Guidance for Developing Principal Design Criteria for Non-Light-Water Reactors 05/09/2018
02/26/2018 Biennial Review and Evaluation of the NRC Safety Research Program 06/20/2018 – Letter
06/20/2018 – Enclosure
02/21/2018 Nuscale Power Exemption Request From 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix A, General Design Criterion 27, "Combined Reactivity Control Systems Capability" 03/19/2018
01/23/2018 ACRS Assessment of the Quality of Selected NRC Research Projects – FY 2017  

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