Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) 2000 Letter Reports

Date Title
12/15/2000 Proposed Final Regulatory Guide DG-1053, "Calculational and Dosimetry Methods for Determining Pressure Vessel Neutron Fluence"
12/14/2000 Proposed Revision to the Commission's Safety Goal Policy Statement for Reactors
12/14/2000 Nuclear Energy Institute Draft Report, NEI 99-03, "Control Room Habitability Assessment Guidance"
12/13/2000 South Texas Project, Units 1 and 2 - Draft Safety Evaluation on Exemption Requests from Special Treatment Requirements of 10 CFR Parts 21, 50, and 100
12/21/2000 Proposed Framework for Risk-Informed Changes to the Technical Requirements of 10 CFR Part 50
11/20/2000 BWROG Proposal to Use Safety Relief Valves and Low Pressure Systems as a Redundant Safe Shutdown Path To Satisfy the Requirements of 10 CFR 50, Appendix R
11/15/1999 License Renewal Guidance Documents
11/13/2000 Draft Safety Evaluation Report Related to "Justification for Not Including Postulated Breaks in Large-Bore Reactor Coolant System Piping in the Licensing Basis for Existing and Replacement Once-Through Steam Generators" (BAW-2374, Rev. 0, July 2000)
11/08/2000 Draft Final Technical Study of Spent Fuel Pool Accident Risk at Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants
10/12/2000 Pressurized Thermal Shock Technical Basis Reevaluation Project
10/11/2000 Proposed Revision to 10 CFR 73.55, "Requirements for Physical Protection of Licensed Activities in Nuclear Power Reactors Against Radiological Sabotage"
10/11/2000 Union of Concerned Scientists Report, "Nuclear Plant Risk Studies: Failing the Grade"
09/14/2000 Pre-Application Review of the AP1000 Standard Plant Design - Phase I
09/13/2000 Proposed Risk-Informed Revisions to 10 CFR 50.44, "Standards for Combustible Gas Control System in Light-Water-Cooled Power Reactors"
09/12/2000 Proposed Final Regulatory Guide DG-1093, "Guidance and Examples for Identifying 10 CFR 50.2 Design Bases"
09/08/2000 Proposed High-Level Guidelines for Performance-Based Activities
09/08/2000 Causes and Significance of Design Basis Issues at U.S. Nuclear Power Plants
09/07/2000 Assessment of the Quality of Probabilistic Risk Assessments
09/07/2000 Draft Regulatory Guide DG-1075, "Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Nuclear Power Reactors
09/05/2000 Final Regulatory Guide 1.18x on 10 CFR 50.59, Changes, Tests, and Experiments
07/27/2000 Assessment of the Quality of PRAs
07/20/2000 Proposed Final ASME Standard for Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Power Plant Applications
07/20/2000 Nuclear Energy Institute Letter Dated January 19, 2000, Addressing NRC Plans for Risk-Informing the Technical Requirements in 10 CFR Part 50
07/20/2000 Proposed Final Regulatory Guidance Documents Regarding Use of Risk-Informed Decisionmaking in License Amendment Reviews
07/18/2000 Proposed Revision 3 to Regulatory Guide 1.52, "Design, Inspection, and Testing Criteria for Air Filtration and Adsorption Units of Post-Accident Engineered-Safety-Feature Atmosphere Cleanup Systems in Light-Water-Cooled Nuclear Power Plants"
07/18/2000 Proposed Rule, 10 CFR Part 55, "Operator License Eligibility and Use of Simulation Facilities in Operator Licensing"
07/14/2000 Topical Report BAW-2374, "Justification for Not Including Postulated Breaks in Large-Bore Reactor Coolant System Piping in the Licensing Basis for Existing and Replacement Once-Through Steam Generators"
07/14/2000 Draft Regulatory Guides
06/22/2000 Draft Report, "Regulatory Effectiveness of the Station Blackout Rule"
06/21/2000 AP1000 Pre-Application Review
06/20/2000 Proposed Final Regulatory Guide and Standard Review Plan Section Associated with the Alternative Source Term Rule
06/20/2000 Proposed Resolution of Generic Safety Issue-173A, "Spent Fuel Storage Pool for Operating Facilities"
06/12/2000 Industry Initiatives in the Regulatory Process
05/25/2000 Use of Defense in Depth in Risk-Informing NMSS Activities
05/23/2000 SECY-00-0053, "NRC Program on Human Performance in Nuclear Power Plant Safety"
05/22/2000 Proposed Modifications to Regulatory Guidance Documents Regarding Use of Risk-Informed Decision Making in License Amendment Reviews
05/22/2000 Draft Regulatory Guide DG-1096, "Transient and Accident Analysis Methods" and Standard Review Plan, Section 15.0.1, "Review of Analytical Computer Codes"
05/19/2000 Proposed Final Revision 1 to Regulatory Guide 1.54, "Service Level I, II, and III Protective Coatings Applied to Nuclear Power Plants" (formerly DG-1076)
04/18/2000 Proposed NRC Research Plan for Digital Instrumentation and Control
04/17/2000 Reactor Safety Goal Policy Statement
04/13/2000 NRC Program for Risk-Based Analysis of Reactor Operating Experience
04/13/2000 Draft Final Technical Study of Spent Fuel Pool Accident Risk at Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants
04/10/2000 SECY-00-0071, Draft Regulatory Guide (DG-1095), "Guidance for Implementation of 10 CFR 50.59 (Changes, Tests, And Experiments)"
04/10/2000 SECY-00-0061, Proposed Revision to the Enforcement Policy to Address the Revised Reactor Oversight Process
04/07/2000 Draft Regulatory Guide DG-1094, "Fire Protection for Operating Nuclear Power Plants"
04/06/2000 Final Rule: "Elimination of the Requirement for Noncombustible Fire Barrier Penetration Seal Materials and Other Minor Changes" (10 CFR Part 50)
03/15/2000 Revised Reactor Oversight Process
03/13/2000 Proposed Final Amendment to 10 CFR 50.72, "Immediate Notification Requirements for Operating Nuclear Power Reactors," and 10 CFR 50.73, "Licensee Event Report System"
03/13/2000 Proposed Resolution of Generic Issue B-17, "Criteria for Safety-Related Operator Actions," and Generic Issue 27, "Manual vs. Automated Actions"
03/13/2000 SECY-00-0007, "Proposed Staff Plan for Low Power and Shutdown Risk Analysis Research to Support Risk-Informed Regulatory Decision Making"
02/13/2000 Report on the Safety Aspects of the License Renewal Application for the Oconee Nuclear Station, Units 1, 2, and 3
3/10/2000 Proposed Final Regulatory Guide, "Assessing and Managing Risk Before Maintenance Activities at Nuclear Power Plants"
02/14/2000 Impediments to the Increased Use of Risk-informed Regulation
02/11/2000 Revision of Appendix K, "ECCS Evaluation Models," to 10 CFR Part 50
02/11/2000 Importance Measures Derived from Probabilistic Risk Assessments
02/08/2000 SECY-00-0011, "Evaluation of the Requirement for Licensees to Update Their Inservice Inspection and Inservice Testing Programs Every 120 Months"