Industry Initiatives in the Regulatory Process

June 12, 2000

MEMORANDUM TO: William D. Travers
Executive Director for Operations
FROM: John T. Larkins, Executive Director
Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards


During the 473rd meeting of the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, June 7-9, 2000, the Committee met with representatives of the staff and the Nuclear Energy Institute to discuss a draft Commission paper concerning guidelines for using industry initiatives in the regulatory process. The Committee has no objection to issuing these guidelines for public comment and would like the opportunity to review the proposed final guidelines after resolution of public comments.


Draft Commission paper received May 30, 2000, from William D. Travers, Executive Director for Operations, for the Commissioners, Subject: Industry Initiatives in the Regulatory Process.

cc:   A. Vietti-Cook, SECY
J. Craig, OEDO
G. Millman, OEDO
S. Collins, NRR
J. Strosnider, NRR
R. Wessman, NRR
G. Carpenter, NRR
R. Hermann, NRR

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