Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) 2003 Letter Reports

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Date Title
12/12/2003 Draft NUREG-0800, Standard Review Plan (SRP), Chapter 18.0, Human Factors Engineering
12/12/2003 Draft 10 CFR Part 52 Construction Inspection Program Framework Document
12/12/2003 Draft Final Rule Revising 10 CFR 50.48, "Fire Protection," to Permit Licensees to Voluntarily Adopt Fire Protection Requirements Contained in National Fire Protection Association Standard 805 (NFPA 805)
12/10/2003 Proposed Rule: Fitness for Duty Programs, 10 CFR Part 26
12/09/2003 Proposed Revisions to Regulatory Guides
11/18/2003 Regulatory Effectiveness of Unresolved Safety Issue A-45, "Shutdown Decay Heat Removal Requirements"
11/17/2003 Draft Final Revision 3 of Regulatory Guide 1.32, "Criteria for Power Systems for Nuclear Power Plants"
11/17/2003 Proposed Resolution of Generic Safety Issue-189, "Susceptibility of Ice Condenser and Mark III Containments to Early Failure from Hydrogen Combustion During a Severe Accident"
11/13/2003 ACRS Review of Routine Updates to 10 CFR 50.55a, "Codes And Standards"
11/12/2003 Draft Final Revision to 10 CFR Part 50, "Financial Information Requirements for Applications to Renew or Extend the Term of an Operating License for a Power Reactor"
10/09/2003 Report on the Safety Aspects of the License Renewal Application for the Fort Calhoun Station, Unit 1
10/08/2003 Draft Final Regulatory Guide 1.168, Revision 1, "Verification, Validation, Reviews, and Audits for Digital Computer Software Used in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Plants"
10/07/2003 Draft Regulatory Guide DG-1129, "Criteria For Independence of Electrical Safety Systems" (Revision 3 to Regulatory Guide 1.75)
09/30/2003 Draft Final Revision 3 to Regulatory Guide 1.82, "Water Sources for Long-term Recirculation Cooling Following a Loss-of-Coolant Accident"
09/24/2003 Proposed Recommendations for Resolving Generic Issue 186, "Potential Risk and Consequences of Heavy Load Drops in Nuclear Power Plants"
09/24/2003 Draft Final Review Standard for Extended Power Uprates, RS-001
09/22/2003 Draft Final Revision 1 to Regulatory Guide 1.53, "Application of the Single-failure Criterion to Safety Systems"
09/22/2003 Draft Final Regulatory Guide X.XXX, "An Approach for Determining the Technical Adequacy of Probabilistic Risk Assessment Results for Risk-informed Activities" (Formerly DG-1122)
09/17/2003 Report on the Safety Aspects of the License Renewal Application for the St. Lucie Nuclear Plant Units 1 and 2
09/15/2003 Draft Final Regulatory Guide DG-1099, "Anchoring Components and Structural Supports in Concrete"
09/15/2003 Draft Final Revision 1 of Regulatory Guide 1.138, "Laboratory Investigations of Soils and Rocks for Engineering Analysis and Design of Nuclear Power Plants" (Draft Was Issued as DG-1109)
07/17/2003 Proposed Criteria for the Treatment of Individual Requirements in a Regulatory Analysis
07/16/2003 Safety Culture
07/15/2003 Revision to Section 9.5.1, "Fire Protection Program," of the Standard Review Plan
07/15/2003 Draft Final Regulatory Guide DG-1105, "Procedures and Criteria for Assessing Seismic Soil Liquefaction at Nuclear Power Plant Sites"
06/24/2003 Update to License Renewal Guidance Documents: Response to Staff Requirements Memorandum Dated July 17, 2002
06/13/2003 Revision 4 to Regulatory Guide 1.101, "Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Nuclear Power Reactors"
05/16/2003 Draft Final Regulatory Guide 1.178 and Standard Review Plan Section 3.9.8 for Risk-Informed Inservice Inspection of Piping
05/16/2003 Vessel Head Penetration Cracking and Reactor Pressure Vessel Degradation
05/16/2003 Improvement of the Quality of Risk Information for Regulatory Decisionmaking
04/23/2003 NUREG-CR-6813, "Issues and Recommendations for Advancement of PRA Technology in Risk-Informed Decision Making"
04/22/2003 Draft Final Amendment to 10 CFR 50.55a, "Codes and Standards"
04/21/2003 Proposed Resolution of Public Comments on Draft Regulatory Guide DG-1122, "An Approach for Determining the Technical Adequacy of Probabilistic Risk Assessment Results for Risk-informed Activities"
04/21/2003 Draft Final Risk-Informed Revision to 10 CFR 50.44, "Combustible Gas Control in Containment"
04/17/2003 Proposed NRC Generic Letter 2003-XX: Control Room Habitability
04/15/2003 Draft Regulatory Guide DG-1101, "Site Investigations for Foundations of Nuclear Power Plants" (Draft Final Revision 2 to Regulatory Guide 1.132)
04/15/2003 Closeout of Generic Safety Issue 168, "Environmental Qualification of Low-Voltage Instrumentation and Control Cables"
03/14/2003 Report on the Safety Aspects of the License Renewal Application for the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station Units 2 and 3
03/13/2003 Draft Final Regulatory Guide Dg-1119, "Guidelines for Evaluating Electromagnetic and Radio-Frequency Interference in Safety-Related Instrumentation and Control Systems"
03/13/2003 Reactor Oversight Process
03/12/2003 Draft Review Standard, RS-002: "Processing Applications for Early Site Permits"
03/11/2003 Draft Regulatory Guide DG-1079, "Criteria for Power Systems for Nuclear Power Plants" (Proposed Revision 3 to Regulatory Guide 1.32)
02/24/2003 Proposed Amendments to 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix E, Paragraphs IV.B and IV.F.2
02/21/2003 Pressurized Thermal Shock (PTS) Reevaluation Project: Technical Bases for Potential Revision to PTS Screening Criteria
02/20/2003 Proposed Resolution of Generic Safety Issue-191, "Assessment of Debris Accumulation on PWR Sump Performance"
02/14/2003 Report on the Safety Aspects of the License Renewal Application for the McGuire Nuclear Station Units 1 and 2 and the Catawba Nuclear Station Units 1 and 2
02/14/2003 Draft Final Regulatory Guide DG-1077, "Guidelines for Environmental Qualification of Microprocessor-based Equipment Important to Safety in Nuclear Power Plants"

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