Recent FOIA Requests - February 2023

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during February 2023. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Tracking Number2 Requester's Name Requester's Organization Request Description Received Date
2023-000063 Canady, Devon Banks Environmental Data, Inc. Requester seeks the information found within the Web-Based Licensing system database for all records in Texas in excel format. If necessary the data can be sent on disk to requester's address. Please include the fields listed below: DOCKET_NAME; DOCKET_NO; STATUS_CD; DOCKET_TYPE_CD; LICENSEE_NAME; LICENSEE_ADDR_LINE1; LICENSEE_ADDR_LINE2; LICENSEE_CITY_NAME; LICENSEE_STATE_CD; LICENSEE_ZIP_CD; LICENSEE_COUNTY_NAME; LICENSEE_CONTACT_NAME. 02/01/2023
 1FOIA-2023-000067 Thayer, Elizabeth Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. Requester is seeking the report referenced on Question 040.0 for the years 1976 – 1999 in the attached document. Our goal is to see revisions made to the document for each of those years. It would also be helpful if we could know the date of each document’s revision. We also require Certification of Authenticity for the documents retrieved. (Date Range for Record Search: From 1/1/1976 To 12/31/1999) 02/10/2023
FOIA-2023-000069 Lodge, Terry Don't Waste Michigan Requester is seeking the complete and unredacted version of a letter and its enclosures dated February 1, 2023. The letter is addressed to Mr. Bo Pham, Director, NRC Division of Operating Reactor Licensing, and is from Jean A. Fleming, Vice-President of Licensing, Regulatory Affairs & PSA of Holtec International. The subject is “Palisades Nuclear Plant, Docket No. 50-255, Renewed Facility Operating License No. DPR-20.” There are two enclosures, one an unredacted 10 CFR § 2.390 affidavit, and the other, a completely-redacted document entitled, “Regulatory Path to Reauthorize Power Operations at the Palisades Nuclear Plant – Proprietary.” This letter and two enclosures were installed in the ADAMS archive on February 9, 2023 and these items are found at ML23032A399. The document is 17 pages long. (Date Range for Record Search: From 2/1/2023 To 2/10/2023) 02/13/2023
FOIA-2023-000070 Lewin, Randy Moyers Martin Requester is seeking documents and information related to any records related to named individual. 02/13/2023
FOIA-2023-000071 Blanch, Paul - This is a request for documents related to 72 CFR 122(l); specifically, with regard to the Safety Evaluation Report (SER), dated 01/25/2002, Docket No. 72-1026, "Fuel Solutions TM Spent Fuel Management System, Certificate of Compliance No 1026, Amendment. No. 2, please provide copies of [1] the NRC staff review of the proposed changes in the W74 canister cited within the SER; [2] the 'current and revised thermal and structural evaluations [demonstrating] that the transfer cask would provide acceptable storage of the canister for the proposed time', as stated within the SER; [3] the evaluations of the changes analyzed in TS 3.3.2, which the SER states are applicable to this change request; and [4] The original/Revision 0 to Interim Staff Guidance (ISG) 2. 02/14/2023
FOIA-2023-000072 Tarver, Julian - Requester is seeking a copy of the full NRC staff directory/roster/telephone directory that shows names of all staff, position title, and phone number. 02/15/2023
FOIA-2023-0000393 Doring, James Goldberg Persky White Requester is seeking production of documents. These documents need to be made available as soon as possible to support responsive pleadings in an accelerated legal action. We have already obtained copies of relevant documents presently available on the ADAMS database. A list of the documents we have already obtained is attached and these documents need not be produced again (See Attachment B). Due to the time constraints of our case, if possible, please make documents available as they are identified. I would also like to request that these documents be authenticated before they are made available. (SEE PDF FOR MORE DETAILS) 02/21/2023
FOIA-2023-000042 Lochbaum, David   Requester is seeking the first 99 pages of ML100290750. This is a document that should already be publicly available but is not due to an apparent miscoding. It is an annual radiation effluent report for Indian Point Units 1 and 2. All the annual effluent reports for preceding and subsequent years are publicly available. This one is not. The PDR confirmed that the document resides in ADAMS, provided its ML Accession Number, and informed requester that the document was not publicly available. The PDR relayed that they would contact the NRC Project Manager to see about changing the document's classification. 02/23/2023
CON4-2023-000004 Hathaway, Oona Yale Law School Requester is seeking that the State Dept. provide [1] all unclassified guidance, policies, directives, rules, or regulations that (a) govern the Office’s own internal process for making binding/nonbinding determinations, (b) aid agencies in determining whether agreements are binding, and (c) aid in drafting nonbinding agreements; [2] unclassified records associated with nonbinding understandings or arrangements; and [3] unclassified nonbinding understandings or arrangements in written form, for the time period, January 1, 1989 to December 31, 2019. (Date Range for Record Search: From 1/1/1989 To 12/31/2019) 02/23/2023
FOIA-2023-0000615 Kimbler, Allyssa Ohio State University Environmental Health and Saf The Fawcett Landfill Site (the “Site”), located at 2400 Olentangy River Road in Columbus, Ohio, is a former burial area. The Site was used for the disposal of low-level radioactive wastes and miscellaneous laboratory and research wastes from the mid-1950’s to the early 1960’s. The Site is approximately 12 acres in size. Currently Environmental, Health, and Safety conducts semi-annual groundwater monitoring at the Site. On April 22, 1996, Ohio State University submitted a Letter of Intent to the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) for the Fawcett Site. I am requesting a copy of the Letter of Intent submitted to the NRC by Ohio State University from April 22, 1996. I am also requesting any records which indicate any agreement or instructions relating to groundwater monitoring at the Fawcett Landfill Site. 02/24/2023
CON4-2023-000005 Erdman, James Feds4MedFreedom “This is a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) under the authority of the Privacy Act of 1974. The definition of “documents, documentation, and communication” throughout this FOIA request as all email (active and deleted), government phone messages, cables, policy, regulations, electronic communications, notes, chat applications, meeting notes, memorandums, staff notes, written communications, calendar entries, and/or phone transcripts, in full or in part, that could illustrate and provide details related to the specifics of this FOIA request. I request a copy of documents containing information related to the following: Emails and documentation to and/or from the email address or other communication outlets that include the following terms: unvaccinated, vaccinated, testing, screening, travel, events, hiring, promotion, assignment, relocation, informed consent, natural immunity, immunity, vaccination, adverse reaction, Christian(s), Social distancing, Physical distancing, Event attendance, Reasonable accommodation, RA, Religious exemption, Medical exemption, Religious exception. Timeframe of this correspondence: January 1, 2020 to August 31, 2022. 02/28/2023

1 FOIA-2023-000068 is not included in this report because it was submitted for testing purposes.
2 FOIA-2023-000073 is not included in this report because it was submitted for testing purposes.
3 FOIA-2023-000039 and FOIA-2023-000042 were previously deleted test cases.  Per our solution’s configuration settings, these case numbers have been automatically re-assigned.
4 CON = Consultation
5 FOIA case numbers are out of order due to previously deleted case numbers being automatically re-assigned earlier this quarter.