Recent FOIA Requests - August 2023

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during August 2023. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Tracking Number Requester's Name Requester's Organization Request Description Received Date
FOIA-2023-000181 Bowers, Mark - Requester is seeking documents that would help the public understand exactly what work is being performed, what materials are involved, and what precautions are being taken to safeguard the public at Oakland University. 08/01/2023
FOIA-2023-000182 Bowers, Mark - Requesting any records related to a "planned maintenance project involving campus research equipment" taking place at Oakland University on August 2, 2023. Project is "done in conjunction with local, state and federal agencies." Is the NRC among those federal agencies? If so, please share any documents that would help the public understand exactly what work is being performed, what materials are involved, and what precautions are being taken to safeguard the public. 08/02/2023
FOIA-2023-000183 Hernandez, Pete - Requester is seeking information regarding the exempt distribution of radioactive tracers to entities without a radioactive material license. Specifically, I’m requesting correspondence from ADAMS with the following accession numbers: • ML15356A171 • ML16033A019 • ML16054A032 • ML16117A156 • ML22298A190. 08/02/2023
FOIA-2023-000184 FOIA-2023-000184 Snell & Wilmer We are looking for NRC records relating to the former Sequoyah Fuels facility located near Gore OK. Time period is 1970-1984. The facility was owned/operated by Kerr McGee, Kerr Mcgee Nuclear Corp. nd Sequoyah Fuels We are interested in any documents in NRC's files relating to the facility including but not limited to inspection reports or findings, compliance determinations or issues, waste management issues, any releases or discharges, correspondence with the facility or its operators, etc. 08/03/2023
FOIA-2023-000185 FOIA-2023-000185 - Requester was directed by HR to make a formal request for a copy of reference responses. 08/03/2023
FOIA-2023-000186 Grierson, Devon N/A Any emails to or from Christopher T. Hanson or Kristine L. Svinicki referencing the term "non-human intelligence." 08/04/2023
FOIA-2023-000187 Blanch, Paul - Requester is seeking a copy of the below document. External Hazards: Information Compilation and Analysis: 2022 New Information Report Details Product ID 3002026415 Date Published Jun 27, 2023 08/07/2023
FOIA-2023-000188 FOIA-2023-000188 - Requester is seeking the name and address of all human healthcare facilities (like hospitals and other medical offices) that practice nuclear medicine. Nuclear medicine is defined as medicine that uses radiotracers to assess, image, diagnose, or treat human disease. 08/09/2023
FOIA-2023-000189 FOIA-2023-000189   Requester is seeking the newest 100 pages of the FOIA log from the date of this letter. 08/10/2023
CON-2023-000007 Durden, Nate Office of Management and Budget All communications, including attachments, sent to the email address by any email address ending in ".gov" that include the text "MEMORANDUM FOR THE HEADS OF EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES" and/or "No TikTok on Government Devices’ Implementation Guidance." The date range for these communications is from Feb. 27, 2023 to the present date. All communications, with attachments, submitted using the CyberScope application,, under the tab “M-23-13 ‘No TikTok on Government Devices’ Implementation Guidance.’ ” These communications also should fall within the Feb. 27, 2023, to the present date. 08/11/2023
FOIA-2023-000190 Grillo, Vincent American University At 10:00 AM EDT on 7/11/2023 there was a meeting on NRC International Activities. My request is for any documentation presented to, created as a result of, or tied to this meeting that is releasable under FOIA. This is the closed "Executive Branch Briefing on NRC International Activities" meeting listed at 08/14/2023
FOIA-2023-000191 Lowery, Paul Sellafield LTD Requester is seeking information regarding the Davis Besse reactor head event highlighted in this Davis-Besse Video Tapes which is from ML023010080. 08/14/2023
FOIA-2023-000192 Hill, Lance - Requester is seeking all documents regarding the investigation of the activities and influence in Lawrence, Kansas in the period of 1940-1965 of the following organizations: 1. The Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) also known as the American Communist Party. 2. The Socialist Party of America (SPA) 3. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) 4. The Oread Daily (newspaper) 08/17/2023
FOIA-2023-000193     O'Neill, Tim  - I am seeking information on a specific product/technology that was utilized by U.S. Government officials during the clean-up at the Chernobyl power plant accident in 1986. This product was used as an aerial spray to decontaminate both the atmosphere as well as equipment on the ground. This product was a unique/proprietary low-pH/acidic solution most likely referred to as Sorber acid or Sorbitrol, and it was invented by Kenneth Howard Sorber. His possible company affiliations include Sorber Chemical, Sorco Corporation, ChemStar, and possibly others. Please let me know if you'd like any additional input/info., or if there is another division of the U.S. Government that I should also contact with a FOIA request for this information. 08/23/2023
FOIA-2023-000194 Reichert, Kathy Aerotest Operations, Inc  I am looking for NRC-IG’s investigation #C21-012 memo's to file on the following dates: [1] 3/3/21 summary of site visit[ 2] 5/27/22 all memos on this date (3); [3]6/20/22 all memos on this date (2); [4] 6/23/22 all memos on this date (6); and [5] 6/27/22 all memos on this date (2). I am also looking for NRC-IG’s investigation #C21-012 draft memo to EDO with a due date to enter review process by July 31, 2022. And, I am looking for NRC-IG’s investigation #C21-012 Case after the open case status update/status review on February 24, 2022 that includes any documents stating, "it was determined by OIG investigators senior managers that this investigation is to be disposition through closed to file and referred to audit." except case summary report for the period ending 03/31/22 as well as any information on what was sent to audit and any audit case numbers. 08/24/2023
FOIA-2023-000195 Reichert, Kathy Aerotest Operations, Inc I'm requesting internal documents, reports, memorandums, notes, and emails from or to Miriam Zober Deputy General Counsel of NRC on the deliberations/investigation of David M Slaughter's 3/29/23 (ML23094A070) request for the NRC to settle out of court for the damages caused by the NRC and Miriam Zober's denial of claim letter dated 5/4/23 (ML23124A084). (Date Range for Record Search: From 3/29/2023 To 5/4/2023)  08/24/2023
FOIA-2023-000196 Reichert, Kathy Aerotest Operations, Inc  All allegation and/or investigation numbers and their titles related to or involving Aerotest, including date initiated/opened, date closed, disposition, and any documentation relating to the closing (i.e., memorandum, report, entry/note in an allegation/investigation file, etc.) from January 1, 2000 to June 13, 2023. This request excludes the NRC-OIG's investigative report for C21-012.   08/24/2023
FOIA-2023-000197 Gurdziel, Thomas - In a Commission meeting on Digital I & C held on 5-14-2019, mention is made of an effort over the next year to look at data and operating experience, believed to be related to common cause failure. At 2:08:10 it was noted that it was stated that this work would be completed by FY 2020. If this work has been done, supply a printed copy of it including, in particular, all Lessons Learned, Conclusions, Suggestions, and an estimate of Digital I & C Common Cause Failure frequency of occurrence. 08/29/2023
FOIA-2023-000198 Keys, Clay - Requester is seeking the following: 1. A copy of the last (5) newsletters of the "Inspector Newsletter" (NRR). 2•.A copy of the last (3) issues of the "The Vendor times/ ( NRC) newsletter. 3. FOIA Logs for the NRC for 7-31-21 to 12-31-22 in Fiscal year. 08/29/2023
FOIA-2023-000199 jeffers, david - Requester is seeking rules, regulations and statutes governing both nuclear power reactors and hydro electric. Policies, permits and requirements, including costs. for the state of North Carolina. Qualifications and exemptions. Qualifications and requirements for grant funding including application and procedural requirements and process for obtaining authorization for nuclear power reactor. 08/29/2023
FOIA-2023-000200 Jones, Sophia NuScale Power The dataset for NUREG/CR-0375. I have found reports about this data that only have pdf plots and would like the tabular dataset for code benchmarking. 08/29/2023
FOIA-2023-000201 Williams, Lauren VERTEX We’d like to request records for the following site: • 10550 Marina Drive Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654 • 10600 Marina Drive Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654 We request that a copy of the following documents [or documents containing the following information] be provided: Specific Information Request: -All reports regarding dumping incident at 10550 Marina Drive on 2010-04-05 and any assessments or remediation actions performed onsite regarding NRC Report #937438 Site ID: 2010937438 -All reports regarding violation at 10600 Marina Drive on 1990-07-30 All records relating too: -Any other records pertaining to violations or incident reports. -Discharge or wastewater permits specifically historic discharge violations. 08/29/2023
FOIA-2023-000202 Tait, Daniel Energy and Policy Institute All electronic records (including emails sent, received, BCC and CC, email attachments, text messages, encrypted messages such as Signal and/or WhatsApp, etc., messaging apps such as Slack, Trello and/or Asana, etc., cloud based file storage and document systems such as Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, and/or Dropbox, etc., social media direct messages for professional purposes, such as Facebook and/or Twitter, etc.) between Kristine Svinicki and any NRC Commissioner, including their respective administrative assistants or chiefs of staff. You may exclude news articles, press clippings, and duplicate records. (Date Range for Record Search: From 1/1/2021 To 10/1/2021) 08/31/2023