2016 Commission Speeches


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Date Document Number Description
12/09/2016 S-16-014 Remarks by Chairman Stephen G. Burns at the International Conference on Nuclear Security - U.S. NRC Perspectives on the Security of Nuclear Installations and Radiological Materials
Date Document Number Description
11/07/2016 S-16-013 International Nuclear Law Association Remarks by Chairman Stephen G. Burns
11/02/2016 S-16-012 2016 INPO CEO Conference Remarks - Chairman Stephen G. Burns: Regulatory Perspective
Date Document Number Description
10/19/2016 S-16-011 U.S.-Japan Regulatory Cooperation and Nuclear Safety Enhancements in the United States since 2011
10/11/2016 S-16-009 Prepared Remarks of Chairman Stephen G. Burns Texas A&M University Department of Nuclear Engineering
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09/29/2016 S-16-010 Remarks of Chairman Stephen G. Burns Senior Regulators’ Meeting Session III: Regulatory Readiness of Countries Embarking on a Nuclear Power Program 60th Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference
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08/11/2016 S-16-008 Aspen Institute Forum on the Future of Nuclear Energy
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05/05/2016 S-16-007 Panel Session: Taking Stock of Global Nuclear Energy Expansion: Risks and Gaps
05/05/2016 S-16-005 Prepared Remarks of NRC Chairman Stephen G. Burns U.S. Energy Association Annual Membership Meeting and Public Policy Forum National Press Club
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04/11/2016 S-16-006 International Conference on Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems Keynote Panel: A Global Vision
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03/09/2016 S-16-004 Perspectives from Commissioner Baran
03/09/2016 S-16-002 The NRC’s Post-Fukushima Actions as a Case Study for Regulatory Decision-Making
03/08/2016 S-16-001 The Regulatory Craft: Ensuring Sound Policy and Sound Science in Nuclear Regulation

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