2005 Commission Speeches


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Date Document Number Description
12/12/2005 S-05-019 Improvements to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Operating Experience Program, Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
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11/10/2005 S-05-018 Public Confidence and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, by Commissioner Jaczko
11/08/2005 S-05-017 Comments of Commissioner Jeffrey S. Merrifield, Commissioner Jeffrey S. Merrifield
11/02/2005 S-05-016 New Infrastructure for New Nuclear Power Plants, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
Date Document Number Description
10/17/2005 S-05-015 U.S. NRC Perspectives on the Halden Reactor Program, Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
10/04/2005 S-05-014 Opening a New Chapter in the NRC and Agreement State Partnership, Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
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09/28/2005 Speech Slides Multinational Design Approval Program for New Nuclear Power Plants, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
09/22/2005 S-05-013 Regulatory Perspectives on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Peter B. Lyons Commissioner
09/14/2005 S-05-011 Remarks at Research and Test Reactor Conference, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
09/12/2005 S-05-012 The Role of Risk Management in Regulation, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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08/08/2005 S-05-010 Stacked Up Like LaGuardia, The Honorable Jeffrey S. Merrifield Commissioner
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There were no speeches for July.
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06/09/2005 S-05-009 Workforce Issues in the Nuclear Industry, Peter B. Lyons Commissioner
06/09/2005 S-05-008 The Role of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Future Nuclear Energy Utilization in the United States, Peter B. Lyons Commissioner
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There were no speeches for May.
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There were no speeches for April.
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03/31/2005 S-05-007 Energy Choices for the Southwest – There's No Free Lunch, The Honorable Peter B. Lyons Commissioner
03/09/2005 S-05-006 Guiding Principles: Culture, Transparency, and Communication, The Honorable Gregory B. Jaczko, Commissioner - Video
03/09/2005 S-05-005 Perspectives Upon Joining the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, The Honorable Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner - Video
03/08/2005 S-05-004 Are We There Yet?, Jeffrey S. Merrifield, Commissioner - Video
03/08/2005 S-05-003 Remarks of Chairman Nils J. Diaz, Chairman Nils J. Diaz - Video
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02/24/2005 S-05-002 Briefing of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Nuclear Fuel Performance, Jeffrey S. Merrifield, Commissioner
02/16/2005 S-05-001 Not Your Father's Nuclear Regulator, Jeffrey S. Merrifield, Commissioner
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There were no speeches for January.

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