1997 Commission Speeches


Date Document Number Description
12/08/1997 S-97-026 Chairman Shirley Ann Jackson Keynote Address to the Plant Life Management and Plant Life Extension International Conference and Exhibition
Date Document Number Description
11/24/1997 S-98-002 Commissioner Nils J. Diaz before Sociedad Nuclear Mexicana, VIII Congreso, Guanajuato, Mexico
11/17/1997 S-98-001 Commissioner Nils J. Diaz before the American Nuclear Society 1997 Winter Meeting, Albuquerque, New Mexico
11/06/1997 S-97-024 "The Lighthouse: Regulatory Stability in a Time of Change," by Chairman Jackson
11/07/1997 S-97-025 Is There a Crack in the Darkened Ceiling?" by Chairman Jackson
11/03/1997 S-97-023 Chairman Jackson Talking Points for the NRC Management Development Conference
Date Document Number Description
10/30/1997 S-97-022 Chairman Jackson at the All Employees Meeting
10/20/1997 S-97-020 Chairman Jackson at the 25th Annual Water Reactor Safety Meeting
10/16/1997 S-97-019 Chairman Jackson at the Annual Meeting of the Organization of Agreement States
10/02/1997 S-97-021 Chairman Jackson Address at IAEA
Date Document Number Description
09/05/1997 S-97-018 Chairman Speech to the Uranium Institute
Date Document Number Description
There were no speeches for August.
Date Document Number Description
07/21/1997 S-97-017 Chairman Jackson to Nuclear Power Reactor Safety Course at MIT
Date Document Number Description
06/17/1997 S-97-016 Chairman Jackson at Meeting of Nuclear Electric Insurance, Ltd.
Date Document Number Description
05/30/1997 S-97-014 Commissioner Diaz before the Nuclear Energy Institute
05/22/1997 S-97-015 Chairman Jackson at Rutgers
05/21/1997 S-97-012 Chairman Jackson at Design Certification Ceremony for ABB-Combustion Engineering
Date Document Number Description
04/22/1997 S-97-013 Commissioner Dicus at the 7th Annual National Radiological Emergency Preparedness Conference
04/07/1997 S-97-009 Chairman Jackson Keynote Address to the Nuclear Energy Institute Fuel Cycle '97 Conference
04/04/1997 S-97-010 Chairman Jackson at the Harvard Foundation's Fourth Annual Conference
04/02/1997 S-97-011 Commissioner Nils J. Diaz at the Regulatory Information Conference
04/02/1997 S-97-008 Commissioner Dicus at the Regulatory Information Conference
04/01/1997 S-97-007 Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, Chairman, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission before the Regulatory Information Conference
Date Document Number Description
03/24/1997 S-97-006 Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, Chairman, NRC, before the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Date Document Number Description
02/28/1997 S-97-005 Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson Chairman, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
02/14/1997 S-97-003 Chairman Jackson Speech "Nuclear Regulation and Career Experience"
Date Document Number Description
01/28/1997 S-97-002 Chairman Jackson's Speech to Virginia Power's 7th Annual Leadership Program
01/23/1997 S-97-001 Chairman Speech to NARUC in Fort Myers, Florida
01/16/1997 S-97-004 Commissioner Dicus - Presentation to American Nuclear Society

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