1998 Commission Speeches


Date Document Number Description
12/14/1998 S-98-036 Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, Chairman U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Acceptance of the Rensselaer Presidency; Continuation of the NRC Mission Chairman's Address to the NRC Staff
12/11/1998 S-98-035 Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, Chairman U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Acceptance Speech for the Presidency of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
12/02/1998 S-98-037 Commissioner Dicus at the 7th International Symposium on Current Issues Related to Nuclear Power Plant Structures, Equipment and Piping, Raleigh, NC
12/01/1998 S-98-034 Commissioner Dicus to the Joint Meeting of the Washington's Academy of Science, American Nuclear Society Washington, D.C. Section and Health Physics Society, Washington-Baltimore Chapter Rockville, Maryland
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11/19/1998 S-98-033 Chairman Jackson at Native American Heritage Program
11/16/1998 S-98-032 Chairman Jackson at the 20th Annual W.E.B. DuBois Distinguished Lecture University of Maryland, Baltimore County
11/16/1998 S-98-031 Chairman Jackson at the American Nuclear Society 1998 Winter Meeting, Washington, DC
11/06/1998 S-98-030 Chairman Jackson at the Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics Seminar Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
11/05/1998 S-98-029 Chairman Jackson at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations Chief Executive Officer Conference, Atlanta, GA
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10/26/1998 S-98-026 Chairman Jackson at the 26th Annual Water Reactor Safety Meeting
10/14/1998 S-98-025 Chairman Jackson at the NRC Senior Management Retreat at Shepherdstown, West Virginia
10/13/1998 S-98-024 Chairman Jackson at the 10th Annual Weapons Complex Decision-Maker's Forum, Amelia Island, Florida
10/09/1998 S-98-027 Commissioner Diaz at the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference (HENAAC), Houston, Texas
10/08/1998 S-98-023 Chairman Jackson at the 1998 Combined Federal Campaign Kick-Off
10/01/1998 S-98-022 Chairman Jackson Address to the OECD/NEA Steering Committee in Paris, France
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09/30/1998 S-98-021 Chairman Jackson at the OECD/NEA 40th Anniversary Special Session in Paris, France
09/17/1998 S-98-020 Chairman's Talking Points With NRC Managers
09/03/1998 S-98-019 Chairman Jackson at the All Employees Meeting
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There were no speeches for August.
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07/20/1998 S-98-018 Chairman Jackson to Nuclear Power Reactor Safety Course Massachusetts Institute of Technology
07/11/1998 S-98-017 Chairman Jackson on Her Induction Into the National Women's Hall of Fame
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06/19/1998 S-98-016 Commissioner Nils J. Diaz before the Decision-Maker's Forum on A New Paradigm for Nuclear Energy Senate Nuclear Issues Caucus
06/05/1998 S-98-015 Chairman's Address to Staff
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05/15/1998 S-98-014 Chairman Jackson at the Nuclear Energy Assembly, San Francisco, California
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04/24/1999 S-98-013 Commissioner Dicus at the 1998 Women in Nuclear Global Annual Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan
04/15/1998 S-98-012 Chairman Jackson at "Fire Safety 98," Mumbai, India
04/14/1998 S-98-011 Commissioner Dicus at the NRC Regulatory Information Conference
04/14/1998 S-98-010 Commissioner Diaz at the NRC Regulatory Information Conference
04/14/1998 S-98-009 Chairman Jackson at the NRC Regulatory Information Conference
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03/25/1998 S-98-008 Chairman Jackson at the Fifth Annual International Policy Forum: Management and Disposition of Nuclear Weapons Materials
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02/11/1998 S-98-007 Commissioner Dicus at the Winter Meeting of the Low Level Waste Forum, Panel on Radiation Health Effects in San Diego, CA
02/06/1998 S-98-006 Chairman Jackson Address to the National Institute of Standards and Technology
02/02/1998 S-98-004 Chairman Jackson at the Public Meeting in Waterford, CT
02/02/1998 S-98-003 Chairman Jackson Press Conference at Waterford, CT
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01/29/1998 S-98-005 Commissioner Diaz at Infocast's Conference on Nuclear Power in the Competitive Era

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