2006 Commission Speeches


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12/06/2006 S-06-034 Prepared Remarks at the First Annual Nuclear Fuel Cycle Monitor, by Chairman Dale E. Klein
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11/13/2006 S-06-033 "The USNRC's Reactor Certification and Licensing Process - Meeting the Challenge?," by Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
11/13/2006 S-06-032 "American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting," by Chairman Dale E. Klein
11/13/2006 S-06-031 "Achieving Improved Nuclear Plant Safety Through Digital Technologies - The Regulator's Perspective," by Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
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10/19/2006 S-06-030 The Meaning and Proper Use of "Risk," by Gregory B. Jaczko, Commissioner
10/06/2006 S-06-029 Prepared Remarks at the American Enterprise Institute Conference, by Chairman Dale E. Klein
10/02/2006 S-06-027 "Regulatory Perspectives on the Deployment of High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors in Electric and Non-Electric Energy Sectors," Jeffrey S. Merrifield, Commissioner
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09/28/2006 Speech Remarks at the Nuclear Safety Professional Development Program Graduation, Edward McGaffigan, Jr., Commissioner
09/26/2006 S-06-028 "The National Materials Program," Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
09/21/2006 S-06-026 Prepared Remarks at the IAEA 50th Senior Regulators Meeting, Dale E. Klein, Chairman
09/14/2006 S-06-024 Prepared Remarks at the National Organization of Test, Research and Training Reactors, Dale E. Klein, Chairman
09/07/2006 S-06-023 Prepared Remarks at Women in Nuclear, Dale E. Klein, Chairman
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08/29/2006 S-06-022 The Future of Nuclear Energy in the U.S., Dale E. Klein, Chairman
08/28/2006 S-06-021 The Role of Radiological Protection Recommendations in Strong Regulatory Programs, Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
08/17/2006 S-06-020 Nuclear Energy Institute NSIAC Dinner, Dale E. Klein, Chairman
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07/31/2006 S-06-025 "Nature and Technology Collide," Gregory B. Jaczko, Commissioner
07/24/2006 S-06-018 The NRC and Grid Stability, Jeffrey S. Merrifield, Commissioner
07/18/2006 S-06-019 Stronger Support for State and Local Governments, Gregory B. Jaczko, Commissioner
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06/05/2006 S-06-016 "A Roadmap for Development and Deployment of New Nuclear Plants in the USA", Dr. Nils J. Diaz, Chairman
06/05/2006 S-06-015 2006 ANS Annual Meeting, Opening Plenary, Dr. Nils J. Diaz, Chairman
06/12/2006 S-06-014 A Potential Path Toward Improving Emergency Preparedness: Developing Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Regulations, Gregory B. Jaczko, Commissioner
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05/29/2006 S-06-013 Improvements to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Operating Experience Program, Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
05/18/2006 S-06-017 "The Way We Are," Nils J. Diaz, Chairman
05/07/2006 S-06-012 A Changing Paradigm, Gregory B. Jaczko, Commissioner
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There were no speeches for April.
Date Document Number Description
03/28/2006 S-06-010 Relationship Building, Gregory B. Jaczko, Commissioner
03/27/2006 S-06-011 Perspectives on Nuclear Regulation and the Global Interest in Nuclear Energy, Dr. Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
03/08/2006 S-06-009 P.C. for a New Era, The Honorable Gregory B. Jaczko, Commissioner
03/08/2006 S-06-008 Thirteen Months of Learning with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Dr. Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
03/08/2006 S-06-007 Lessons from Sergeant Schultz, Jeffrey S. Merrifield, Commissioner
03/07/2006 S-06-006 A Road Less Traveled . . . a Road not Far . . .Soon, Nils J. Diaz, Chairman
03/07/2006 S-06-005 The Challenges Ahead: The Musings of a Pessimist/Realist, Edward McGaffigan, Jr., Commissioner
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02/28/2006 S-06-004 Facing Safety and Security Challenges, a National and International Perspective, Nils J. Diaz, Chairman
02/28/2006 S-06-003 Regulatory Perspectives on U.S. Nuclear Power Infrastructure - Current and Future, Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner
02/13/2006 S-06-002 New Plant Design, Certification and Licensing, Nils J. Diaz, Chairman
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01/23/2006 S-06-001 Security Issues Associated with Radioactive Materials Licensees, Peter B. Lyons, Commissioner

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