2003 Commission Speeches


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Date Document Number Description
12/08/2003 S-03-028 The Decision to Go Forward, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
12/04/2003 S-03-027 Nuclear Power Outlook 2004, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
Date Document Number Description
11/24/2003 S-03-026 The Role of Nuclear Regulation in a Changing World, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
11/06-07/2003 S-03-025 To License and Regulate - Sharpening the Edges, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
Date Document Number Description
10/21/2003 S-03-024 Practical not Perfect, The Honorable Jeffrey S. Merrifield
10/20/2003 S-03-023 Realism and Conservatism, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
10/08/2003 S-03-021 The NRC and You, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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09/26/2003 S-03-022 Remarks Before the Generation IV International Forum, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
There were no speeches for August.
Date Document Number Description
07/08/2003 S-03-020 Remarks Before Florida’s Public Health Workforce on Nuclear and Radiological Events, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
Date Document Number Description
06/23/2003 S-03-019 Redefining the Large Break Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) " … an Idea Whose Time Has Come", Chairman Nils J. Diaz
06/17/2003 S-03-017 Remarks at the Joint NRC/DHS State Security Outreach Workshop, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
06/11/2003 S-03-016 Remarks at the All Employee Meeting, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
06/09/2003 S-03-018 NEI Emergency Preparedness and Communications Information Forum, The Honorable Greta Joy Dicus
06/02/2003 S-03-015 The Possession of Know-How, Technology, and Skill, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
Date Document Number Description
05/21/2003 S-03-014 Looking Realistically at Energy Security: The Regulatory Perspective, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
05/05/2003 S-03-013 Crossroads and Cross-Cutting, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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04/17/2003 S-03-012 Remarks at the Regulatory Information Conference, Commissioner Edward McGaffigan, Jr.
04/17/2003 S-03-011 The Annoyance of a Good Example, The Honorable Greta Joy Dicus
04/17/2003 S-03-010 What's Communication Got to Do With It?, The Honorable Jeffrey S. Merrifield
04/16/2003 S-03-009 Realistic Conservatism, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
Date Document Number Description
03/12/2003 S-03-008 Strengthening Long-Term Control of Radioactive Sources, Dr. Richard A. Meserve
03/05/2003 S-03-007 Mona Lisa, Nostradamus and the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, The Honorable Greta Joy Dicus
03/04/2003 S-03-006 The Role of the ACRS in Nuclear Regulation and Safety: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Dr. Richard A. Meserve
Date Document Number Description
02/26/2003 S-03-005 Advancing Nuclear Safety Through International Cooperation, Dr. Richard A. Meserve
02/25/2003 S-03-004 High-Level Waste: Transportation, Disposal, and Yucca Mountain, The Honorable Greta Joy Dicus
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01/28/2003 S-03-003 Status and Future of Nuclear Regulation for Fuel Cycle Facilities, Dr. Richard A. Meserve
01/16/2003 S-03-002 Securing the Future of Nuclear Power: More Than A New Year's Resolution, The Honorable Greta Joy Dicus
01/13/2003 S-03-001 Current Experience With Risk-Informed Regulatory Inspections, The Honorable Greta Joy Dicus

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