2004 Commission Speeches


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Date Document Number Description
12/02/2004 S-04-020 Protecting Our Nation, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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11/15/2004 S-04-019 Leadership Toward a Progressive, Integrated Nuclear Community Going Forward Together, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
11/03/2004 S-04-018 Remarks at the INPO 25th Annual Conference, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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10/26/2004 S-04-016 Remarks at the NSRC Conference, The Honorable Jeffrey S. Merrifield
10/25/2004 S-04-017 Remarks Nuclear Safety Research Conference, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
10/18/2004 S-04-015 IAEA International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety: Continuous Improvement of Nuclear Safety in a Changing World, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
10/05/2004 S-04-014 Remarks at the Americas Nuclear Energy Symposium (ANES), Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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There were no speeches for September.
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There were no speeches for August.
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07/14/2004 S-04-013 Remarks at the NRC Annual Diversity Day Celebration, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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06/17/2004 S-04-012 Remarks before the Generation IV International Forum Regulators Meeting, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
06/17/2004 S-04-011 Maintaining the Safety Management Perspective for Licensee's Contractors, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
06/14/2004 S-04-010 Fifty Years On: Golden Anniversaries, Golden Opportunities, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
06/03/2004 S-04-009 "The Very Best-Laid Plans (the NRC's Defense-in Depth Philosophy)" The 3rd Annual Homeland Security Summit, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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05/26/2004 S-04-008 Remarks at the All Employees Meeting Morning Session, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
05/13/2004 S-04-007 Building on Success: The Regulatory Challenge "Between a Rock and a Nice Place", Chairman Nils J. Diaz
05/03/2004 S-04-006 Spent Fuel, a "Critical" Element of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, The Honorable Jeffrey S. Merrifield
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04/21/2004 S-04-005 Special Session of the 37th JAIF Annual Conference Status and Future Outlook for Regulation of Nuclear Power Plants in the US (a Regulatory Program for the 21st Century), Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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03/31/2004 S-04-004 Do Regulators Add Value?, The Honorable Jeffrey S. Merrifield
03/11/2004 S-04-003 Regulatory Information Conference, The Honorable Edward McGaffigan, Jr.
03/11/2004 S-04-002 Getting Past Gridlock, The Honorable Jeffrey S. Merrifield
03/10/2004 S-04-001 A Time for Reflection, A Time for Action, Chairman Nils J. Diaz
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There were no speeches for February.
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There were no speeches for January.

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