2020 Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) Meeting Schedule and Related Documents

Federal Register Notice 84 FR 27662 dated June 13, 2019, describes procedures to be followed with respect to meetings conducted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC's) Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) and NRC implementing regulations found at Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 7, "Advisory Committees."  Members of the public who desire to provide written or oral input for ACRS Full Committee and Subcommittee meetings may do so and should contact the designated federal official (DFO) five days prior to the meeting, as practicable.  In addition, there will be time allotted at each meeting for the public to provide oral comment.  The DFO will be listed in the FRN for Full Committee meetings and the agendas for Subcommittee meetings.  Links to the FRNs and agendas may be found below.

Dates and times of the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) meetings, topics for discussion, and related documents.

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2020 ACRS Full Committee Meetings

Below is a confirmed schedule of ACRS Full Committee meetings. Agendas and transcripts are posted as they become available.

ACRS Meeting No. Meeting Dates Agenda Transcript
670 February 5-7 FRN
671 March 5-7 FRN
672 April 8-10 FRN
673 May 6-9 FRN
674 June 3-5 FRN
675 July 8-10 FRN
676 July 21-25 FRN
677 August 20-21 FRN
No Transcript Available
678 September 9-12 FRN
679 October 8-10 FRN
680 November 4-7 FRN
681 December 1-4 FRN

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2020 ACRS Planning & Procedures Subcommittee Meetings

The Planning and Procedures Subcommittee meetings are held each month a Full Committee meeting is held. The Subcommittee meets to discuss proposed ACRS activities and related matters. Planning and Procedures meetings are scheduled to be held on the dates below at 11545 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD. Further details are announced in the Federal Register. The notices will be posted below as they become available.

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2020 ACRS Subcommittee Meetings

Below is a list of ACRS Subcommittee meetings. Agendas and transcripts are posted as they become available.

Subcommittee Meeting Dates FRN/Agenda Transcript
NuScale February 4 Agenda 02/04/2020
Plant License Renewal February 5 Agenda 02/05/2020
Reliability and PRA February 5 Agenda 02/05/2020
NuScale February 19 Agenda 02/19/2020
Future Plant Design February 20 Agenda 02/20/2020
Kairos Power Licensing February 21 Agenda 02/21/2020
NuScale March 2 Agenda 03/02/2020
NuScale March 3 Agenda 03/03/2020
NuScale March 4 Agenda 03/04/2020
T-H Phenomena May 5 Agenda 05/05/2020
Materials, Metallurgy, and Reactor Fuels May 6 Agenda 05/06/2020
Digital I & C Systems – NEI 96-07 May 20 Agenda 05/20/2020
Digital I & C Systems – BTP 7-19 June 2 Agenda 06/02/2020
Digital I & C Systems – Ch 7 June 2 Agenda 06/02/2020
Materials, Metallurgy and Reactor Fuels July 7 Agenda 07/07/2020
Future Plant Design July 20 Agenda 07/20/2020
Accident Analysis: T-H Phenomena July 20 Agenda 07/20/2020
Digital I&C Systems – BTP 7-19 September 8 Agenda 09/08/2020
Future Plant Design September 22 Agenda 09/22/2020
NuScale September 22 Agenda 09/22/2020
Reliability and PRA September 23 Agenda 09/23/2020
Kairos Design Centered Licensing September 24 Agenda 09/24/2020
Metallurgy & Reactor Fuels September 24 Agenda 09/24/2020
Digital I&C October 7 Agenda 10/07/2020
Digital I&C October 21 Agenda 10/21/2020
NPUF October 22 Agenda 10/22/2020
Accident Analysis: Thermal Hydraulics November 2 Agenda 11/02/2020
Future Plant Designs November 2 Agenda 11/02/2020
NPUF November 4 Agenda 11/04/2020
Future Plant Design December 1 Agenda 12/01/2020

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