Recent FOIA Requests – March 2018

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during March 2018. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Description FOIA/PA Number
Any Materials Licensing Tracking System (MLTS) information on the following site: Photon Field Inspection Inc.; 1705 Boxwood, Saginaw, Michigan (License Number: 21-21010-01) NRC-2018-000480
All background and supporting documentation including correspondence regarding the NRC Confirmatory Order (3.12.18 attached) for Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. and Entergy Operations, Inc. and NRC-2018-000479
Any documentation on what materials are, or have been utilized or stored at:  Construction Services Associates, 20 East Clementon Road, Block 8.01 Lot 3.02, Gibbsboro, Camden County, New Jersey 08026 NRC-2018-000478
All speeches made by the NRC Chairman and Commissioners on and after January 1, 2017 NRC-2018-000477
Records referred from the U.S. Department of State pertaining to named individual's tour of duty at the American Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua, and their involvement in a security case from August 1976 to December 1977 NRC-2018-000475
All plutonium inventory reports, and all reports and communications dealing with or discussing any and all Material Unaccounted for (MUF) from the now defunct Kerr-McGee Cimarron nuclear facility in Crescent, Oklahoma NRC-2018-000474
Appeal the denial of information based on FOIA exemption 7(C), in response to NRC-2018-000287 NRC-2018-000473
"Biological consequences of lake recovery," by Sabourin, T. D., R. S. Hayward, B. Cornaby, and R. L. Faulk. 1986 NRC-2018-000472
Organizational chart, job duties/purpose and cell number assigned to named NRC staff NRC-2018-000471
Memo dated February 2, 2017, and email dated January 21, 2017, to NRC from named individual; all memos to/from NRC and named individual; all memos from named individual to NRC, 207-current; and emails to NRC from named individual on January 31, 2017 NRC-2018-000470
White House memo dated January 20, 2017, Final COS (Chief of Staff) Regulatory Freeze Memo NRC-2018-000469
Names of NRC approved Authorized Derivative classifier NRC-2018-000468
ML042650352, ML050280428, ML080440139, and ML080440144 NRC-2018-000467
Documents related to Holtec License Application for Consolidated Interim Storage (CIS) facility in Lea County, New Mexico (in relation to NRC-2018-000331) NRC-2018-000466
Copy of the following published FOIAs and the agency response to: 2011-0135, 2013-0278 and 2015-0420; copy of "Outer Space Propulsion By Nuclear Energy," 02-06-1958 NRC-2018-000465
FOIA log for years 2014 and 2015 NRC-2018-000464
All documents that refer or relate to any legislative packages, draft legislative packages, or other materials prepared subsequent to February 2, 1999, that address proposed legislation to allow the NRC to recover the generic costs associated with spent fuel storage from the Nuclear Waste Fund NRC-2018-000463
Organization chart, job duties/purpose and cell number assigned to named NRC staff; and names/titles of all guidance documents authored by named staff NRC-2018-000462
Index of all yellow announcements NRC-2018-000461
First 100 pages of contract NRC-HQ-84-17-E-0001, and contract 10-07-433 NRC-2018-000460
Report titled, "Inquiry into the testimony of the Executive Director For Operations," 1978 NRC-2018-000459
Brochure "Reporting Safety Concerns to the NRC" NRC-2018-000458
Form numbers: 494, 913 and 14 NRC-2018-000457
ML16216A709, ML16216A708, ML16216A707, ML16216A706, ML16216A705, ML092650459, ML15007A248, ML16201A086, ML16201A093, ML14197A670, ML13259A286, ML13231A305 and ML003698864 NRC-2018-000456
All released records in FOIA cases: 2017-0294, 2017-0308, 2017-0293, 2017-0661, 2017-0513, 2017-0428, and 2017-0489 NRC-2018-000455
All internal/external emails related to: FOIA-2017-0594 and 2017-0489; and all internal external emails, processing notes and memos related to a list of FOIA cases, appeals and SECY-79-263 NRC-2018-000454
All memos to/from named White House staff member, 2017-current, and all emails to/from named White House staff member, 2016-current NRC-2018-000453
SECY 79-262, SRM M061212A, SECY 79-264 and NUREG/BR-0134 NRC-2018-000452
Same as FOIA 2018-0000057 (A list of cases closed by the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board OIG (Office of the Inspector General)), but date range 1990-December 31, 2012 NRC-2018-000451
Names of all active staff that are Authorized Derivate Declassifiers NRC-2018-000450
Past incident reports related to U.F.Os over or near a nuclear site NRC-2018-000449
All emails to/from in January 2017 only NRC-2018-000448
Past intelligence reports, notices and bulletins on U.F.Os NRC-2018-000447
FOIA log from end date of last log through current date NRC-2018-000446
NSIR 02-0037 and 03-0071 NRC-2018-000445
Commission voting record of COM-99-00050NJD, relating to release in FOIA 2018-000010 NRC-2018-000444
A copy of a report titled "The Oconee TIA Peer Review Team Report," dated August 20, 2015 NRC-2018-000443
Any and all documents, including but not limited to deeds and chain of title, showing the transfer of ownership of the land on which Sandia National Laboratories has been operating in Livermore, California, January 1, 1935 to December 31, 2010 NRC-2018-000442
Updated electronic list and details for sites in possession/use of radioactive materials regulated by NRC NRC-2018-000441
Copy of records of the intranet (employees only internal website for your agency) home page, along with a copy of each page connected to the homepage via one click, i.e. one level down NRC-2018-000439
Under NRC Contract No. NRC-03-79-118, a list of all Franklin Research Center, and Idaho National Laboratory deliverables, and monthly or other periodic project status reports, prepared by Franklin Research Center, and Idaho National Laboratory, and submitted to the NRC NRC-2018-000438
Records sufficient to show all electronic communications, including attachments, sent or received by employees of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission between Oct. 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2017 with the following keywords: "Better Government Association" "BGA" "Better Gov" or "BetterGov"; "Madison Hopkins" "Brett Chase" "Power Struggle" "power-struggle" "Associated Press" or "AP"; NRC-2018-000437
Any and all documents as described regarding or related to Columbia Primary Care, LLC d/b/a Norwest Heart & Health Institute and/or Heart & Health Institute, and State of Florida Radioactive Materials License Number 4265-1, and/or Control number: INS-15-0112-025-NRR, 2013 to present NRC-2018-000436
Records pertaining to the meeting on March 5, 2018, including Ms. Kristine L. Svinicki and representatives of Nye County, Nevada, which was the subject of NRC's March 6, 2018 "Memorandum to the Parties," time period from January 1, 2018 to March 9, 2018 NRC-2018-000435
Copies of all emails (including attachments) exchanged between the named Nuclear Regulatory Commission employees with any email address using the "" email domain NRC-2018-000434
List of the Material Licensing Tracking System that possess or use radioactive materials (active and inactive sites, licensee location) NRC-2018-000432
Copy of personal security file NRC-2018-000431
FOIA requests received in Fiscal Year 2017 NRC-2018-000430
Copy of records contained in named individual's Personnel Security File (PSF) NRC-2018-000429
What are the effects of thermal pollution on aquatic life from cooling a Nuclear Power Plant NRC-2018-000428
The effects of thermal pollution in the water NRC-2018-000427
How many people have to ok or order a nuclear strike? NRC-2018-000426
Copy of new license for C&C Irradiators, docket number 030-39072, and all supporting documentation procedures NRC-2018-000425
All records in the case file for OIG Case #C16-003 and its associated allegation NRC-2018-000424
Any and all records related to piping installed or existing at Millstone Nuclear Plant, Waterford, CT, and Connecticut Yankee, Haddon Neck, CT, from 1960 to 2000; and any and all records pertaining to asbestos-containing products, materials and/or equipment at same facilities, from 1960 to 2000 NRC-2018-000423
Copies of Attachments 1 and 5-21 to Holtec Letter 5025012, "Notice of Intent to License the Eddy Lea Energy Alliance (ELEA) Interim Storage Facility and Request to Establish a New Part 72 Docket" NRC-2018-000422
Copy of Reactor Operator License NRC-2018-000421
All records related to NRCHQ4017P0005, and records of communications between NRC and anyone acting on behalf of named individuals and/or entities, from January 20, 2017 to present NRC-2018-000420
Documents containing information on the production of currently commissioned In Situ Leach (ISL) uranium mines within the United States for the time span of 2014 to 2017 (or up to 2016 if documents for last year are not available) NRC-2018-000419
Appeal the denial of expedited processing request of the copy of the Agency Reform Plan submitted to the Office of Management and Budget ("OMB") in approximately September 2017 in accordance with OMB Memorandum M-17-22 ("Comprehensive Plan for Reforming the Federal Government and Reducing the Federal Civilian Workforce") (NRC-2018-000413) NRC-2018-000418
Copies of previously issued FOIA: 2011-0164, 2012-0181 and 2013-0244 NRC-2018-000417
FOIA log for 2000 to 2011 NRC-2018-000416
Copy of the following published FOIAs and the agency's response:  2012-0273 "Shallow Land Disposal Area," 2017-0374 "ECO Terrorist Bulletins," 2013-0088 "Docs re: Fukushima" NRC-2018-000415
All information pertaining to named individual's case NRC-2018-000414

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