Recent FOIA Requests – June 2018

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during June 2018. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Description FOIA/PA Number
Appeal of redactions in response 1 to NRC-2018-000318 NRC-2018-000615
Appeal the search performed for information on how you would protect nuclear power plants from EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack from hackers and others form of EMP attacks (NRC-2018-000343) NRC-2018-000614
Appeal the search performed for a copy of all written NRC declassification determinations that have been issued since 2015 to remove information from restricted dissemination (RD or FRD) under the Atomic Energy Act (NRC-2018-000340) NRC-2018-000613
Appeal the full denial of the second quarter Operating Plan FY2013 (NRC-2018-000078) NRC-2018-000612
Appeal the search performed for a list of public companies involved in classified work past 2010 through current (NRC-2018-000346) NRC-2018-000611
Appeal the search performed for any information on Soviet Scientists who went to North Korea after the fall of the Soviet Union, 1988-1996 date range (NRC-2018-000344) NRC-2018-000610
Appeal the full denial of the requested search for records within the date range 12/01/2013 through current date pertaining to the deployment, activation, implementation, installation, initialization and/or development of any devises, equipment, communication systems, satellite systems, or support systems, use of existing equipment, newly developed or legacy systems for the purpose of tracking, surveilling, listening, targeting or harming any persons (NRC-2018-000345) NRC-2018-000608
Appeal not locating requested organization chart, in response to NRC-2018-000189) NRC-2018-000607
Appeal the full denial of the requested records of PRM 50-115; NRC-2017-0132 - Docketing and request for Comment Federal Register (NRC-2018-000339) NRC-2018-000606
Appeal the full denial of requested search of records of all radiation measurements taken in Japan or within 300 nautical miles of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, during timeframe March 11, 2010 to March 11, 2012 (NRC-2018-000352) NRC-2018-000605
Appeal the search performed for the Title: (U) Proposal nuclear radiation effects on materials at cryogenic temperatures (NRC-2018-000351) NRC-2018-000604
Appeal the search performed for records including intelligence reports/notices pertaining to a series of computer attacks that are known by the name "Moonlight Maze" (NRC-2018-000341) NRC-2018-000603
Appeal the redactions to the released records in response to NRC-2018-000027 NRC-2018-000602
Appeal the full denial of the requested search for Internal/external communication related to FOIA request 2017-0034; and named individual's October 10, 2016 Declassification Review request (NRC-2018-000071) NRC-2018-000601
Appeal the search performed for the organization charts, staff roster of Yucca Mountain project  (NRC-2018-000034) NRC-2018-000600
Appeal the search performed for DOE-COE (Department of Energy, Center of Excellence) agreement (NRC-2018-000020) NRC-2018-000599
Appeal the redactions made to the copies of the following initial FOIA requests:  2017-0034 2017-0038 2017-0397 2017-0398 2017-0367 2017-0368 (NRC-2018-000170) NRC-2018-000598
Appeal the search performed and the redactions made to Internal communication related to FOIA 2017-0415 (NRC-2018-000049) NRC-2018-000597
Appeal the denial of the requested records in response to NRC-2017-000535 NRC-2018-000596
Appeal the search performed for all contracts and any sort of agreements with Rand Corporation (NRC-2018-000019) NRC-2018-000595
Appeal the denial of a search for a copy of the Defense Information Weapon Data Glossary & Thesaurus, WIT-900 ed. 30 (NRC-2018-000364) NRC-2018-000594
Appeal the denial of a search for documents related to the NRC employee's ethic waivers in resolving financial conflicts of interest, January 1, 2016 to current date (NRC-2018-000360) NRC-2018-000593
Appeal the search performed for the past 12 month correspondence logs that records letters from members of Congress and the NRC (NRC-2018-000359) NRC-2018-000592
Appeal the denial of the requested search for the same search as FOIA 2016-0557 [All records classified "non-public"; placed in ADAMS on April 13, 2016] but for May 1st, 2017 (NRC-2018-000018) NRC-2018-000591
Appeal the search performed for the resign letter of named individual, former NRC staff (NRC-2018-000369) NRC-2018-000590
Appeal the search performed for a list of contractors/subcontractors managing all of NRC offices (NRC-2018-000368) NRC-2018-000589
Appeal the search performed for a listing of "Special Government Employees (SGE)" employed by NRC from October 1, 2016 through current date (NRC-2018-000366) NRC-2018-000588
Appeal the search performed for the list of all the purchase card holders within the NRC including names, dept., and email address (NRC-2018-000350) NRC-2018-000587
Appeal the full denial of the requested search for the most recent/current NRC employee manual/handbook and/or orientation program (NRC-2018-000349) NRC-2018-000586
Appeal the fact that the request was processed well beyond the assigned due date, in response to NRC-2018-000006 NRC-2018-000585
Appeal the denial of the requested search for all records of the Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) for the NRC (NRC-2018-000362) NRC-2018-000584
Appeal the full denial of the requested search for records related to the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), between its creation by the United Nations Environmental Program in November 1988 and completion of the first assessment report in 1990 (NRC-2018-000358) NRC-2018-000583
Appeal the search performed for the list of offices requiring clearances of top secret and above (NRC-2018-000347) NRC-2018-000582
Appeal the search performed for documents prepared in connection with the 30th session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which was held on April 21-23, 2009, in Antalya, Turkey (NRC-2018-000361) NRC-2018-000581
Digital copy of Yellow Announcement YA-18-0056 dated on or about June 25, 2018 NRC-2018-000580
Digital copy of Yellow Announcement YA-18-0056 dated on or about June 25, 2018 NRC-2018-000579
All documentation on errors made by Headquarters Operations Officers (HOOs) during calendar year 2017, and all incidents responded to by the Headquarters Operations Center (HOC) during calendar year 2017 NRC-2018-000578
Any license closure documentation that show that NRC released the following site for unrestricted use, issued to   EpiGenesis Pharmaceuticals Inc., P.O. Box 7007, Princeton, NJ 08543, License 29-30471-01 (issued September 30, 1988), for radioisotope use at is 2005 Eastpark Boulevard in Cranbury, New Jersey location, which operated in 1998-2002 NRC-2018-000577
An updated copy of any and all outstanding/stale dated check lists, which may also be known as Limited Payability Cancellation Report of refunds and credits.  (Undeliverable checks) specifically the undeliverable funds due individuals, businesses and vendor checks for fiscal year 2014-2018 NRC-2018-000576
Appeal the denial of expedited process in response to NRC-2018-000563 NRC-2018-000575
All information associated with spills incident #20121258 that occurred at the Midwest Generation facility, 1800 Channahon Road, Joliet, Illinois NRC-2018-000574
All internal memorandums, emails, reports, notices of violation or other documents pertaining to the Honeywell International's Uranium Conversion Plant, License No. SUB-526 NRC-2018-000573
Any and all environmental sampling results associated with Honeywell International's Uranium Conversion Plant in Metropolis, Illinois, License No. SUB-526 NRC-2018-000572
All records related to the shipment, importation, processing, storage, disposal, sale or purchase of downblended uranium from Russia to, at or from Honeywell International's Uranium Conversion Plant at Metropolis, Illinois, License No. SUB-526 NRC-2018-000571
Copies of all correspondence pertaining to and Freedom of Information Act requests and the responsive materials thereof filed March 7, 2017 to present regarding named individual or her staff or representatives of in both her capacity as a United States Senator and as a private citizen NRC-2018-000570
Requesting name and contact information only of who maintains NRC Specific Licenses and Sealed Source Devise Registry (SSDR) NRC-2018-000569
Any information regarding accident of nuclear medicine with named individual at Eisenhower Hospital at Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA, 1989 NRC-2018-000568
Digital copies of all email records not already publicly available, related to Accident Tolerant Fuel and/or Lead Test Assemblies (either topic, not just records covering both) dated January 1, 2017, and after that were sent and/or received by staff within the NRC's Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR) NRC-2018-000567
Records pertaining to the selection of Branch Chief File Information such as BQL and assessment of the candidates, and basis for selection of named individual (NRC Form 178) for vacancy. Also, information that justifies selection of a candidate via two processes ie., Solicitation of Interest and via specified vacancy announcement that allows GG 14 to apply for a GG15 supervisory vacancy NRC-2018-000566
All continuity of operations plans for the Department of Commerce and its component organizations NRC-2018-000565
All instructions and guidance issued by the FOIA Office and by the tasked offices for responding to FOIA-2018-000515 NRC-2018-000564
Documents and things both generated in contemplation of, and actually presented, exchanged and/or distributed at both the public and nonpublic portions of the June 7, 2018 joint meeting of the Commissioners of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Commissioners of the NRC NRC-2018-000563
Named individual's complete security training record including the log of training hours, 6/28/04-10/30/06 NRC-2018-000562
Records related to the NRC and Reactor Operator (RO) and Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) licenses NRC-2018-000561
Updated electronic list and details for sites in possession/use of radioactive materials regulated by NRC NRC-2018-000560
Digital copy of ML14108A062, Measuring at-Transition Delta-Risk for Plant Change Evaluation, dated April 18, 2014 NRC-2018-000559
Copies of the following FOIAs and the agency responses:  FOIA/PA-2015-0080 and FOIA/PA-2014-0179 NRC-2018-000558
Most recent records pertaining to any of the following types of unliquidated obligations:  Unpaid checks, unreconciled checks, unclaimed checks, undelivered checks, outstanding credit balances, and checks exempt from unclaimed property reporting NRC-2018-000557
A GIS (Geographic Information System) shapefile of all of the Nuclear Power plant locations in Texas. NRC-2018-000556
Copies of all registries on the Sealed Source and Device Registry (SSDR) for the following companies: 1) Sirtex Wilmington. LLC (AKA: SIRTeX Medical Limited), Product Name: SIR-Sphere, SSDR # MA-1229-D-101-S, Brachytherapy Product; and 2) Nordion (Canada), Inc., Product Name: SIR-Sphere, SSCR #NR220-D-113-S, Glass Microsphere; and SSDR #NR-00220-D-131-S NRC-2018-000555
Digital copies of records from the NRC working group that included named individuals in the 2013-2014 timeframe and examined how the agency should handle information related to dams near nuclear power plants NRC-2018-000554
Digital copies of all training materials dated January 1, 2015, and after about sensitive unclassified non-safeguards information (SUNSI) and Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) NRC-2018-000553
A digital copy of NRC Yellow Announcement YA-18-0051 dated May 25, 2018 NRC-2018-000552
Referred records of Government Accountability Office's (GAO) working papers for the GAO-14-323 report NRC-2018-000551
Records pertaining to the ten variety of items, as specified NRC-2018-000550
Communication records sent to and from the named individuals and entities regarding investments, tax credits and/or any other policy decision related to the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Hollywood, AL, from January 20, 2017 to the date that his FOIA request is processed NRC-2018-000549

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