Recent FOIA Requests – January 2018

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during January 2018. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Description FOIA/PA Number
All documents and records pertaining to the following Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigations:  14-025, the investigation into a Government Publishing Officer printing suspected child pornography on a government computer; and 15-014, the investigation into an NRC employee for ordering movies from a company which the owner was arrested for child pornography NRC-2018-000311
All records pertaining to the 12 listed items in the attached request, regarding named individual's removal from federal service NRC-2018-000310
All NRC Congressional Correspondence Logs or other records that track Congressional communications, including those maintained by component, regional or program offices, for correspondence received between January 1, 2007 and January 24, 2018 NRC-2018-000309
All records of the generic (i.e., not plant-specific) equipment qualification evaluations (including completed review checklists) performed by Franklin Research Center and EG&G Idaho under NRC Contract No. NRC-03-79-118 NRC-2018-000308
Copy of contracts/proposals associated NRCHQ8416C0001 NRC-2018-000307
Any and all documents relating to the following US Atomic Energy Commission licenses:   1) License No. SUB-429 and 2) License No. 31-1069-2 NRC-2018-000306
Any documentation on what materials are, or have been utilized or stored at the following property since April 1, 2016:  The Hilltop Apartments (formerly Irvington General Hospital, 806-842 Chancellor Avenue, 842 Chancellor Avenue, Block 324-Lot 1, Irvington, Essex County, New Jersey 07111; Property Solutions Inc. Project #: 20160398 NRC-2018-000305
ML18019A140, End of Cycle (EOC) OE Note-2018 NRC-2018-000304
"Appeal the redactions made to the released records, as I feel there over redacted and the exemption that was used," in response to NRC-2018-000061 NRC-2018-000303
Appeal the zero outcome of the requested search, in response to NRC-2018-000048 NRC-2018-000302
"Appeal the redactions of parts marked (Non responsive), and the denial of the requested cell number," in response to NRC-2018-000068 NRC-2018-000301
Appeal the search performed and the denial of a public cell number, in response to FOIA/PA-2018-0053 NRC-2018-000300
"Appeal the full denial of the record located, being denied under 7(E) and 7(C) exemption," in response to NRC-2018-000025 NRC-2018-000299
Copy of 2 letters from Betsy Ullrich (E Ullrich), NRC/RGN I/DNMS, to Col. S. Annicelli, Department of Defense (DOD), dated 6/20/2012. Letter 1, approx. 3 pages, titled "Department of the Army, License Amendment, Control No. 577436"; Letter 2, approx. 6 pages, titled "Department of the Army, License Amendment No. 91, Control No. 577436" NRC-2018-000298
All email notifications sent to all Nuclear Regulatory Commission employees regarding the January 2018 U.S. government shutdown in accordance with the NRC's Contingency Plan for Periods of Lapsed Appropriations; All notices sent from the Inspector General to all Office of the Inspector General employees regarding a possible lapse in funding during January 2018 NRC-2018-000297
The studies/reports conducted by the contractor "LinkVisum Consulting Group" for the Office of Enforcement from when it was hired in 2012 to the final study completed in March 2013 NRC-2018-000296
Any records pertaining to named individual's employment at the Fernald Feed Materials Production Center (formerly known as the Fernald Uranium Plant), Fernald, OH NRC-2018-000295
Appeal the redactions and search performed, in response to NRC-2018-000056 NRC-2018-000294
Appeal the full denial of the requester record, in response to NRC-2018-000193 NRC-2018-000293
Appeal the denial and redactions made to released records, and search estimated time of 10 hours to locate the record, in response to NRC-2018-000070 NRC-2018-000292
Appeal the denial of the 2017 version of the report, in response to NRC-2018-000045 NRC-2018-000291
All information related to the awarding by the NRC concerning contract NRC-HQ-40-17-C0008 – "Webcasting Support Services for NRC Headquarters" that was recently awarded as a Sole Source Contract to Immersive Concepts LLC of Beltsville MD NRC-2018-000290
An updated historic list of sites that have inactive licenses and/or removed from the Material Licensing Tracking System (MLTS) NRC-2018-000289
The most recent copy of the MLTS Database (active and retired facilities) NRC-2018-000288
Copy of named individuals testimonial evidence, transcript or voice copy, in relation to Allegation RI-2016-A-0054, Region I Field Office Case Number 1-2016-020 NRC-2018-000287
The studies/reports conducted by the contractor "LinkVisum Consulting Group" for the Office of Enforcement from when it was hired in 2012 to the final study completed in March 2013 NRC-2018-000286
All Department of Energy (DOE)/NRC Form 741's for the following licenses (and amended licenses if these have been amended over time) dated June 1, 2008 to January 18, 2018: XSOU8798, XSOU8810, XSOU8811, XSOU8812, XSOU8813, XSOU8832, XSOU8837, XSOU8838, XSOU8839 NRC-2018-000285
Southern California Edison's (SCE's) original "Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) only License Amendment Request" submitted to the NRC in December 2016, and NRC's formal review and approval documents of request NRC-2018-000284
Copies of all records regarding KITCO's affiliated entity, RSCC Wire & Cable LLC NRC-2018-000283
The NRC Chief Financial Officer's response to a letter dated November 21, 2013, disputing a portion of Invoice Number LFB-14-0391 NRC-2018-000282
Copies of all Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) &amp, and Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) Generic Fundamentals Examinations (GFE)  administered in 2017 (ex., the December 2016 BWR & PWR GFE Exams are ML17254A005 & ML17254A006) NRC-2018-000281
Appeal the full denial of the requested search, in response to NRC-2018-000075 NRC-2018-000280
Appeal the large number of redactions on the released case log, in response to NRC-2018-000057 NRC-2018-000279
"Appeal the search performed, as the records in question were referenced in a NRC publication," in response to NRC-2018-000079 NRC-2018-000278
Appeal the full denial of requested search of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contacts maintained, in response to NRC-2018-000143 (FOIA/PA-2018-00050) NRC-2018-000277
Appeal the redaction, the name of the prison mailroom staff, and the search, in response to NRC-2018-000015 NRC-2018-000276
Appeal the search performed in response to NRC-2018-000062 NRC-2018-000275
Appeal the zero records found in response to NRC-2018-000038 NRC-2018-000274
Appeal the full denial of a public paid cell phone number, in response to NRC-2018-000172 (FOIA/PA-2018-0079) NRC-2018-000273
Appeal the almost full denial of requested report that was sent to the Department of Justice (DOJ) from NRC in draft form, in response to NRC-2018-000002 NRC-2018-000272
Appeal the redactions used and the search performed in response to NRC-2018-000013 NRC-2018-000271
Printed paper copies of the following published FOIAs and the agency's response to the FOIA's:   2014-0029A, 2014-0317, 2011-0179, 2013-0351 and 2014-0144 NRC-2018-000270
Printed paper copies of the following published FOIA's and the agency's response to the FOIA's"  2014-0006, 2012-0170, 2014-0359 and 2014-0164 NRC-2018-000269
Any and all modifications made to or task orders issued under Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) number NRC-HQ-50-17-A-0001 for the project entitled "Radium Program Technical Support" since August 31, 2017; any and all reports, surveys, or other deliverables delivered by the contractors to NRC as requested or required by task orders issued under the same BPA NRC-2018-000268
Information regarding the following facility with Docket #3036570:  Precision Energy Services, Inc., 46 Wilkins Peak Road, Rock Springs, WY 82901 NRC-2018-000267
Complete copy of the NRC's files on named individual's complaints, including the final NRC documents and the Office of Investigations reports NRC-2018-000266
A list of the Office of Inspector General's investigations that were closed in 2017, including the subject matter of each investigation NRC-2018-000265
Requesting an employee e-mail contact list in Excel Spreadsheet format (if possible) for all USNRC employees to be sent via e-mail NRC-2018-000264
All records, including any application, associated with U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Licensed Reactor Operator, License # OP-3014 issued to Arnold Gunderson in or around 1970, 1971, or 1972 NRC-2018-000263
Records pertaining to Indian Point as specified in the 11 items listed NRC-2018-000262
Any and all contracts or agreements pertaining to settlements of sexual harassment within NRC [all sexual harassment cases in EEO and District Court only; total number of sexual harassment cases settled or litigated between 2000-2017, including the total dollars agreed to as a required part of the settlements and any other fees, benefits, etc.; sources of funds in these sexual harassment settlements; and who represented and/or negotiated for the parties involved in these sexual harassment cases/settlements.  If outside counsel, amount of money paid in fees and expenses NRC-2018-000261
Any and all records related to named individual's background clearance NRC-2018-000260
All documents relating to Final Rule 10 C.F.R. 63 and its preparation or promulgation generated or received by NRC or any NRC consultant or contractor, including all interactions or exchanges with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Department of Energy (DOE) or any consultants or contractors of either of those agencies, from January 1, 2005 through March 13, 2009 NRC-2018-000259
Digital copy of Attachment S to Enclosure 1 to the license amendment request dated June 26, 2013, submitted by the Diablo Canyon licensee for transition to NFPA 805 NRC-2018-000258
Copy of the contract title page (1st page only) and the current Statement of Work/Performance Work Statement (SOW/PWS), no pricing [Reference FGI #18-55788G] Relevant to NRCHQ1014T0001 NRC-2018-000257
Data on lifetime radiation exposure among nuclear power plant workers, as provided in previous FOIA requests (2012-0307, 2014-0173, 2016-0003, and 2017-0123), but for calendar years since 2012 (2013 and later) for which data is now available NRC-2018-000256
Written verification confirming correctness of the licensing and facility information that named individual held the Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) License:  [University of Missouri Nuclear Reactor Facility, Facility Docket No. 50-123; SRO License Number 70326; Operator Docket Number 55-70480; Issued 13 February 2001]; copy of the SRO License NRC-2018-000255
Copies of available records pertaining to an investigation involving fire safety checks performed at Palisades Nuclear Generating Station, located near Covert, Michigan.  In particular, an interview transcript and audio between investigator and a former security worker at Palisades, that took place on January 26, 2017, and overall findings from the investigation concerning fire inspections NRC-2018-000254
Digital copies of records about reactor vessel o-ring problems experienced at operating nuclear power reactors in the United States, except for the Indian Point Unit 2 and 3 reactors, since January 1, 2003 NRC-2018-000253
Appeal the denial of initial request (FOIA/PA-2018-0044) NRC-2018-000252
Digital copies of records about reactor vessel o-ring failures/problems experienced at the Indian Point Energy Center since January 1, 2003.  An NRC inspection report dated October 27, 2017 (ML17303A977) mentioned eight o-ring problems at the facility since 2003 NRC-2018-000251

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