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Open Petition for Rulemaking Dockets

The rulemaking petition process is the system by which any member of the public can request that the NRC develop, modify, or rescind a regulation.

This page lists the year when a particular petition for rulemaking (PRM) was docketed, the Docket ID, the PRM docket number, and the title of all open petitions.

This page also provides links to the Regulations.gov site. This government-wide, online database includes the NRC's public dockets related to PRMs. The dockets include publicly available documents such as NRC-issued Federal Register notices, supporting documents, public comments, and other related documents. Select the docket number shown in the table to access a particular docket. Once you are in the docket, you may sign up to receive an e-mail notification when particular documents are placed in the docket. To subscribe: (1) navigate to the docket folder; (2) click the "E-mail Alert" link; and (3) enter your e-mail address and select how frequently you would like to receive e-mails (daily, weekly, or monthly).

If a document is open for public comment, you can submit comments electronically by clicking "Submit a Comment" on the Regulations.gov Search Results page and completing the Public Comment and Submission Form. For more information on Regulations.gov, see Help and Frequently Asked Questions.

The following links to non-NRC servers and websites are provided solely as a reference for the convenience of users. NRC cannot guarantee the authenticity of documents or the validity of information obtained at these non-NRC websites. See our Site Disclaimer for more information.

Year Docket ID PRM Title
2020 NRC-2020-0155 PRM-50-123 Public Protection Actions During a General Emergency
NRC-2020-0150 PRM-50-122 Accident Source Term Methodologies and Corresponding Release Fractions
NRC-2020-0141 PRM-35-22 Reporting Nuclear Medicine Injection Extravasations as Medical Events
NRC-2020-0055 PRM-50-121 Voluntary Adoption of Revised Design Basis Accident Dose Criteria
2019 NRC-2019-0180 PRM-50-120 Alternative Method for Calculating Embrittlement for Steel Reactor Vessels
NRC-2019-0083 PRM-50-119 Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants and Access to the Decommissioning Trust Funds
NRC-2019-0071 PRM-50-118 Measurement Standards Used at U.S. Nuclear Power Plants
NRC-2019-0063 PRM-50-117 Criteria to Return Retired Nuclear Power Reactors to Operations
2018 NRC-2018-0201 PRM-50-116 Elimination of Immediate Notification Requirements for Non-Emergency Events
2017 NRC-2017-0159 PRM-30-66 Naturally-Occurring and Accelerator-Produced Radioactive Materials
2015 NRC-2015-0213 PRM-50-112 Defining "Important to Safety"
NRC-2015-0057 PRM-20-28 Carol S. Marcus; Linear No-Threshold Model and Standards for Protection Against Radiation
PRM-20-29 Mark L. Miller; Linear No-Threshold Model and Standards for Protection Against Radiation
PRM-20-30 Mohan Doss, et. al:  Linear No-Threshold Model and Standards for Protection Against Radiation
NRC-2015-0028 PRM-50-110 Risk-Informed Categorization and Treatment of Structures, Systems, and Components for Nuclear Power Reactors
2014 NRC-2014-0165 PRM-73-18 Protection of Digital Computer and Communication Systems and Networks
2011 NRC-2011-0189   Multiple Petitions for Rulemaking Related to Safety and Environmental Implications of the Fukushima Task Force Report
PRM-50-103 Petition for Rulemaking from NRDC to Revise 10 CFR 50.44
2010 NRC-2010-0310 PRM-26-6 Erik Erb – Minimum Day Off Requirement for Security Officers
NRC-2010-0304 PRM-26-5 Nuclear Energy Institute – Fitness-for-Duty Programs
2009 NRC-2009-0554 PRM-50-93 Mark Edward Leyse; Calculated Maximum Fuel Element Cladding Temperature
PRM-50-95 Mark Edward Leyse and Raymond Shadis
NRC-2009-0482 PRM-26-3 Professional Reactor Operator Society -  Fitness-for-Duty Programs
2002 NRC-2002-0018 PRM-50-75 Large Break Loss of Coolant Accident Redefinition

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