Petition for Rulemaking Dockets for 2008

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Docket ID PRM Title Status
NRC-2008-0649 PRM-72-6 C-10 Research and Education Foundation, Inc.:  Upgrade Interim Dry Cask Storage Code Requirements Partial Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2008-0496 PRM-170-6 Technical Specifications Task Force Denied
NRC-2008-0492 PRM-50-92 James Luehman Denied
NRC-2008-0491 PRM-50-91 Strategic Teaming and Resource Sharing Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2008-0453 PRM-40-27 State of Colorado and Organization of Agreement States Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2008-0279 PRM-50-90 Natural Resources Defense Council Denied
NRC-2008-0172 PRM-51-1 New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution; Denial of Petition for Rulemaking Denied
NRC-2008-0113 PRM-50-57 Withdrawal of Petition for Rulemaking; North Carolina Utilities Commission Public Staff Withdrawn
NRC-2008-0028 PRM-20-27 George Barnet; Denial of Petition for Rulemaking Denied