Petition for Rulemaking Dockets for 2005

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Docket ID PRM Title Status
NRC-2005-0031 PRM-20-22 Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Denied
NRC-2005-0026 PRM-40-28 Donald A. Barbour, Philotechnics Denied
NRC-2005-0025 PRM-54-3 Joseph C. Scarpelli Denied
NRC-2005-0024 PRM-54-2 Andrew J. Spano Denied
NRC-2005-0023 PRM-51-9 State of Nevada Denied
NRC-2005-0022 PRM-51-8 State of Nevada; Waste Confidence Rule and Yucca Mountain Denied
NRC-2005-0021 PRM-50-81 Eric Epstein; FEMA Guidance Denied
NRC-2005-0020 PRM-35-18 Peter G. Crane Denied
NRC-2005-0019 PRM-34-6 Organization of Agreement States Denied
NRC-2005-0018 PRM-31-5 Organization of Agreement States Withdrawn
NRC-2005-0017 PRM-20-26 James Salsman Denied