Petition for Rulemaking Dockets for 2002

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Docket ID PRM Title Status
NRC-2002-0023 PRM-8-1 Nuclear Energy Institute - Amendment to Parts 8 and 150 Denied
NRC-2002-0022 PRM-50-79 Lawrence T. Christian - Offsite Emergency Plans Denied
NRC-2002-0021 PRM-50-78 Robert Leyse - Fouling and Performance of Heat Transfer Surfaces Denied
NRC-2002-0020 PRM-50-77 Performance Technology Denied
NRC-2002-0019 PRM-50-76 Robert Leyse - Emergency Core Cooling System Denied
NRC-2002-0018 PRM-50-75 Nuclear Energy Institute - Large Break LOCA Denied