Petition for Rulemaking Dockets for 2000

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Docket ID PRM Title Status
NRC-2000-0026 PRM-73-10 Petition for Rulemaking - State of Nevada Partial Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2000-0021 PRM-76-1 United Plant Workers of America - Security at Gaseous Diffusion Plants Denied
NRC-2000-0020 PRM-50-70 Eric Epstein - Financial Assurance Requirements Denied
NRC-2000-0019 PRM-50-69 Westinghouse - Reactor Vessel Closure Head Flange Requirements Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2000-0018 PRM-50-68 Bob Christie - Hydrogen Control Systems Partial Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2000-0017 PRM-30-64 Charles Gallagher - Financial Assurance Recordkeeping Denied
NRC-2000-0016 PRM-30-63 Natural Resources Defense Council - Preventing Illegal Payments to Regulators Denied
NRC-2000-0011 PRM-54-1 Union of Concerned Scientists - Aging Management Denied
NRC-2000-0005 PRM-72-5 Nuclear Energy Institute - Issuing and Amending Certificates of Compliance Denied
NRC-2000-0004 PRM-50-71 Nuclear Energy Institute - Cladding Materials Consideration in Rulemaking Process