Petition for Rulemaking Dockets for 2007

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Docket ID PRM Title Status
NRC-2007-0024 none PRM:Robert Leyse; Resident Inspectors Denied
NRC-2007-0023 PRM-73-13 Union of Concerned Scientists; Physical Protection Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2006-0016 and NRC-2008-0019
NRC-2007-0022 PRM-71-13 GPS Tracking or Compatibility Change; Christine O. Gregoire Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2007-0021 PRM-54-5 Eric Epstein, TMI Alert: Emergency Planning, License Renewal Process Denied
NRC-2007-0020 PRM-54-4 Friends United for Sustainable Energy Denied
NRC-2007-0019 PRM-51-12 State of California Denied
NRC-2007-0018 PRM-50-89 Raymond West, ASME Code Standards Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2007-0017 PRM-50-88 Energy Solutions Denied
NRC-2007-0016 PRM-50-87 Raymond A. Crandall Denied
NRC-2007-0015 PRM-50-86 Sherwood Martinelli Denied
NRC-2007-0014 PRM-50-85 Eric Epstein, TMI Alert Denied
NRC-2007-0013 PRM-50-84 Mark Edward Leyse Consideration in Rulemaking Process
NRC-2007-0012 PRM-50-83 POGO and UCS Project on Government Oversight and Union of Concerned Scientists Denied
NRC-2007-0011 PRM-2-14 State of Nevada Denied
NRC-2007-0010 PRM-2-13 Lincoln County, Nevada; Non-Attorneys Denied