2007 Public Meetings for the US-APWR Design Certification Pre-Application Review

The following table lists, in chronological order, the public meetings that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) conducted with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), in 2007, as part of the Design Certification Pre-Application Review for the the U.S. Advanced Pressurized-Water Reactor (US-APWR). For public meetings related to the staff's review of the US-APWR design certification application, see Correspondence and Public Meetings Related to the US-APWR Design Certification Application.

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Date Description

Public Meeting on Technical Specifications for the US-APWR Four Train Systems (PAR Meeting # 10)


Public Meeting on Safety Features and Plant Design Features for the US-APWR (PAR Meeting # 9)


Public Meeting on the Severe Accident Analysis Methodologies for the US-APWR (PAR Meeting # 8)


Public Meeting on the Electrical System, Design Acceptance Criteria, and Technical Specifications for the US-APWR (PAR Meeting #7)


Public Meeting on Engineered Safety Features (ESF), Small Break Loss-of-Coolant Accident (SBLOCA), and Containment Response Analysis Methodologies for the US-APWR (PAR Meeting #6)


Public Meeting on Radiation Dose Assessment, Severe Accident Mitigation, and Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) for the US-APWR (PAR Meeting #5)


Public Meeting to Discuss Mitsubishi's Loss-of-Coolant Accident (LOCA) and non-LOCA (PAR Meeting #4)

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