Victoria County Station, Units 1 and 2 Application

By letter dated June 11, 2010, Exelon Nuclear Texas Holdings, LLC (Exelon) submitted a request to the NRC to withdraw the Victoria County Station (VCS), Units 1 and 2 Combined License (COL) application from the docket. On July 20, 2010, the staff issued a letter notifying Exelon Nuclear Texas Holdings, LLC (Exelon) that their request to have the VCS COL application withdrawn from the docket has been granted in accordance with regulations set forth in 10 CFR 2.107. In addition, the staff also submitted a notice to the Federal Register announcing this decision and the basis for granting Exelon's request.

A copy of the NRC letter notifying Exelon that their request to withdraw the application was accepted as well as the associated Federal Register Notice can be found on this webpage under links for Application Documents and NRC Documents. A copy of the June 11th letter from Exelon can also be found on this page under links titled Application Documents and Applicant Documents.

Victoria County Station
Who:   Exelon Nuclear Texas Holdings, LLC (Exelon)
What:   Application for a combined license (COL) for two Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactors (ESBWR) designated as Victoria County Station, Units 1 and 2
When:   September 3, 2008 (date of application submittal)
Where:   Exelon's Victoria County Station site near Victoria City in Victoria County, Texas

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