Bellefonte Nuclear Station, Units 3 and 4 Application

Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Combined License Application Withdrawn By Tennessee Valley Authority
Please refer to Tennessee Valley Authority's letter dated March 28, 2016 and the NRC letter dated December 2, 2016 for details. As a result of this action, this website will no longer be updated.

Who:   Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
What:   Application for a combined license (COL) for two Westinghouse Advanced Passive 1000 (AP1000) Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs) designated as Bellefonte Nuclear Station, Units 3 & 4
When:   October 30, 2007 (date of application submittal)
Where:   TVA's Bellefonte site near Scottsboro in Jackson County, Alabama

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Contacts for the Bellefonte COL Application
Safety Project Manager Jordan Glisan
Environmental Project Manager Allen Fetter
Contact a Public Affairs Officer

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