Nonpublic Information

The standards of conduct (5 CFR 2635.704) prohibit NRC employees from engaging in a financial transaction using nonpublic information, allowing the improper use of nonpublic information to further the interest of the employee or anyone else, or making any unauthorized disclosure of such information. ("Nonpublic information" means information gained through Federal employment that has not been made available to the general public. It includes NRC plans, policies, reports, studies, financial plans, or internal data protected by the Privacy Act or withholdable under the Freedom of Information Act.)

NRC policy prohibits employees from taking nonpublic NRC documents upon termination of NRC service, including agency records the employee wrote or reviewed that have not been released to the public. NRC requests that former employees not communicate nonpublic information to others after termination of service nor use nonpublic information in grant applications or contract bids submitted to the agency.

Example: A former employee should not give a client nonpublic NRC information concerning an ongoing investigation. The former employee should also not provide the client with nonpublic information which would be part of the client's bid for an NRC contract.