Recent FOIA Requests - October 2022

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during September 2022. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Tracking Number Requester's Name Requester's Organization Request Description Received Date
2023-000001 Julian Tarver   All agreements, MOU, MOA between NRC and FLETC. Records showing all MOU, MOA, agreements that NRC has with law enforcement agencies, and other federal offices/dept. NRC Policy on MOU, MOA, Agreements. 10/03/2022
2023-000002 Julian Tarver   Records showing all NRC owned/maintained firearms/weapons, and who they are issued to, the serial number, type of firearm/weapon, date issued, name of the staff they're issued to, the office they're located at. 10/03/2022
2023-000003 Lawrence Criscione   Per the FOIA, I request all records contained in ADAMS package ML22271A894 10/04/2022
REF-2023-000001[1] Rachel Leven The Center for Public Integrity Any and all records related to inspections, sampling, and/or testing and enforcement at the Canonsburg, Pa. disposal site, including the initial Long Term Surveillance Plan, the Ground Water Compliance Action Plan, and nay changes or updates to those plans. Any and all records between the Department of Energy (DOE) and federal, state and local agencies, including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission concerning this site. 10/06/2022
2023-000004 Walter Shaub Project on Government Oversight (POGO) Each written authorization issued pursuant to 5 C.F.R. 2635.502(d) between and including August 1, 2015 and October 6, 2022. If preferable, POGO would be willing to limit this request to authorizations issued to senior political appointees during the indicated time period. The term "senior political appointee" is meant to include only the following individuals: a Senate-confirmed presidential appointee (PAS), a presidential appointee (PA) or a noncareer member of the Senior Executive Service (or equivalent federal executive service). (Date Range for Record Search: From 8/1/2015 To 10/6/2022) 10/07/2022
2023-000005 Chesser, Christian Austin Peay State
I am requesting any records pertaining to incidents, such as NOUE, Alert, SAE or General Emergency Events, at nuclear power plants in the state of Tennessee within the last 5 years. For your reference, I am a student at Austin Peay State University and am going to conduct a speech on the topic of Nuclear Power plants. Information on any incidents that have come up recently will be appreciated as it will allow me to give as informative a speech as possible. My reasons for this request are educational, academic, and non-commercial. (Date Range for Record Search: From 10/10/2017 To 10/10/2022)         10/11/2022
2023-000006 Keys,
  I request a printed copy of the following published FOIAs and the Agency response to this FOIA: 2019-000307 9-18-18; and a copy of the last 3 issues put out (newsletter) by any NRC employees. 10/11/2022
2023-000007 Parks, Katrina   I am writing to request access to records under the Freedom of Information Act (or the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.) I have attached a copy of my Driver’s License. I am happy to pay any applicable fees. I would prefer to receive records electronically, but if only paper is available, I am fine with receiving paper copies. Below is a list of dates, names and locations for which I would like records. 1952 -Kerr McGee purchases the Mesa Mine on the Navajo Reservation. 1952 – Mesa Mine on the Navajo Reservation: Inspection report: ventilation units in the main shaft of the Mesa Mine on the Navajo Reservation not operating 1954 – Mesa Mine on the Navajo Reservation: report saying Ventilation shafts still not working according to inspector. 1959 – Mesa Mine on the Navajo Reservation: inspector says that radiation in the mine is 90 times higher than what it should be. 1968 – Kerr McGee opens facility on the Cimarron River in Crescent, Oklahoma coverts uranium hexaoxide into fuel pellets. AEC licenses them to keep 700 lbs of spent fuel rods on the site, too. 1968 - the United Nuclear Corporation began to operate the country's largest underground uranium mine in the rural chapter of Church Rock, New Mexico 1970 – Kerr McGee Opens the Sequoyah plant – covert yellowcake into uranium hexafloride / applies for permit to discharge “raffinate” the leftover from this process into the Arbuckle Foundation which is a limestone formation. AEC says too unstable and could leak into freshwater. 1971 – the Sequoyah plant (Kerr McGee) start discharging waste into ponds. November 1972 – OAEW Union organizes strike at Kerr McGee for higher wages and better safety standards. 1974 - Report saying Sequoyah plant ponds are leaking. November 13, 1974 – Karen Silkwood killed in an automobile accident /NRC Reports pertaining to this. December 16, 1974 – Kerr-McGee finds Uranium pellet fragments outside of the manufacturing building on the grounds, but within the perimeter fence. Kerr-McGee isn’t sure why this happened but says it “can not have been accidental.” December 17. 1974 – Kerr-McGee announces it will close the plant because it has no more buyers of fuel rods and has completed ERDA contract. 5 people were reportedly contaminated by uranium. January 21, 1975 – Union charges Kerr-McGee with harassing and intimidating workers who are complaining about unsafe working conditions and other questionable practices. The Union says that Kerr-McGee is violating NRC regulations and that it must investigate. February 20. 1975 – the NRC requests the FBI get involved regarding allegations of worker harassment and intimidation. Date ? – NRC report saying that Silkwood’s apartment was intentionally contaminated. 1979- , the dam at the Church Rock Mill collapsed, releasing 1100 tons of radioactive detritus and 95 million gallons of wastewater into the Puerco River in new Mexico. United Nuclear Fuels 1982 – Ker McGee applies again for injection permit / this time NRC grants it and says it can increase the amount of raffinate over the next 5 years, up to 25 million gallons. NRC turns the monitoring over to the Oklahoma Dept. of health. NRC permission to Kerr McGee to try different programs like fertilizing fields of rye with raffinate. Discharge permit into the Illinois River. 1982 – Ruptured pipeline discharges raffinate into a drainage ditch. 1985 –NACE (Native Americans for a Clean Environment) petitions the NRC for a public hearing / NRC Response September 20, 1985 – NRC Renewal of the Sequoyah Facility’s license acknowledge. 10/11/2022
2023-000008 Newar, Samer   Records about named individual. 10/14/2022
2023-000009 Langley, James   In the late 1940’s the US sponsored the development of chemical processes to extract uranium on a large scale for the development of atomic bombs, often referred to as “strategic purposes”. To this end a small pilot plant processing facility was built on the bank of the Colorado River in southern Utah near the Arizona border. Once the chemical processes were understood a large plant was built in Moab, UT, and the small plant closed. Please provide records that identify the location of that original pilot plant. The location may be identified in the records as 1) longitude/latitude, 2) at or near the end of a road where it intersects the Colorado River, 3) a compass direction or heading from some known monument, peak or other landmark, or 4) a distance upstream or downstream from a known point on the Colorado River. It is possible that the location was actually on a tributary to the Colorado, such as the “little Colorado River”. 10/14/2022
FOIA-2023-000010 Marini, Connie EDR LightBox Under the FOIA, I would like to obtain the most recent listing of companies that have been issued an NRC license and are included in the MLTS Database (active and retired licenses), for the entire United States, in Excel or other spreadsheet format (with the listed fields included). Please include a record layout. 10/17/2022
FOIA-2023-000011 Stepka, Pam - I am requesting photographs of the SL-1 reactor accident that occurred on January 3, 1961, including autopsy photographs as well as photographs during the recovery of the casualties. 10/18/2022
FOIA-2023-000012 Brewer, Jack Expanding Frontiers Research Please provide all records cross-referencing or pertaining to a 2020 complaint submitted in reference to Skinwalker Ranch and subsequently forwarded in 2021 to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Please include in your search all emails and email chains referencing and pertaining to the complaint from 2020 to present. In response to a related public records request, the DEQ, Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control, informed me in an Oct. 18 email of a responsive record. The DEQ advised that the NRC had forwarded it an email in 2021 containing a complaint of alleged uranium deposits at the property popularly known as Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. Attached please find copies obtained from the DEQ of both the original 2020 complaint and 2021 email correspondence pertaining to the complaint. Please provide all records cross-referencing or pertaining to the 2020 complaint. Please include in your search all emails and email chains referencing and pertaining to the complaint from 2020 to present. 10/19/2022
FOIA-2023-000013 Criscione, Lawrence - (1) All studies reviewed by the Office of Inspector General concerning the security at Lake Jocassee Dam; (2) any and all studies done by the NRC staff concerning the security at the Lake Jocassee Dam; and (3) any and all studies concerning the security at Lake Jocassee Dam done by an outside organization (e.g., FERC, DHS, Duke Energy) and reviewed by or possessed by any NRC staff member. (This is an update of previous requests made in 2016 and 2017.) 10/21/2022
REF-2023-000002 Bullock, David - Nuclear Fuel Services (NFS) Emergency Plan, NFS-GH-903 and NFS Emergency Procedure, SNF-HS-E-05, "Spill Response and Reporting" 10/20/2022
FOIA-2023-000014 Criscione, Lawrence - A copy of ML12313A059 and all records associated with it being quarantined on October 26, 2022. 10/26/2022
FOIA-2023-000015 Collins, Brody Wall Street Journal Any conflicts or ethics waivers or authorizations for the individual including authorizations pursuant to 5 CFR 2635.502 and pursuant to 18 USC 208(b); any records related to any recusal determination made or issued for the individual. (Date Range for Record Search: From 1/1/2018 To 10/26/2022) 10/26/2022
FOIA-2023-000016 Collins, Brody Wall Street Journal Any records, letters, meeting notes and emails (including attachments) sent or received by the Designated Agency Ethics Officials or other ethics officials to or from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) regarding referrals to the OIG for financial conflicts of interest; any records sent or received by the OIG or by agency staff regarding ethics violations referred to the Justice Department. (Date Range for Record Search: From 1/1/2018 To 10/25/2022) 10/26/2022
FOIA-2023-000017 Collins, Brody Wall Street Journal (1) Any records, letters, meeting notes and emails (including attachments) sent to or received by employees of the Office of Inspector General to or from officials in the Office of Government Ethics regarding conflicts of interest, including any that reference 18 USC 208 or ethics laws. (2) Any records sent or received by employees of the Office of Inspector General's office regarding referrals to the Justice Department for conflicts of interest, including any that reference 18 USC 208 or ethics laws. (Date Range for Record Search: From 1/1/2018 To 10/26/2022) 10/27/2022
CON-2023-000001 Devine, Thomas Government Accountability Project All documents and communications regarding the following topics: (1) Civil nuclear cooperation with Middle Eastern Countries, most notably Saudi Arabia; (2) the "Middle East Marshall Plan"; (3) Negotiation of a US-Saudi "123" Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement; (4) documents, briefings, correspondence and/or telephone conversations regarding the "International Peace Power and Prosperity (IP3 Corporation) and its proposal for nuclear and cyber cooperation with various Middle Eastern countries, to include Saudi Arabia; and (5) documents and deliberations regarding Westinghouse, to include its March 2017 bankruptcy and the US Government's subsequent policy response. (Date Range for Record Search: From 1/1/2017 To 8/24/2018) 10/27/2022
[1] Referred to NRC from the Department of Energy for direct response to the requester.

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