Recent FOIA Requests - December 2022

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during November 2022. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Tracking Number Requester's Name Requester's Organization Request Description Received Date
FOIA-2023-000032 Cecotti, Marc I hereby request all records including internal e-mails, e-mails with other agencies, incident reports, pictures, pertaining to UAS incidents that occurred on in 2022 in the vicinity of Comanche Peak Nuclear Facility, TX. An incident report released by the FAA provides the following details : "PRELIM INFO FROM FAA OPS: GLEN ROSE, TX/UAS SIGHTING/LATE REPORT 8-29 2330C/FORT WORTH ARTCC ADVISED PLANT SUPERVISOR REPORTED 2 UAS AT 250 FEET AGL VCNTY COMANCHE PEAK NUCLEAR POWER PLANT. INCIDENT HAS BEEN ONGOING FOR 3-4 WEEKS. NO IMPACT TO PLANT OPERATIONS. NO IMPACT TO NAS. LOCAL LEO NOTIFIED." 12/01/2022
FOIA-2023-000033 Cecotti, Marc I hereby request all records including internal e-mails, e-mails with other agencies, incident reports, pictures, pertaining to a UAS incident that occurred in September 2022 in the vicinity of BerwIck Nuclear Facility, PA. An incident report released by the FAA provides the following details : "PRELIM INFO FROM FAA OPS: WILKES-BARRE, PA/UAS SIGHTING/0100E/WILKESBARRE ATCT REPORT UAS IN THE BERWICK POWER PLANT PROTECTED AIRSPACE 25 SW AVP. POWER PLANT SECURITY PERSONNEL REPORTED THE UAS APPEARED TO BE MILITARY IN SIZE AND TYPE. FBI NOTIFICATION NUMBER NOT PROVIDED." 12/01/2022
APP[1]-2023-000001 Schwartz, Greg   Appealing the partial denial of information in FOIA-2023-000022. I have received NRC OIG's response to my FOIA request. While largely informative, the 17-page document omits the names of NRC personnel making key decisions regarding NRC oversight of regulatory matters at the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant. This information was withheld under Exemption 7 c, with the claim that "Disclosure could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy." I wish to appeal this exemption due to the fact that these are matters of public interest, and the public very much has a right to know who was making the assumptions and presumptions behind these decisions. I would argue that the public's right to know who these decision makers are outweighs their right to personal privacy, since they are or were public government employees making decisions that could potentially affect the entire region and state. 12/01/2022
FOIA-2023-000034 Christian, G Harold Payment Processing Services, LLC Please provide a list (in spreadsheet format) of all cancelled, uncashed checks (in all amounts) with a cancel date between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2022, including but not limited to Uncashed checks with open payables, recovered or returned checks, returned, held, undeliverable, or mutilated U.S. Treasury checks in the possession of the FPA Or Fiscal Service, Limited Payability Cancellation, etc. (Not just 'uncashed checks with open payables') 12/06/2022
FOIA-2023-000035 Tuhus-Dubrow, Rebecca   A copy of the OIG response to FOIA request FOIA-2023-000022. 12/07/2022
FOIA-2023-000036 Ben-Eliezer, Daniela Leadership Connect A list of all current Nuclear Regulatory Commission appointees, including the following:
  • Career Senior Executive Service
  • Non-Career Senior Executive Service, and
  • Schedule C appointees. Specifically, please provide the first and last name, title, start date, and office for each person.
FOIA-2023-000037 Ruch, Jeff Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility A copy of any report of an Office of Inspector General (IG) investigation or inquiry in connection with the substance or circumstances of Dr. Michael Peck's Dissenting Professional Opinion (DPO) and/or nonconcurrence findings; and documents reflecting what if any actions NRC took to address the issues raised in Dr. Peck's DPO and/or nonconcurrence findings. 12/08/2022
REF[2]-2023-000003 Tarver, Julian   Complete Staff Directory/roster of all NRC staff showing title of their position, office/department. 12/08/2022
REF-2023-000004 Tarver, Julian   Copies of all agreements, MOU/MOA between FLETC and NRC that are current or active as of this date. 12/08/2022
FOIA-2023-000038 Evens, Siegfried KTH Royal Institute of Technology Requesting: “Discussion with ASME Representatives Re: Improvements in ASME Safety Codes for Fabricated Components,” AEC 943/47, January 6, 1969, ML21215A147. “Safety Programs for Water Cooled Reactors,” AEC 943/46, August 30, 1968, ML21215A149. “Apparent Deficiencies in ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section III, Nuclear Vessels,” AEC 943/45, August 12, 1968, ML21215A148. “Atomic Energy Commission Information Meeting item ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code,” AEC 943/44, June 21, 1968, ML21215A146. “Atomic Energy Commission Background Information Meeting of ASME Code Leaders with the Commission,” AEC 943/42, March 15, 1968, ML21215A154. (Date Range for Record Search: From 3/15/1968 To 1/6/1969) 12/12/2022
FOIA-2023-000043 Danish, Kyle Van Ness Feldman Requester is seeking the following documents: 1) All documents related to or addressing the NRC’s implementation of the “benchmark” activity and lessons learned; 2) All documents related to or addressing the NRC’s implementation of the “safe space” activity; 3) All Human Resources Management System (HRMS) documents that record NRC staff’s time reporting charges to Docket NRC-2019-0062, “10 CFR Part 53: Risk-Informed, Technology-Inclusive Regulatory Framework for Advanced Reactors” (hereinafter “Part 53 Rulemaking”) from the docket’s inception in 2019 through August 31, 2022; and 4) All documents related to or addressing NRC’s budget line for the Part 53 Rulemaking in accordance with Section 103(a) of the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act, Public Law No. 115-439 (01/14/19), and the funding that remains available as of August 31, 2022. 12/15/2022
FOIA-2023-000044 Evens, Siegfried KTH Royal Institute of Technology Requester is seeking information on meeting entitled "Radiation Damage to Reactor Pressure Vessels June 30, 1961". It is mentioned in the Memo from T. Thompson to Glenn Seaborg re Thirty-Fifth Meeting of Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, July 06-08, 1961. ML021500247.  "AEC 969/6 - Radiation Damage to Reactor Pressure Vessels" from 5/29/1961. This contains the 5/20/1961 memo from Thompson to Seaborg (it’s only 1 page long), ML21252A249. (Date Range for Record Search: From 5/20/1961 To 7/8/1961) 12/19/2022
FOIA-2023-000045 Abbasi, Iftikhar   Requester is seeking electronic copies of final and detailed NRC disposition of the following complaints: NRC case numbers RI-2004-A-0006 and RI-2005-A-0019; DOL case numbers for these complaints are 2006-ERA-0007 and 2006-ERA-00011. Requesting electronic copies of those NRC documents that resulted in, or resulted from, Inspector General Case No. 04-811. 12/19/2022
FOIA-2023-000046 ORullian, Jon Radiation Solutions, LLC Requesting the Registry of Radioactive Sealed Sources and Devices for the following Leksell Gamma Knife registry numbers. GA-0269-S-103-S GA*269-D-101-S 12/21/2022
FOIA-2023-000047 Tarver, Julian Requester is seeking all emails, notes, and memos related to processing FOIA case 2023-000002. Search staff offices that were involved with the search of the required records. 12/27/2022
FOIA-2023-000047 Greenewald, John The Black Vault, Inc. Requester is seeking copies of records (which includes videos/photos), electronic or otherwise, pertaining to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), etc. Given the conversation about these topics in recent years, and the fact that the U.S. government is now taking in reports around sensitive facilities through various offices (ie: AOIMSG, AARO, etc.) in the past 5+ years, I ask that you look for any memos, letters, emails from likely individuals involved in such an issue, reports, photographs, videos, etc., that pertain to the topic of this request. ** Note: You can omit the documents released in NRC-2021-000177 and 2017-0368. (Date Range for Record Search: From 12/28/2017 To 12/28/2022) 12/28/2022
Tarver, Julian Requester is appealing the searches performed on the redactions made to the list in the final response. The redactions stated to not meet the level to use them on these requested records. 12/27/2022
[1]   APP = Appeal
[2] REF = Referral from another agency for direct response to FOIA requester.