Recent FOIA Requests – July 2021

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during July 2021. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Tracking Number Requester's Name Requester's Organization Request Description Received Date
2021-000191 Anna V. Jones Entergy Services LLC The Report of Investigation (ROI) and the associated case file reflecting the investigation conducted by the NRC's Office of Investigations (OI) in case number OI 4-2017-033, as described; all documents associated with, or referring to, the review of the ROI; all documents prepared by the NRC's Office of Enforcement (OE), and Region IV, associated with case, and related enforcement actions EA-20-114 and IA-21-006; all non-privileged documents prepared by the NRC's Office of General Counsel associated with case 07/06/2021
2021-000192 Megan Roper   This is a formal request for the employment, medical, and payroll records for Mr. Daniel R. Muller. This request includes any information related to Mr. Muller's job descriptions and any records or reports of Mr. Muller's visits to nuclear power plants. 07/06/2021
2021-000193 William Kenik   The entire Office of the Inspector General's investigation file, C19-019 07/07/2021
2021-000194 Redeat Mesfin Troxler Electronic Laboratories A list of portable Nuclear Gauge Radioactive Material License holders in the AK, MT, ID, SD, MO, IN, MI, WV, CT 07/08/2021
2021-000195 James Chelmowski   Copies of all FOIAonline manuals, FOIAonline instructions, and FOIAonline training for all FOIAonline Versions at the US NRC 07/09/2021
2021-000196 Steven L. Cain   Any and all available documents concerning Kerr McGee Energy, Kerr McGee Cimarron Plutonium Facility in Crescent, Oklahoma and Karen Silkwood. Any information on this including but not limited to her contamination, subsequent treatment and her untimely demise in November of 1974. Any available trial documents, investigations and further information is needed 07/12/2021
2021-000197 Tovah Strong   Access to and copies of documents and official correspondence dated from the beginning of 2014 through 2018 that denies initial licenses for operating reactors 07/12/2021
2021-000198 Jared V. Grubow Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP All records created on or after June 27, 2019, pertaining to how any of the citizenship-status data collected pursuant to Executive Order 13880 can, could, should, or may be used, incorporated, referenced, or considered in any of the listed activities;  pertaining to the process by which the Secretary of Commerce will report the 2020 state-population totals to President Trump, and by which President Trump will report to Congress the 2020 state-population totals and numbers of congressional representatives to which each state is entitled thereunder; and relating to the 2020 Census in which there is any mention of, involvement in, or communication with any of the listed persons or entities. 07/14/2021
2021-000199 Matthew Walker   Any records, and all attachments related thereto, located at the Glen Ellyn, Illinois NRC facility (or any related offsite storage facility) regarding investigations, inspections, potential violations, and the disposal of waste materials, including invoices, receipts, and weight sheets, involving the Westlake Landfill near Bridgeton, MO. 07/14/2021
2021-000200 Jonathan Gabriel Ryan A copy of any records showing the (i) payee or vendor names, (ii) check issue dates, (iii) check number, (iv) FEIN and (v) dollar amounts of any uncashed /stale-dated vendor payment checks that have aged/been issued more than six months from the date of this letter in an amount equal to or greater than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), include all the necessary claim forms, affidavits and instructions required for the reissuance of the deposits/outstanding/stale dated checks or refunds; and at what frequency are these records updated (Monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually or upon request). Please confirm, if uncashed checks are remitted to state unclaimed property bureau. If so, after what aging period? 07/14/2021
2021-000201 Connie Marini Lightbox The most recent listing of companies that have been issued an NRC license and are included in the Material Licensing Tracking System Database (active and retired licenses), for the entire United States; please include a record layout 07/14/2021
2021-000202 Austin Thomas Cocke   A copy of named individual’s SRO License Certificate  07/15/2021
2021-000203 Marcus C. Aristal   "Pharoah, Ryu Marcus Corvinus Aristal Ra Sojiko, Supreme Supreme Commander, Aristal Kingdom"i 07/16/2021
2021-000204 Mari C. Conlon Haley & Aldrich Inc. Records pertaining to 466 Devon Park Drive, Wayne, Pennsylvania, formerly operated by Nycomed Amersham, including archived information, include correspondence, reports, sampling plans, data and/or documentation pertaining to the above referenced site, NRC license 37-30243-01 or Docket No. 030-33936 (licensed from 1995 through 2000).   Specifically we are seeking Form 314 and/or any records dated post August 26, 1999 regarding termination of the license and a radiological survey (requested by the NRC via the correspondence in August 1999) of the rooms where radiological material was used as well as sinks and drain pipes potentially exposed to radiological materials. 07/16/2021
2021-000205 Michael Ravnitzky   A copy of the J&A (Justification & Approval) Log found in the NRC contracting/acquisition Office, covering the last three years, and a copy of each J&A document during calendar year 2021 to date 07/19/2021
2021-000206 Lyndsi Watson Idaho National Laboratory A copy of INPO 83-047 (NUTAC). Component verification and system validation guideline. Institute of Nuclear Power Operations/ CRDR NUTAC, December 1983 07/20/2021
2021-000207 David E. Nunberg Dominion Energy A copy of NUTAC INPO 83-047 (Component Verification and System Validation Guideline) 07/20/2021
2021-000208 Kevin A. Spohn   R.F. Feynman notes pertaining to topological algorithms, nonsymmetric matrix equations, expectation values, the Møller–Plesser process of perturbation, Brillouin Theorem, quantum tunneling, the Gram-Schmidt Process (Lin. Alg.), trace algorithms, and/or quantum perturbation theory, from 1979-1988 07/20/2021
2021-000209 Breton Peace   A copy of all Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Peer Review Reports from 1996 to 1997 07/21/2021
2021-000210 Dr. Duane Thresher   Any records that show the most recent annual salary of David Nelson, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Chief Information Officer (OCIO), August 2016-present 07/28/2021
2021-000211 Christopher Hall Roberts SF Public Press Copies of the original AEC materials licenses issued to the US Department of the Navy for the US Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory (NRDL), now maintained by the NRC:  AEC Byproduct Material License No. 04-00487-04; 04-00487-05; 04-00487-07, 04-00487-06 and 04-00487-03, and other documents accompanying these materials licenses, if any.  Copies of  the following documents, identified by the 20 listed accession numbers found in the NRC's ADAMS system: 9401310300, 9401310274, 8308190166, 8012030094, 8012030116, 8012030477, 8012030471, 8012030173, 8012030525, 8012030464, 8012030012, 8012030399, 8012030445, 8012030142, 8308190166, 8012030180, 8012030457, 8012030389, 8012030094, 8012030116.  Copies of any additional documents that are not captured via the above requests that may be found in the following locations, according to NRC's Adams system:, location number 05/08:05-3.3, 04-01039-02, Department of the Navy, San Francisco CA 94101, License Termination/Decommissioning File; location number 05/08:05-3.3, 04-12034-01, Department of the Navy, FPO San Francisco CA 96601, License Termination/Decommissioning File; and location number 05/08:05-3.3, 04-13488-01, Department of the Navy, San Francisco CA 94130, License Termination/Decommissioning File 07/28/2021
2021-000212 Allan L. Blutstein American Rising Access to presentations and course material associated with any mandatory employee training concerning diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, microaggressions, or bias 07/28/2021
2021-000213 Brian D. Mann Excel Services Corporation Copy of "AIF/TSIP Criteria Trial Application - Wolf Creek/Limerick TS Split," Memorandum dated March 21, 1986, to Edward J. Butcher, Chief, Technical Specification Coordination Branch, from Kulin D. Desai, Technical Specification Coordination Branch, Division of Human Factors Technology, Office of Nuclear Regulation, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C. 07/29/2021
2021-000214 Brian D. Mann Excel Services Corporation Any documents related to the development of Standard Technical Specifications starting with the Atomic Energy Commission's "Standard Technical Specifications (STS) Program," initiated in the spring of 1972, through publication of the first STS in NUREG-0452, "Standardized Technical Specifications for Westinghouse Plants," Revision 0, dated May 15, 1976.  Documents of interest may also reference NUREG-0103, NUREG-0123, and NUREG-0212, which were the STS for other plant designs. Of interest are internal memoranda, notes, drafts for comment, reports, meeting summaries, or other internal documents related to development of the STS 07/29/2021
2021-000215 Niem Tash Envirosite Corporation Updated electronic list and details for sites in possession/use of radioactive materials regulated by NRC (all statuses) 07/30/2021

i NRC-2021-000203 was administratively closed as not a reasonable description of records.

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