Recent FOIA Requests - December 2021

This page presents a chronological listing of the subject and reference number of each Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Request submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during December 2021. For additional detail, see the Index of Closed FOIA/PA Requests by Subject.

Tracking Number Requester's Name Requester's Organization Request Description Received Date
2022-000031 Michael Dooley   Request to seal and classify the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] file of named individual, as specified 11/26/2021
2022-000032 Robert Leyse   Copy of the October 3, 1984 memorandum, the subject of which was "UHI-Ultra High Risk", as described 11/29/2021
2022-000033 Sarah Commisso Haley & Aldrich Inc. Any information on inspection reports and termination notifications for the property located at 4751 League Island Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19112 (listed as license number 37-30939-01, dock number 3036637, Apptec Laboratory Services Inc.), and whether the facility demonstrated that it met NRC's criteria to release the facility for unrestricted use 12/01/2021
2022-000034 Michael Ravnitzky   Records including memos, emails, letters, plans, etc. concerning the sunsetting of the FOIAonline system in September 2022, and planned replacement of this FOIA tracking and administration capability in the NRC FOIA Office. I believe relevant records are located in the Office of the NRC Chief Information Officer (or equivalent), and in the NRC FOIA Office 12/06/2021
2022-000035 Christopher J. Barnett   A copy of the notification US NRC provided to Congressman Keating on or about December 1, which was reported in the Boston Globe, December 5th edition, under the headline "Pilgrim Owner Reconsiders Options" (John Hilliard and David Abel) 12/06/2021
2022-000036 Brian D. Mann Core Engineering, Inc. A copy of “AIF/TSIP Criteria Trial Application - Wolf Creek/Limerick TS Split," Memorandum dated March 21, 1986, to Edward J. Butcher, Chief, Technical Specification Coordination Branch, from Kulin D. Desai, Technical Specification Coordination Branch, Division of Human Factors Technology, Office of Nuclear Regulation, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C. 12/06/2021
2022-000037 Elijah Gaglio Aguirre & Severson, LLP Appeal the redactions made in response to NRC-2022-000014, which seeks all records of communications related to the August 3rd event between NRC agents and agents of the ‘facility operator’ regarding the August 3rd event, for the period August 3, 2018 and September 14, 2018” 12/06/2021
2022-000038 Michael Aguirre Aguirre & Severson, LLP Provide all communications between any agent, employee, or officer of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), on the one hand, and any agent, employee, or officer of Southern California Edison, on the other hand, regarding recommendations of FOIA Exemptions to assert regarding the following requests:  NRC-2020-000163, NRC-2020-000194, NRC-2021-000235 and NRC-2022-000014 12/06/2021
2022-000039 Michael Aguirre Aguirre & Severson, LLP All of Southern California Edison’s responses to the NRC’s “Request for Information” dated September 12, 2018 (attached hereto) 12/06/2021
2022-000040 Michael Markley   All internal and external e-mail and Teams messages related to the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, Division of Risk Assessment memorandum entitled, "Recommendation on Nuclear Energy Institute's Proposal for Technical Specification on Changes to Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methods (Newly Developed Methods)" (Agencywide Document Access and Management System ML19226A207) 12/07/2021
2022-000041 Jennifer Horan ERIS The most current and comprehensive list of all Material Licensing Tracking System (MLTS) sites (all status), limited to the information/fields details that are publicly available 12/08/2021
2022-000042 Justine Calma The Verge All email communications (including emails, email attachments, complete email chains, calendar invitations, and calendar invitation attachments) sent by the individuals of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as specified in list (A) to email addresses ending in (B), containing any of the search terms as listed in (C), time period January 1, 2020 to the date the search was conducted 12/08/2021
2022-000043 Tom Clements Savannah River Site Watch Any "lessons-learned" review or analysis related to the NRC's inspection of the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility at DOE's [Department of Energy's] Savannah River Site; any charter for establishment of a working group that may have been set up to review the NRC's inspection of the MOX project; and any attachments to any MOX lessons-learned report or analysis 12/09/2021
2022-000044 Lydia Bielke The Next Generation Submission of questions pertaining to a variety of different matters that does not fall within NRC's responsibility 12/09/2021
2022-000045 Robert Leyse   Copy of a memo dated November 28, 1984, requesting a response to the October 3, 1984 memo, the subject of which was "UHI- Ultra High Risk" , and  the joint response from AEOD/NRR [Office for Analysis and Evaluation of Operational Data/Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation], as described 12/13/2021
2022-000046 Dr. Edwin M. Leidholdt, Jr. Department of Veterans Affairs A copy of the NRC Investigation Report 3-2020-010 12/13/2021
2022-000047 Dr. Nick Turse Type Media Center FOIA request logs for FY2019 to the date that this request is perfected 12/14/2021
2022-000048 Dr. Nick Turse Type Media Center Copy of NRC Investigation Report 3-2020-010 12/15/2021
2022-000049 Dr. Nick Turse Type Media Center A list of all NRC Investigation Reports from FY2020 and FY2021. If no list exists and one cannot be created, I request copies of all NRC Investigation Reports from FY2020 and FY2021. 12/15/2021
2022-000050 Robert Leyse   Documents that disclose that NRC paid for named individual's travel to meet with James Keppler, as described 12/16/2021
2022-000051 Anuja D. Thatte NAACP Legal Defense Fund Documents regarding Section 10 of the "Executive Order On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government" (EO 13985), as described 12/22/2021
2022-000052 Kirsten Berg ProPublica All email communications sent or received by Deputy Secretary of Energy (now Acting Secretary of Energy) Dan Brouillette - involving any of the following entities and/or employees, attorneys, board members, or representatives of the USAA (United Services Automobile Association), including but not limited to, any messages sent or received from the domain ""; and any and all emails sent or received by Deputy Secretary of Energy (now Acting Secretary of Energy) Dan Brouillette-that contain any of the following terms: "USAA", and "United Services Automobile Association.  Date range of August 8, 2017 to present. 12/29/2021
2022-000053 Thomas Devine Government Accountability Project All documents and communications, for the time period of January 20, 2017 to the present,  regarding: 1. Civil nuclear cooperation with Middle Eastern countries, most notably Saudi Arabia; 2. The "Middle East Marshall Plan;" 3. Negotiation of a U.S. Saudi "123" Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement; 4. Documents, briefings, correspondences, and/or telephone conversations regarding the "International Peace Power and Prosperity" (IP3 Corporation) and its proposal for nuclear and cyber cooperation with various Middle Eastern countries, to include Saudi Arabia; and 5. Documents and deliberations regarding Westinghouse, to include its March 2017 bankruptcy and the U.S. government's subsequent policy response 12/30/2021