Commission Voting Records (CVR) for 2009

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Document Number Description Date
SECY-09-0190 Major Revision to NRC Enforcement Policy 08/27/2010
SECY-09-0189 Final Rule: 10 CFR 51.22, "Criterion for Categorical Exclusion; Identification of Licensing and Regulatory Actions Eligible for Categorical Exclusion or Otherwise not Requireing Environmental Review" (RIN 3150-A127) 03/11/2010
SECY-09-0183 Proposed Modification for Including Quality Control and Quality Verification Personnel within the Scope of Subpart I of 10 CFR Part 26 06/01/2010
SECY-09-0181 Proposed Rule: Physical Protection of Byproduct Material (RIN 3150-AI12) 05/13/2010
SECY-09-0179 Proposed Rule: Distribution of Source Material to Exempt Persons and to General Licensees and Revision of General License and Exemptions (RIN 3150-AH15) 06/16/2010
SECY-09-0170 Addition of a Diagnostic Radiologist on the Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes 12/09/2009
SECY-09-0162 Proposed Rule: 10 CFR 73.37, "Physical Protection of Irradiated Fuel in Transit" (RIN-3150-AI64) 07/21/2010
SECY-09-0140 Rulemaking Related to Decoupling an Assumed Loss of Offsite Power from a Loss-of-Coolant Accident, 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix A, General Design Criterion 35 (RIN 3150-AH43) 07/02/2010
SECY-09-0136 Denial of Petition for Rulemaking Requesting a Ban on the Use and Export of High Enriched Uranium (PRM-50-90) 12/30/2009
SECY-09-0123 Chairman Jaczko's Vote on SECY-09-0123 – Material Categorization and Future Fuel Cycle Facility Security-Related Rulemaking 11/19/2009
Commissioner Magwood's Vote on SECY-09-0123 – Material Categorization and Future Fuel Cycle Facility Security-Related Rulemaking 06/17/2010
SECY-09-0114 Section 274b Agreement with the State of New Jersey 09/02/2009
SECY-09-0101 Licensing of a Babcock and Wilcox Medical Isotope Production System 10/09/2009
SECY-09-0090 Final Update of the Commission's Waste Confidence Decision 09/15/2010
SECY-09-0086 Final Rule: Expansion of the National Source Tracking System (RIN 3150-A129) 06/30/2009
SECY-09-0075 Safety Culture Policy Statement 10/16/2009
SECY-09-0069 Proposed Rule: 10 CFR Part 72 License and Certificate of Compliance Terms (RIN 3150-AI09) 08/26/2009
SECY-09-0065 Proposed Agreement Between the State of New Jersey and the Commission Pursuant to Section 274 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as Amended 05/18/2009
SECY-09-0064 Regulation of Fusion-Based Power Generation Devices 07/16/2009
SECY-09-0059 Final Rule Related to Alternate Fracture Toughness Requirements for Protection Against Pressurized Thermal Shock Events (10 CFR 50.61a) (RIN 3150-A101) 09/22/2009
SECY-09-0051 Evaluation of Radiological Consequence Models and Codes 06/23/2009
SECY-09-0042 Final Rule: Decommissioning Planning (10 CFR Parts 20, 30, 40, 50, 70, and 72; RIN-3150-AI55) 11/30/2010
SECY-09-0041 Recommendation for Future Replenishment of Potassium Iodide 04/07/2009
SECY-09-0035 Proposed Rule: Requirements for Distribution of Byproduct Material, Parts 30, 31, 32, 40, and 70 (RIN 3150-AH91) 02/03/2010
SECY-09-0034 Proposed Rulemaking - Environmental Protection Regarding the Update of the 1996 Generic Environmental Impact Statement for Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal 05/04/2009
SECY-09-0029 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences: Fiscal Year 2008 03/30/2009
SECY-09-0022 Section 274B Agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia 02/27/2009
SECY-09-0013 Review of Proposed Rule Package, "Export and Import of Nuclear Equipment and Material; Updates and Clarifications (10 CFR PART 110, RIN 3150-AI16) 05/26/2009
SECY-09-0011 Deferral of Rulemaking: Expansion of National Source Tracking System (RIN 3150-AI29) 05/28/2009
SECY-09-0007 Proposed Rule Related to Enhancements to Emergency Preparedness Regulations (10 CFR Part 50) (RIN 3150-AI10) 04/16/2009
SECY-09-0006 Critical Research Facilities for Severe Accident Research at Light Water and Advanced Reactors 05/04/2009
SECY-09-0005 Options for Accelerating the Completion of the Various Fire Protection Tasks and Applicable Budget Implications 05/11/2009