Commission Voting Records (CVR) for 1999

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Document Number Description Date
SECY-99-284 Classification of Savannah River Residual Tank Waste as Incidental 05/30/2000
SECY-99-279 Final Rule Amending the Fitness-for-Duty Rule  
Commissioner Diaz's Comments on SECY-99-279 03/27/2000
Commissioner McGaffigan's Comments on SECY-99-279 02/15/2000
Commissioner Merrifield's Comments on SECY-99-279 03/30/2000
SECY-99-278 NRC/Agreement State Jurisdiction for Formerly Licensed Sites 02/04/2000
SECY-99-277 Concurrent Jurisdiction of Non-Radiological Hazards of Uranium Mill Tailings 08/11/2000
SECY-99-273 Impact of Changes to the Inspection Program for Reactors on Implementing the Allegation Program 01/27/2000
SECY-99-272 Agreement State Compatibility for Criticality Requirements Applicable to Low-Level Waste Disposal Facilities 01/05/2000
SECY-99-269 Renewal of the Safety Light Corporation Licenses at Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 12/22/1999
SECY-99-268 Final Rule -- AP600 Design Certification 12/15/1999
SECY-99-264 Proposed Staff Plan for Risk-Informing Technical Requirements in 10 CFR Part 50 02/03/2000
SECY-99-259 Exemption in 10 CFR Part 40 for Materials less than 0.05 Percent Source Material - Options and Other Issues Concerning the Control of Source Material 03/09/2000
SECY-99-258 Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking:10 CFR Parts 71 and 73 - "Advance Notification to Native American Tribes of Transportation of Certain Types of Nuclear Waste" 11/30/1999
SECY-99-256 Rulemaking Plan for Risk-Informing Special Treatment Requirements 01/31/2000
SECY-99-251 Policy Statement on Staff Meetings Open to the Public: Revision of Section D 12/21/1999
SECY-99-250 National Materials Program: Request Approval of the Formation of a Working Group on the Increase in the Number of Agreement States and Impact on NRC'S Materials Program 11/23/1999
SECY-99-248 Proposed License to Export Source Material to the Russian Federation under the U.S.-Russia HEU Agreement (XSOU8767) 10/26/1999
SECY-99-246 Proposed Guidelines for Applying Risk-Informed Decisionmaking in License Amendment Reviews 01/05/2000
SECY-99-244 Location of the NRC'S Technical Training Center and Appropriate Number of Simulators 02/24/2000
SECY-99-241 Rulemaking Plan, Physical Security Requirements for Exercising Power Reactor Licensees' Capability to Respond to Safeguards Contingency Events 11/22/1999
SECY-99-240 Final Amendments to 10 CFR Parts 21, 50, and 54 and Availability for Public Comment of Draft Regulatory Guide DG-1081 and Draft Standard Review Plan Section 15.0.1 Regarding Use of Alternative Source Terms at Operating Reactors 12/08/1999
SECY-99-237 Draft Regulatory Guide on "Criterion for Triggering a Review under 10 CFR 50.80 for Non-Owner Operator Service Companies" 10/25/1999
SECY-99-234 Request for Extension of Milestone for Final Rulemaking Package on 10 CFR Part 63 (Disposal of High-Level Waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada) 10/19/1999
SECY-99-232 Publication, for Public Comment, of a Draft Policy Statement on Decommissioning Criteria for West Valley 10/26/1999
SECY-99-229 Monitoring of Foreign Ownership of Reactor Licensees -- Response to Staff Requirements Memorandum (February 17, 1999) Regarding SECY-98-246 10/28/1999
SECY-99-227 N+1 Resident Inspector Staffing Policy 01/11/2000
SECY-99-223 Millstone Independent Review Team March 12, 1999, Report on Allegations of Discrimination in NRC Office of Investigation Cases NDA:1-96-002, 1-96-007, and 1-97-007, and Associated Lessons Learned--Recommendation No. 6 10/13/1999
SECY-99-220 Proposed Rule -- Clarification of Regulations and Guidance to Explicitly Limit Which Types of Applications must Include Antitrust Information; Disposition of Wolf Creek Antitrust License Conditions 10/01/1999
SECY-99-219 Proposed Revision to the Enforcement Policy to Address the Process for Assessing the Significance of Violations 10/07/1999
SECY-99-214 Options for Proceeding with NRC'S Efforts Regarding the Release of Solid Materials 09/20/1999
SECY-99-207 Final Rule: Respiratory Protection and Controls to Restrict Internal Exposures, 10 CFR Part 20 09/10/1999
SECY-99-203 Regulatory Guide for Updated Final Safety Analysis Reports in Accordance with 10 CFR 50.71(e) 09/08/1999
SECY-99-202 Final Rule - "Changes to Requirements for Environmental Review for Renewal of Nuclear Power Plant Operating Licenses (10 CFR Part 51)" 08/24/1999
SECY-99-201 Draft Final Rule - 10 CFR Part 35, "Medical Use of Byproduct Material" 02/16/2000
SECY-99-200 Federal Register Notice Responding to Public Comments Received on an Emergency Final Rule for Fissile Material Exempt Shipments 09/17/1999
SECY-99-195 Notation Vote on an Exemption for Decommissioning Management Program Sites with Decommissioning Plans under Nuclear Regulatory Commission Review and Eligible for Grandfathering, Pursuant to 10 CFR 20.1401(b)(3) 08/18/1999
SECY-99-193 Cost Estimates for Completion of Formerly Terminated NRC Licensed Sites Program 08/25/1999
SECY-99-192 Proposed Rule: Revision of Part 50, Appendix K, "ECCS Evaluation Models" 09/17/1999
SECY-99-191 Modifications to the Safety Goal Policy Statement 10/28/1999
SECY-99-183 Proposed Rule: Elimination of the Requirement for Noncombustible Fire Barrier Penetration Seal Materials and Other Minor Changes" (10 CFR Part 50) 07/29/1999
SECY-99-181 Proposed Plans and Schedules to Modify Reporting Requirements Other than 10 CFR 50.72 and 50.73 for Power Reactors and Materials Licensees 08/13/1999
SECY-99-179 Section 274b Agreement with the State of Ohio 08/04/1999
SECY-99-178 Treatment of Voluntary Initiatives in Regulatory Analyses 08/26/1999
SECY-99-176 Plans for Pursuing Performance-Based Initiatives 09/13/1999
SECY-99-175 Proposed Rule:10 CFR Part 72 - Clarification and Addition of Flexibility 09/01/1999
SECY-99-174 Final Rule: Expand Applicability of 10 CFR Part 72 to Holders of, and Applicants For, Certificates of Compliance, and Their Contractors and Subcontractors 08/25/1999
SECY-99-173 Denial of Petitions for Rulemaking Submitted by the Nuclear Information and Resource Service 08/10/1999
SECY-99-170 Summary of Decommissioning Fund Status Reports 08/10/1999
SECY-99-168 Improving Decommissioning Regulations for Nuclear Power Plants 12/21/1999
SECY-99-165 Final Standard Review Plan Regarding Foreign Ownership, Control, or Domination of Applicants for Reactor Licenses 08/31/1999
SECY-99-162 Policy for Regulatory Actions for Licensees of Nuclear Power Plants That Have Not Completed Year 2000 Readiness Activities 08/05/1999
SECY-99-159 Response to Staff Requirements Memorandum (SRM) SECY-97-304, February, 1998, "Response to SRM:SECY-97-144, 'Potential Policy Issues Raised by Non-owner Operators' " 08/12/1999
SECY-99-158 Final Rule: "Certification Renewal and Amendment Processes," 10 CFR Part 76 07/29/1999
SECY-99-148 Credit for Existing Programs for License Renewal 08/27/1999
SECY-99-147 Proposed Rulemaking - Domestic Licensing of Special Nuclear Material 07/08/1999
SECY-99-146 Interim Enforcement Policy for Use During the NRC Power Reactor Oversight Process Pilot Plant Study 07/08/1999
SECY-99-135 Interim Enforcement Policy Regarding Enforcement Discretion for Nuclear Power Plants During the Year 2000 Transition 07/08/1999
SECY-99-133 Final Revision to 10 CFR 50.65 to Require Licensees to Perform Assessments Before Performing Maintenance 06/18/1999
SECY-99-130 Final Rule - Revisions to Requirements of 10 CFR Parts 50 and 72 Concerning Changes, Tests, and Experiments 06/22/1999
SECY-99-129 Effects of Electric Power Industry Deregulation on Electric Grid Reliability and Reactor Safety 06/25/1999
SECY-99-128 Proposed License to Export Natural Uranium to Canada for Test and Evaluation of AVLIS Feed Material (Application No. XSOU8762) 06/02/1999
SECY-99-123 Oklahoma Agreement State Negotiations: State Proposal to Limit Scope of Agreement 06/10/1999
SECY-99-119 Rulemaking to Modify the Event Reporting Requirements for Power Reactors in 10 CFR 50.72 and 50.73 06/15/1999
SECY-99-115 Final Rule: Amendments to 10 CFR Part 72 - Miscellaneous Changes to Licensing Requirements for the Independent Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste 05/27/1999
SECY-99-109 Recovery of Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 04/28/1999
SECY-99-108 Proposed Rule: 10 CFR Parts 30, 31, 32, 170, and 171 - "Requirements for Certain Generally Licensed Industrial Devices Containing Byproduct Material" 06/15/1999
SECY-99-107 Potential Modification of the DOE/NRC MOU Due to Changes in the Hanford Tank Waste Remediation System Privatization 05/20/1999
SECY-99-104 Modification of the NRC Personnel Security Program 05/19/1999
SECY-99-101 Proposed Rule - AP600 Design Certification 05/04/1999
SECY-99-100 Framework for Risk-Informed Regulation in the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards 06/28/1999
SECY-99-098 Publication of an Issues Paper on Release of Solid Materials (Clearance), in the Federal Register, for Public Comment and for Use at Public Meetings 06/15/1999
SECY-99-096 Staff Proposal to Amend Supplement I, "Reactor Operations," of the Enforcement Policy by Adding Examples of Violations Involving the Compromise of an Application, Test, or Examination Required by 10 CFR Part 55 05/04/1999
SECY-99-087 Proposed Strategy to Revise the Enforcement Policy to Address the Process for Assessing Significance and Assigning Severity Levels of Noncompliances (Including Regulatory Significance and Risk) 06/15/1999
SECY-99-086 Recommendations Regarding the Senior Management Meeting Process and Ongoing Improvements to Existing Licensee Performance Assessment Processes 04/16/1999
SECY-99-083 Fiscal Year 1998 NRC Annual Report 06/04/1999
SECY-99-079 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences for Fiscal Year 1998 04/21/1999
SECY-99-077 To Request Commission Approval to Grant Exemptions from Portions of 10 CFR Part 20 04/21/1999
SECY-99-074 Staff Review of U.S. Department of Energy Viability Assessment for a High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada 05/10/1999
SECY-99-071 Assessing the Effectiveness of the Allegation Program from Review of Survey Forms Sent to Allegers 04/14/1999
SECY-99-070 Implementation Plan for the Public Communications Initiative (DSI-14) 07/08/1999
SECY-99-063 The Use by Industry of Voluntary Initiatives in the Regulatory Process 05/27/1999
SECY-99-061 Amendment to SECY-98-294: Changes to Paragraph (h) of 10 CFR Part 50.55a, "Codes and Standards" 03/26/1999
SECY-99-059 Agreement State Compatibility for Criticality Requirements Applicable to Low-Level Waste Disposal Facilities 03/31/1999
SECY-99-057 Supplement to SECY-98-251, "Decommissioning Criteria For West Valley" 06/03/1999
SECY-99-050 Proposed License to Export Deuterium Oxide to Switzerland (XMAT0396) 03/09/1999
SECY-99-049 Compatibility of Agreement State Programs That Prohibit the Disposal of Mixed Waste 04/06/1999
SECY-99-046 Radiological Criteria for License Termination of Uranium Recovery Facilities 03/17/1999
SECY-99-043 Organizational Conflict of Interest Regarding Department of Energy Laboratories 04/12/1999
SECY-99-042 Denial of a Petition for Rulemaking: Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) (PRM-30-61) 03/19/1999
SECY-99-036 Proposed Rulemaking Activity Plan 08/13/1999
SECY-99-024 Recommendations of the Safeguards Performance Assessment Task Force 06/29/1999
SECY-99-022 Rulemaking to Modify Reporting Requirements for Power Reactors 03/19/1999
SECY-99-016 Proposed Commercial Use of NRC-Developed Codes by Non-U.S. Organizations 03/05/1999
SECY-99-013 Recommendations on Ways to Improve the Efficiency of NRC Regulation at in Situ Leach Uranium Recovery Facilities 07/26/2000
SECY-99-012 Use of Uranium Mill Tailings Impoundments for the Disposal of Waste Other than 11e.(2) Byproduct Material and Reviews of Applications to Process Material Other than Natural Uranium Ores 07/26/2000
SECY-99-011 Draft Rulemaking Plan: Domestic Licensing of Uranium and Thorium Recovery Facilities - Proposed New 10 CFR Part 41 07/13/2000
SECY-99-010 Closure of Order Requiring Independent, Third-Party Oversight of Northeast Nuclear Energy Company's Implementation of Resolution of the Millstone Station Employees' Safety Concerns 03/09/1999
SECY-99-009 Proposed License to Export a Process Control System for the Arroyito Heavy Water Production Plant in Argentina (XCOM1107) 02/17/1999
SECY-99-008 Rulemaking Plan, "Physical Security/Safeguards for Permanently Shutdown Power Reactors," for Amendments to 10 CFR Part 73 06/29/1999
SECY-99-007A Recommendations for Reactor Oversight Process Improvements (Follow-up to SECY-99-007) 06/18/1999
SECY-99-007 Recommendations for Reactor Oversight Process Improvements 06/18/1999
SECY-99-006 Re-Examination of the NRC Hearing Process 07/22/1999
SECY-99-002 Agreement State Compatibility Designation for NRC Employee Protection Regulations 03/12/1999
SECY-99-001 Proposed Guidance for Updated Final Safety Analysis Reports in Accordance with 10 CFR 50.71(e) 02/16/1999