Commission Voting Records (CVR) for 2013 Commission Papers

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Document Number Description Date
SECY-13-0137 Recommendations for Risk-Informing the Reactor Oversight Process for New Reactors 06/30/2014
SECY-13-0135 Denial of Petition for Rulemaking Requesting Amendments Regarding Emergency Planning Zone Size (Prm-50-104) 02/27/2014
SECY-13-0132 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff Recommendation for the Disposition of Recommendation 1 of the Near-Term Task Force Report 05/19/2014
SECY-13-0125 Report to Congress on the Health, Safety, and Environmental Conditions at the Gaseous Diffusion Plants Located Near Paducah, Kentucky, and Portsmouth, Ohio 12/23/2013
SECY-13-0124 Policy Options for Merchant (Non-Electric Utility) Plant Financial Qualifications 04/24/2014
SECY-13-0108 Staff Recommendations for Addressing Remediation of Residual Radioactivity During Operations 12/20/2013
SECY-13-0100 Updated Policy Statement on Consumer Products 11/04/2013
SECY-13-0095 Fourth 6-Month Status Update on Response to Lessons Learned from Japan's March 11, 2011, Great Tohoku Earthquake and Subsequent Tsunami 11/13/2013
SECY-13-0093 Reprocessing Regulatory Framework – Status and Next Steps 11/04/2013
SECY-13-0084 Proposed Rule: Medical Use of Byproduct Material – Medical Event Definitions, Training and Experience, and Clarifying Amendments (RIN 3150-AI63) 01/06/2014
SECY-13-0080 Final Plan for Retrospective Analysis of Existing Rules 01/06/2014
SECY-13-0079 Request to Change Approval Authority for Emergency Plan Changes 08/30/2013
SECY-13-0076 Request by the State of Georgia to Relinquish Authority to Evaluate and Approve Sealed Source and Device Applications 08/07/2013
SECY-13-0075 Proposed Rule: Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal (10 Cfr Part 61) (Rin 3150-A192) 02/12/2014
SECY-13-0070 Status Report on Power Uprates 08/01/2013
SECY-13-0069 Denial of Petition for Rulemaking (PRM-32-7) 08/13/2013
SECY-13-0063 Denial of Petition for Rulemaking PRM-50-105 Requesting Amendments Regarding In-Core Thermocouples at Different Elevations and Radial Positions Throughout the Reactor Core 08/13/2013
SECY-13-0061 Proposed Rule: Waste Confidence – Continued Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel (RIN 3150-AJ20) 08/05/2013
SECY-13-0051 Management Review Board Recommendation for Probation of the Georgia Agreement State Program 07/09/2013
SECY-13-0045 Direct Final Rule: Safeguards Information – Modified Handling Categorization Change for Materials Facilities (RIN 3150-AJ18) 08/12/2013
SECY-13-0044 Interim Enforcement Policy for Permanent Implant Brachytherapy Medical Event Reporting 05/21/2013
SECY-13-0033 Allowing Interim Operation Under Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations Section 52.103 07/19/2013
SECY-13-0024 Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences: Fiscal Year 2012 04/02/2013
SECY-13-0006 Commission Order to Designate An Interim Class of U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission-Licensed Facilities That Are Eligible to Apply to the Commission for Preemption Authority Under Section 161A of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, As Amended 05/01/2013
SECY-13-0001 Staff Recommendations for Improving the Integration of the Ongoing 10 CFR Part 61 Rulemaking Initiatives 03/26/2013