Pre-Application Activities for Advanced Reactors

Pre-application activities hero image

Below is a summary of non-LWR reactor designers and non-power research and test reactors that have formally notified the NRC of their intent to engage in regulatory interactions. There are several more potential pre-applicants that participate in various industry activities that could be added to this list once they formally engage with the NRC. Advanced reactor developers interested in beginning pre-application engagement with the NRC staff or planning to submit applications should review the pre-application engagement guidance contained in "DANU-ISG-2022-01 ARCAP Roadmap Interim Staff Guidance" and respond to RIS-20-02, "Review of New Licensing Applications for Light-Water Reactors and Non-Light Water Reactors," to inform the staff so we can plan our resources accordingly.

 In addition, research and development play an important role in the development of advanced reactors.  In particular, demonstration projects and experimental analogues are needed to generate real world data that can validate assumptions and models, show that technology works as intended, and demonstrate the safe performance of new reactor designs. Non-power research and test reactors are uniquely suited to provide knowledge, data, and experience needed to demonstrate advanced reactor safety and further advanced reactor development.