IMPEP Team Member Materials: Uranium Recovery Program

NRC Management Directive 5.9, "Adequacy and Compatibility of Agreement State Programs"

NMSS State Agreement Procedure SA-110, "Reviewing the Non-Common Performance Indicator, Uranium Recovery Program"

NRC Inspection Manual Chapter (IMC) 1248, "Formal Qualifications Program for Federal and State Material and Environmental Management Programs"

  • Appendix H, "Training Requirements and Qualification Journal for Uranium Recovery Inspector"
  • Appendix I, "Training Requirements and Qualification Journal for Uranium Recovery Project Manager/Technical Reviewers"

IMC 2801, "Uranium Recovery and 11e.(2) Byproduct Material Facility Inspection Program," establishes the safety inspection program for uranium mills and 11e.(2) byproduct material disposal sites and facilities [11e.(2) sites] licensed and regulated under 10 CFR Part 40 including mills authorized to take 11e.(2) byproduct material.

Examples of Less Than Satisfactory Findings of Program Performance for a Uranium Recovery Program

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